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Bridge Better Than Dental Implants? VIDEO

In this post I am narrating the 3-D lab design  of when a bridge is be better than dental implants.

This post is connected to the original post where I discuss a particular case where I had to remove existing implants and replace them with a bridge!

My lab technician and I work closely together to design teeth and implants to look great, last long, be easy to clean and of course be very strong.  The software allows me to overlay the new design of the teeth on top of the original teeth.

Please keep in mind that in most cases, dental implants are better than a tooth bridge but there are times that it is the reverse!  Each situation is unique.  This really depends on a proper dental diagnosis.

2 thoughts on “Bridge Better Than Dental Implants? VIDEO

  1. Hi Doc,
    I am sitting here after having sinus surgery on Friday. Last August, I had a bad tooth infection from a failed root canal and infection at tip. I had the tooth pulled. It was the second to last upper molar on my left side. In addition to the extraction, I had a cadaver bone graft added. It never felt right. I feel there has been inflammation around it from the beginning. The oral surgeon said I was healing unusually slow and that there was some inflammation in my buckle but he didnt know what it was from. Fast forward a few months, there is still some inflammation but my dentist blows it off. I then get diagnosed with severe sinus disease on my left side only. They believe the tooth infection crossed over into my sinuses. Anyway, several antibiotics later, the infection does not go away and I have the sinus surgery. I am only few days into recovery process but my swollen palate around that tooth I still feel. Is there something wrong with the graft. Does the cadaver graft not agree with me? Could there be an infection still in the tooth after all this time? Would the CT scan I had for My sinuses show this type of infection? I didn’t realize there were issues from cadaver bone grafts as one woman described in an earlier post. What should I do? I feel ever since I got that bone graft/tooth infection it is causing me issues. In addition, I feel like I have a sore tongue on that side of teeth. Please advise. Thanks 🙏

    1. None of this sounds normal. It sounds like you had 2 separate surgeries and he also had continued pain from the first surgery. It seems strange to do the second surgery when the first one never quite healed. My guess is you have some bone particles that never really integrated. This is not do to it being cadaver bone but rather to it is not getting a proper blood supply. You may want to see a physician to make sure you are in optimal health and there is not something holding you back from healing properly. I am assuming you are a nonsmoker. Sometimes it is just some old infected tissue from the original tooth that did not get removed or some old bacteria is still present causing all of this problem. I suggest you have a new 3-D scan taken that shows the opening of your sinus call the ostiomeatal complex. As long as that is open and the bone graft is not infected everything should heal completely pain free. You may want to have somebody else look at it

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