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What Dental Implants are the Best? Video

I’m often asked, “what dental implants are the best?” and frankly it’s a simple, yet complicated answer. The easy answer is that there isn’t one best dental implant. But there’s much more to it. There are hundreds of implant manufacturers. Yet, it’s not so much about the screw as it is about the team that’s […]

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3 Myths About Tooth Implants -Pain, Expense and Time – Burbank Dentist Explains

Dental tooth implants have been in use for more than 40 years!  Even though they are quite common, there are three “myths” that I hear potential patients describe all the time. 1. Dental implants are painful! 2. Dental Implants are expensive! 3. Dental implants take a long time! 1. Dental implants are painful! FALSE! In my more […]

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Burbank Dental Implant Specialist Case Example – Lower Front Tooth With Temporary on Abutment

This 24 year-old female came to see me at my Burbank office.  She already had an implant, a custom abutment and a temporary crown on her lower front tooth. She was ready to be fitted with the real crown. The temporary on the dental implant custom abutment did not look very good at all.  Neither […]

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Abutments -Burbank Dental Implants Expert -Dr. Ramsey Amin – Case Follow up

Here is some follow up pictures to this case posted a few months ago: In my office in Burbank, the final abutments were placed on these four implants that I placed.  The process takes me about 45 minutes to complete. Impressions can be made, and teeth fabricated directly on the dental implant abutments.  These are […]

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Dental Implants With Just One Surgery? – Expert Dentist, Dr. Ramsey Amin Explains

Traditionally most dental implants were placed using a two stage surgical technique.  That means you would have two surgeries for just one implant! The first surgery would be to place the actual implant in the bone.  At that time the dental implant would be covered by the gum so it is not visible.  That is […]

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Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants? – Burbank Implant Dentist Advice

Usually not. It is really unfortunate that dental insurance usually does not cover this very common procedure. What most patients don’t know is that dental insurance has a “cap” or “ceiling” of money (benefit) on a yearly basis.  Unlike medical insurance, most dental insurances max out at $1500 per year!  That means anything above that […]

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Upper Molar Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth – Case Study -Dr. Amin, Burbank

Here is a nice basic case to follow from beginning to end. This man's upper molars on one side were in bad shape: The teeth were extracted and replaced with three dental implants in my office in Burbank.  He also had a deep cleaning. The color denotes the size of the implants. Standard abutments were able […]

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