Dental Implant CT Scan Video

The power of interactive CT cone beam scans in implant dentistry is amazing!

It allows me to plan the surgery in advance.  I can see things that I could never see with traditional x-rays. This man from Glendale, California was missing all of his teeth and wore regular dentures.

The CT (CAT) scan allowed the patient and I to really appreciate the bone loss he had suffered due to missing his teeth for so long. A cone beam CT scan exposes you to minimal radiation and maximizes safety.

Four dental implants were placed and an overdenture made for the bottom jaw.  He has been thrilled. Even with his bone as thin as it looks, a bone graft was NOT needed due to planning with a CT scan. He said the bad breath he use to have is much better since the denture does not lift anymore.

Implant attachment mechanisms

Final restoration in function for a minimum of one year 1-13-09

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