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Complications-Bone Graft For Failed Full Lower Dental Implants

Sad story of dental implant complications… This woman had 4 implants done already in her lower jaw. She already lost one when she came to see me. You can see that the gum tissue looks really irritated and there is visible infection of the implants… they look terrible!!

These implants are failing and there is significant bone loss. The failing dental implants are causing what little bone she has left to dissolve away. The body is trying to get rid of them at this point.

The reason these dental implants are failing is that the implants were placed incorrectly. This is a complication that can occur regardless of computer guiding or not. Rather than the implants being centered in the bone they were leaning towards the tongue and not even fully in the bone! In just a few short years the implants failed causing pain in her overdenture no longer could snap in. The overdenture itself was very poorly made and the aesthetics did not beautify her face and lip support.

original smile with poorly made dentures
Poorly made lower denture with snap-on clips

failing dental implants. Bone appears to be black and missing around the 3 implants. She use to have 4 but 1 already fell out
implant not centered in bone and leaning opposite direction of normal

So not only did she have surgical complications but she had implant teeth complications as well.

She expressed to me that she went to in office that had very low prices for this procedure and seemed too good to be true.

After evaluating her through 3-D CBCT, photographs and a clinical exam I determined that these implants needed to be removed and could not be rescued. Some implants in other cases, that are not as bad can be rescued. A common term used for implants that are beginning to fail is peri-implantitis.

The plan in her case is to remove the implants and do a vertical ridge augmentation bone graft. Both the removal and the bone graft will be done at the same time.

At the first surgical visit under IV sedation, I removed the implants and did a bone graft with a membrane. Because so much bone was missing and I needed to grow the bone up vertically, I could not allow this patient to wear a denture over the top of the surgical area for a few months.

Unhealthy dental implants
Sutured closed at the time of dental implant removal and bone graft
New bone healed. Bone appears dense white color and vertical bone growth achieved.
Basic locator overdenture abutments
Final smile
Well-made implant overdenture with convex contours for cleansability. BLUE LOCATOR abutment snaps

Typically I do not allow the patient to go without teeth but in this case there was no option due to the initial complication. Placing the denture over the surgical site would have caused incision line opening and bone graft failure leaving her with almost no lower jaw!

After a few months of healing, I placed new implants in the proper position and eventually made a new set of dentures to accommodate some locator snap-on abutments. Ideally she would have been better off with a fixed bridge but she says she is okay with removable snap-on overdentures.

In the final photos you can see that the gums are now healthy and the implants are more centered in the bone. The panoramic x-ray shows the bone is now dense and white-appearing rather than black- appearing and unhealthy.

The new teeth have a level bite plane and proper lip support. I think they greatly enhance her smile than where she started.

Complications can and do occur… This was definitely one of them! In the end, this ended up costing her much more. I was thrilled to be able to help her.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

6 thoughts on “Complications-Bone Graft For Failed Full Lower Dental Implants

  1. Hello Dr.

    I want to get snap in denture but was told that I would need a full upper bone graft, the oral surgeon. I went to for the bone graft told me that the job was to big for her to do, she give me the number to dental school in my area, can you help me.

  2. Sadly, I’m going through the same thing but with my situation my dentist put four implants in and three failed. He stole my money and closed his business. I paid up front for everything. I’m still making payments on the incomplete work, I’m wearing a temporary flipper and almost commitment suicide over my look. I’m now on a anxiety meds and cover all mirrors in my home. I’m now ugly and actually hate myself! I’m a ugly monster!

    1. Oh My Gosh, Please don’t feel helpless and ugly! Trust me, I know exactly the way you feel, because I’m in the middle of my all on four ordeal and I feel ugly too! But I am going to make sure that I do everything I possibly can to correct the problem and get my beauty/life back! This is why I am on here reading your comment in the first place, I have asked Dr. Ramsey for some advice!

      The truth is, this procedure is extremely expensive, some of us give-up great necessities just so we can have this procedure done, and It’s a sad shame when the doctor’s we choose to trust and make us feel whole again abandons us physically and emotionally! Regarding the doctor, I’m sure there is something you can do!

      So don’t give up!! Your beautiful!! And if you say that to your-self in the morning, and before bed while looking in the mirror, all the self worth and love you felt for yourself will come rushing back! Just give yourselff the chance because your worth it!! Just imagine all of the amazing and wonderful time’s you will have in life! Well, Good luck Lisa!! I’ll be thinking of you! Nic

  3. Hello again Dr Ramsey Amin ,I just found this particular blog….my god this poor lady.. so sad and frightening..you not only save her health and happiness and give her a wonderful smile …this was a very serious situation…I personally think you saved her life…..I think you deserve a medal for outstanding work/a medal of honor ..something … as I know a lot of dentists could not or would not have helped her / not like you have done..amazing/congratulations on another great result under very difficult circumstances….kindest regards julie ….no real progress my end in pain ….dam…🙁 I am living in the wrong country…or maybe there is a way I can get around this and actually see you one day time will tell..😁…..

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