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2 Minute VIDEO – Sinus Lift Bone Grafts and Environmental Allergies

If you need a sinus lift bone graft for dental implants, and you have allergies, there are some things to consider.  The seasonal timing of the procedure may be an issue for you.

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2 thoughts on “2 Minute VIDEO – Sinus Lift Bone Grafts and Environmental Allergies

  1. Hello Dr. Amin,
    I have to make the decision for my upper tooth (# 12?) to have a sinus lift done right before my implant is set, or choose a shorter titanium ‘screw’ (8 mm versus 10 mm) to avoid a sinus lift surgery…? I had a bone graft done 5 months ago when my tooth was pulled, but apparently my sinus membrane is too low for a 10 mm implant.
    And it is interesting that you point out the seasonal allergies, which I have, because living in the San Joaquin Valley (about 290 miles north of Burbank) most people suffer from the bad air produced in the valley.
    You seem to be a sensible dentist, and I wonder, if you also consider to do dental procedures with the moon cycle.
    I am European, and it is a given for us to consider the energy change connected with the cycle of the moon and its orbit through the zodiac signs. I chose the implant surgery on a certain day in a waning moon cycle, because that moon cycle has a slower moving energy and therefore, less bleeding and complications will occur. And I am sure, you are one of those dentists, who have an open mind for an ancient old knowledge, which can be used to the advantage of the patients and the doctors to have less health problems during and after the procedures…: )

    1. Thank you for your very kind words. I do not suggest an 8 mm implant in the upper jaw unless absolutely necessary and it is connected to another longer, stronger dental implant.

      Yes I do take into consideration weather cycles and peak allergy seasons whenever treating patients for sinus lift bone graft procedure. I would never do the procedure when someone was sick or sneezing excessively.

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