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Front Tooth Bone Loss and Dental Implant Replacement

These x-rays tell the story:

Her original two front teeth were in bad shape and had severe bone loss.  They were even loose!


Both center front teeth were extracted and a bone graft was done.  The teeth were replaced with dental implants. 

I was able to rebuild the lost bone.  She was told by her dentist that it was not possible and that she had to have a bridge!

Final Result!


4 thoughts on “Front Tooth Bone Loss and Dental Implant Replacement

  1. Hello Dr. Amin,
    I am a 71 year old female and have a front 3 unit bridge (7-8-9) that has lasted over 40 years! Upon a recent exam I was told that #9 has to be extracted – The root canals done on 8 and 9 were done in 1960 after a bicycle accident, so all in all, I’ve been pretty fortunate so far.

    I was sent to an endodontist who took a 3d scan and it was confirmed that the tooth cannot be saved. At the same time, an X-ray showed that an implant I had on #19 not quite 3 years ago has failed and has to be re-done. I went back to the periodontist who did the original failed implant as well as two uppers a couple of years earlier (doing fine). He says he can somehow keep the #7 part of bridge “for now” and do implants on the long time missing #8 and the #9 and also re-do #19 at no discount or consideration whatsoever. He only uses Zirconium implants these days as he says they are far superior.

    I have a couple of concerns that I hope you can help me with: #19 failed so soon and how can he preserve #7 that is part of the current 3 unit bridge? The doctor’s advertising says he has done over 3000 implants.

    To make things more nervewracking, in a few weeks I will be leaving the country for a month (Cambodia/Australia) and can’t imagine traveling around with a flipper (I’ve had one before and absolutely couldn’t keep it in my mouth for more than an hour, much less eat or talk with it on!). Also, my daughter is getting married at the end of August which will bring us right up to the 6 month mark for healing and placing implants, crowns etc, not leaving much room for resolving a complication. You mentioned the difficulty in implant placement of the two front teeth as well.

    Doctor, I have had such luck with my 40 year old bridge and I would really just like to go with a 4 or 6 unit bridge of the highest quality material. I might mention that #7 is also a crown so if I go with a 6 unit, it will only carving down the two canines, 6 – 11.

    One last thing: In the 40 years I’ve had my bridge, I have learned to eat/bite rather gingerly with my front teeth and probably will continue that habit whether I have implants or a bridge.

    Can you advise me? Finances are also a big concern since I am recently retired. I also do not have any decent insurance cover even if I go with a bridge, just a dental discount program. I would very much appreciate your reply.

    1. The bridge in the front may be your best option! As long as the anchors are the great a six unit canine bridge is a slam dunk.

      As for 19, there are too many unknowns as to why. As of 2016 I am not a fan of zirconia as an implant. It is an excellent abutment and tooth crown material though.

      Type in zirconia implant and peri-implantitis into my search bar for more info on failures and zirconia.

      Good luck. 🙂

  2. I need to #8 tooth replaced with an implant. This is my second attempt to connect with you. My phone # 504-722-8608. Hope to talk to you soon.


    1. Hi Antonio,
      Thank you for contacting me. You have messaged me through my public blog.

      My staff reached out to you today by email and phone. They also did the same the first time you contacted us in March. Please check your junk mail….it is very likely you our messages may have been inadvertently out there by your email service. We checked or sent box and verified.

      Regardless, I would love to meet you. The best thing to do is CALL the office at 818-846-3203. That is still the best way to talk. 🙂

      The office is closed on many Wednesday’s. I teach on some of those days. We will be closed Wed April 8th.

      I look forward to meeting you in person. I will take great care of you.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Amin. 🙂

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