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Just Had A Tooth Extracted or Dental Implant and It Won’t Stop Bleeding! Ramsey Amin DDS Reviews Quick, Easy, Cheap Solution

tea bag --stop bleedingBleeding for most people it is not an issue after a routine dental extraction, bone graft or multiple dental implants. That being said, it does occur! When it does occur it can be pretty disconcerting, and can look like a whole lot of blood is coming out of your mouth.

It doesn’t take but a few drops of blood to mix in with your saliva to make it look like the area is bleeding a lot.

Typically biting with firm, steady pressure on gauze given to you by your specialist, for 30-60 minutes should do the trick. You will need to repeat this several times usually for the first 3-5 hours until the bleeding goes away. The main thing is to bite with continuous steady pressure. Don’t keep taking it in and out to look at it, to check if it is still bleeding or not. Just leave it in your mouth and it should clot on its own as long as you don’t have any bleeding or metabolic disorders. Make sure the gauze is wet by dampening it under water and squeezing out the excess water.

Bleeding that has stopped should look like this:bleeding dental implant Ramsey amin Burbank  This picture was taken at the end of my surgery to place 5 implants and extract a wisdom tooth.

*********So let’s say you’ve done all this and is still bleeding, now what!******

A common, cheap household item…a tea bag is a quick solution. A tea bag will help clot blood amazingly well. All you need to do is grab a regular Lipton or any black tea bag. It must have caffeine! It cannot be decaffeinated herbal tea and I would not suggest green tea. Just use standard black tea such as Lipton brand. Wet the bag, then bite on it as if it were gauze for at least 30 -60 minutes straight. Repeat this process a few times,

Tea contains a certain component call tannic acid that helps a clot blood! It works great! By doing this you may notice the gum turns black temporarily. This is normal.

What About Patients on Blood Thinners?

I even use this on patient that take blood thinners such such as Coumadin, Plavix and other types of anticoagulant blood thinners. Most of the time, I will leave my patients on their blood thinners when I do the dental implant surgery or extract a tooth. It is generally safer to leave you on blood thinners and deal with the bleeding than the risk of having a stroke or heart attack

Things to avoid in the first 24 hours are very hot foods. Hot foods and drinks will make you bleed. Icing the area will reduce swelling and reduce bleeding. I would suggest only drinking and eating cool, lukewarm foods for the first 24 hours.

These are all under the assumption that your blood clots normally and the surgical areas were sutured properly. Some gum grafts require that a gum graft is removed from your palate. This means that I will take some of the extra gum from the roof of your mouth and place it where the dental implant is.

The roof of the mouth tends to bleed a lot, so if you have had a gum grafting in conjunction with an dental implant, a bone graft, or tooth extraction, expect the palate to bleed longer.

Of course if nothing is working you may have a small vessel such as a vein that is bleeding that needs to be cauterized or dealt with in the office. Arteries are not common things to strike during dental implant or bone grafting procedures. That being said arteries do exist and they can be opened during dental surgical procedures. Knowing the anatomy is critical. A major artery hemorrhage can cause death. Anatomy does vary, but most of us are fortunately built the same way.

I tell my patients if they’re concerned about any event or symptom after the surgery to call me right away. I make a point to give my patients my cell phone number and to call me at any time if there are questions or an unusual situation.

If you have any comments or concerns please leave them in the reply section below for the benefit of the thousands that read this block around the world.

**call your dentist that treated you if you have done all this and you are still bleeding**

Thank you,

Ramsey Amin DDS
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology
Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

121 thoughts on “Just Had A Tooth Extracted or Dental Implant and It Won’t Stop Bleeding! Ramsey Amin DDS Reviews Quick, Easy, Cheap Solution

  1. I’m 28 yrs old and on July 11 I had an infected baby tooth extraction, bone graft and dental implant. Two weeks later I started bleeding a little from the site, and I did see my dentist on July 26, and they took an x-ray said everything was fine, but just tonight July 28 the site started to bleed again. Should I be worried? Should I contact my dentist again? Could this be happening because my stitches are loose and there is a gap between my gums?

