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This is a nice example of basic treatment with dental implants that was well engineered. What you are looking at here are four dental implant molars that I placed in virtual 3-D. The implants are actually surgically placed in the bone but what I did was ‘overlay’ the implants that are actually there with the computerized virtual dental implants. This is done so that the exact position can be seen more easily and you can learn more from this article.


Before treatment…. patient already has one implant

Notice that all of the implant sizes maximize the available bone volume… The implants are not too small and they are not too large… Both of these can create problems. Also notice that each implant has plenty of bone on the outer wall which will support these implants for a long time and will greatly reduce the chance of ever having bone loss/peri-implantitis.

On the upper right notice there are two dental implants. A sinus bone graft was done in order to create enough height of bone to place these implants. The implants are placed against the medial wall for best trajectory but also avoiding the contents of the nose. Previously she was missing the second molar and the first molar had to be extracted due to periodontal bone loss.

Genetically, her sinuses hang down fairly low which would not allow implants of larger diameter and length to be placed. This is very important for the upper jaw in the back of the mouth. I also suggest that these implants be connected especially if the last two teeth are dental implants. You can clearly see the sinus bone graft over the top of the implants.


Teeth not on 3 of the implants yet. One of the implants in the upper was placed in eastern europe 20 years ago.

The lower molar dental implants are single tooth dental implants. The one on the left side of the screen is smaller and longer while the one on the right side of the screen is wider and shorter. Even though they are the same lower first molar the anatomy, each area is slightly different. Every tooth is planned in a unique manner.

This patient happens to be the wife of a dentist that I treated. I actually treat many doctors and dentists…. Even we need tooth replacements too!!

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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4 thoughts on “Upper Molars with Sinus Bone Graft and Lower Single Implants -Ramsey Amin DDS Reviews

  1. bojan

    Good day. My second given name is Bojan . I was on implant operation because opf three tooth 5,6,7 on my right side. I was in Dental Plaza in Belgrad Serbien. They on first sight sounded OK. So I talk on telephone what we will do . Solution was 2 implants and tief between conected. Naturally that bone is not to much under pressure. But they do it totaly something another. At When I was pictured that on rentgen later. Another Dentist show me picture. Obius is 2 implants putted to close on one side and another on other side but diffrent distance, which is normally not naturaly what it is. When I call Dental Plaza he told me God told him to do liek that. Question is how to correct this , since is brigde vesrion puted in my bones. Is it possible to put separate Tooth crone on every implant to be somehow equal? Or it must be pulled out and another implant putted in bone. Second question is : is it safe for my bone? Conclusion Dentist in Dental Plaza Belgrade purposly damage my bone, with knowledge that will be operate in future , if i wanted to have correct. Thanks , Sincerely Bojan Vujasinovic

    1. RamseyAminDDS Post author

      With all due respect it is a little difficult to understand your question due to a possible language barrier. It sounds like you had to dental implants put very close to one another. There is not a great solution for this besides removing one of the implants and starting over.

      I doubt God told him to do it like this.
      Sorry my friend