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Immediate Implant Bridge Lower Jaw Front Teeth

This patient had a very nice dental reconstruction with many crowns. In fact I treated this patient about 8 years ago. His lower incisors were jeopardized prior to me treating him as they were really weak but he wanted to save them with regular crowns.

One of them broke off level top the gum necessitating replacement. The rationale for treating these very skinny lower incisors with dental implant is that implants cannot be too close to one another. Implants are best with space between them in the bone.

There is a high likelihood of the rest of the incisors going bad. Those small four incisors are often best removing them and placing one anchor on either side with an immediate extraction, dental implant placement, bone graft and temporary bridge…all in about 2 hours!


This is exactly what I did with this patient. He was able to be in and out of the office in about 2 hours and leave with a decent looking lower front bridge. Teeth are very small so the temporary bridge had to be a bit bulky to prevent breakage.

You can see in the final that I used custom abutments and a screw retained restoration to replace the lower front teeth.

At no point did he ever have no teeth. He does a soft diet for about 3 months and just chew with the back teeth only until the implants integrate.

The final bridges made in zirconia with a little bit of layered ceramics on top to make it look great. The screw access holes were closed with a composite resin and that should last patient hopefully 20 years!

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

2 thoughts on “Immediate Implant Bridge Lower Jaw Front Teeth

  1. I am looking to travel to get an assessment of dental opportunities for me I need a full arch done on my top jaw. I do have one decent molar in the top jaw. The two front teeth I have are probably only going to last up to ten years if I save them with root canals and crowns. The bottom jaw has one side without molars or premolar and the other side has only one molar in back. Most of not all the front teeth could be saved but have decay. I note the importance of keeping teeth if at all possible but if they will not last then full mouth implants may be a good idea. Most of my missing molars have been gone for about 5 years so there is bone loss. My bone up front in both jaws is in relatively good condition and there is 1 tooth that I had pulled around 6 months ago so not much bone loss there. So really I am looking for a top arch…may leave back molar or maybe you need to use that healthy bone to anchor the implants…and probably implants spanning 2 or 3 teeth on one side on bottom plus a bridge making up for 2 teeth on the other side. I am looking to travel to get your opinion And do as much work as I can. I have around 12 thousand dollars cash and probably won’t qualify for a loan unless my wife can but she is Danish…don’t know about that. I expect it will cost more than 10k but I still want to get an idea of cost and what you recommend to get done. I respect your opinion and straightforward advice online. I am looking to bypass bone grafting (because of the long healing time) If I can safely do that with a good outcome long term. How long in advance so I need to book an appointment? I am planning on coming that way in January or February 2020. Thankyou!

    1. It is literally impossible to give a cost estimate without having seen you. It is extremely complicated to have an individualized treatment plan without a physical exam and appropriate x-rays. Dental implant treatment can vary from $3000-$100,000 depending on options you choose, available bone, complexity, number of procedures etc. The main thing is to do a right the first time. Approximately 35% of what I do in the year 2019 is redo’s and revisions of implants that are done poorly or are failing prematurely. Due to your due diligence for sure because dental implants are not permanent.

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