  2. I had my wisdom tooth & the tooth beside it pull today it stop bleeding but it started back up can’t stop the bleeding.. I went at 3pm now it’s 1am.. what should I do? I’m worried

  3. Hi I’m a 25 year old male and I just had a full extraction with same day dentures provided. Out side of the swelling that is occuring (perfectly normal) they told me to wear my dentures as much as a could minus when I sleep. It’s been 3 days now and everytime I remove my dentures the top section is filled with blood. They don’t hurt me when I have them in so and I wake up from sleep with bleeding as well. Is this normal or do I need to do something about this?

    1. see your dentist..typically we see a patient that has full mouth extractions the very next day for follow-up

  4. Dear Doctor,
    I had my upper canine extracted yesterday at 11am and it took hours to stop bleeding. Painful with swelling kept me up all night. It’s now 6am and it’s bleeding again with foul odor should I be worried?

    1. The upper canine is a massive root. Obviously if you cannot get bleeding to stop or things seem strange you should see your dentist.

  5. Good day. It’s day 3 after tooths has being pulled. There was also a rood that that they have removed on the top of gum. It wound stop bleeding. Still very sore. Can’t really move my mouth then it hurts. If I put my teeth touches each other it starting to hurt. Face swollen on side where it’s pulled witch I think is normal. Have started to use Mybulen cos the pain is just getting worse. Can’t eat. Eating ice cream and joghurt. If I drink liquids it’s cold coffee is cold. What can I do to stop the side of the gum that’s bleeding.

  6. Hi Dr Amin,

    My Fiance had a connective tissue graph done at 11am on Tuesday (it’s now 12:28 Friday morning). They took from the roof of his mouth which healed fine but the area where they added the tissue won’t stop bleeding. It looks as if the blood is coming down in between the actual tooth and new tissue. He keeps getting goopy blood clots but they just build up and then slide down his tooth. He tried gauze for the first 2 days and then tea bags for a day. He usually leaves the compress in there for 45 minutes or more, takes it out for 45 minutes and then repetes the process. He is type 1 diabetic but it’s very much controlled and he’s never has any issues with ‘healing’. He is on some medications for cholesterol (just as a security measure for his diabetes), he’s also taking an acid inhibitor for GERDS, and an antidepressant (paxil). Do any of these meds thin blood? What do you think could be causing it to still bleed? I assume this has been going on longer than it should. Is there any over the counter treatments he can purchase to help cauterize the blood and keep it in place rather than sliding down? I don’t believe the area would be able to be stitched up based on location.

  7. My 90-year-old father had two teeth extracted today. He takes warfarin. A friend told me today about the tea-bag trick, and now at 3:40 a.m., after packing and re-packing the gauze in Dad’s mouth, I’m doing a little research myself about the use of tea bags. Just want to thank you for your informative and reassuring words!

  8. my gum is bleeding constantly for the last 12hrs, only clotting overnight and at one point today. Its making me feel sick because im swallowing so much blood. i am petrified of the dentist – what can i do to make it stop?

    1. If you did not have a tooth extraction and you have constant bleeding you need to see someone ASAP. You can be asleep for extraction if you need!! In rare situations or someone has spontaneous bleeding gums they can have an underlying medical conditions such as leukemia. Get checked out!

    2. Had dental implant yesterday I’m bleeding bright red and what looks like clots keep coming out. I wasn’t bleeding all day. I go through a gauze pad every 5 minutes

  9. I had my bottom wisdom teeth out this morning, and I want to try the teabag method because it sounds like a good idea. My question is, the only tea I have is Lipton cold brew, which is made of black tea and orange pekoe. Will this kind still work?

  10. I had ALL ON FOUR implants a month ago. On my upper right side about where the molar was I have a bump and what i would call a hole. Last week I woke up at 4am choking on blood. I was bleeding profusely. As soon as they were open ( Clear Choice ) I called and they had me come in right away. They took a look at it, said it was healing, and there was nothing they could do. Said it was not in an area that could be stitched. Well here i am 1 week later. Woke up at 3am with my mouth full of blood. It takes a long time to stop bleeding and I start spitting large clots. I pack gauze in there and it eventually stops. By the time it does i’m sick to my stomach from swallowing so much blood. When they looked at it last week they said something about maybe a vain was bleeding. I find it odd that i can go for a week or two eating and drinking, and rinsing my mouth out with salt water and nothing happens. Then while I’m sleeping it starts bleeding. Any advice would be helpful. Like I said this is happening a month post-op

    1. Although unusual, this can happen. Rinsing more is not going to help and will only worsen the bleeding. If you have temporary bridges over top of the surgery site then you can’t really apply gauze easily. I am assuming you have tried teabags. You should restrict yourself to a very soft diet for 7 to 10 days

  11. Hello doctor removed a right upper tooth and its bleeding masively this is my first time of removing a tooth and its so regretful
    I called the dentist he said I shouldn’t take any medicine to stop the bleeding
    but I will go for the teabag technique and see the outcomeam rreally frustrated

  12. I recently got a tooth pulled and I am so scared of getting dry socket . I’m drinking water . And rinsing my mouth with salt water . I was prescribed ibuprofen 800 and some oral mouthwash . What else can I do to prevent it ?

  13. Help i had an extraction on friday right now its sunday and still bleeding my blood cougulates n 5hen i remove it with tissue is this normal?

  14. Hi doctor please help me, I had my sinus lift, bone graft and implant fitted on the Thursday 15th of September. It has now been over a week and I saw my dentist on the Thursday 22nd of September he said everything was healing nicely, a couple of hours ago I started bleeding from my surgical site, I keep bleeding every hour , it is quite a lot of blood? Why is this happening , I am really worried , please help

    1. Typically a small amount of bleeding like you described as not a big deal and typically does not affect the long-term bone graft. Bleeding is always better than no bleeding. Bleeding helps things heal!

      1. Doctor after the tea bag should I brush my teeth? They look stain.
        Also my cheeks are very swollen after my 2 lower wisdom teeth extraction that was done this Saturday.

  15. My dentist failed to do my extraction on top right of my mouth 2 hours ago and he said that I have to go to a specialist to finish it so he just left a hole there from where the extraction was at but it hasn’t stopped bleeding. He also said that my vain was too deep. When will it stop.

  16. My teen had 4 wisdoms taken out 3 weeks ago today.

    The right lower had always been a problem with bleeding like taking 3 days for bleeding to slow.

    The left upper did develop a large clot that was black and the size of a molar and protrude even more on the cheek side. He said to wait til the 2 week follow up to check. At 2wk follow up, he cleaned and resutured it. It bled a day or so more, but now it is not bleeding and dont seem to bother another more.

    But the right lower and her cheek develop that same dark clot a few days later. It was around Saturday so he said to come in Monday. He cleaned/scraped cheek and that socket and resutured them. It had that dark blood in it. So this is the only one that is not fully healed.

    Just now, Thursday, a stitch fell out ( put in 3 days ago) and we see that right lower oozing/bleeding some and it’s the dark blood. Just when it feels like the swelling starts to go down this morning ( she felt her front top and lower teeth meeting some) we were optimistic that there is no more bleeding behind the sutures until we saw the blood.

    A dentist had mentioned that a foam to help clotting can be used and left in the socket and sutured over and the foam will disappear on it’s own. 1) Do you know what this can be?

    I don’t understand why this socket is having a problem. 2) Do you think a vein was cut ? The other 3 sockets are fine now.

    3) Do you have any insights or siggested questions to ask the surgeon? I left the surgeon a text message, but no response yet.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. They are talking about a product called Gelfoam. It is really old but is useful. It has been for the most part replaced by collagen. The socket can also be filled with PRF which will help clotting but this will require a blood draw out of your arm.

      Bone has a lot of marrow and in that marrow it is rich in blood supply and can bleed for days.

  17. Hi.
    My mother is 60 and she is a patient of chronic ITP. She got a blood test yesterday and her platelets were 178, which are in the normal range.
    Today, she got a tooth extraction and its been my hours the blood is coming though its very less now.
    We have tried ice on that place as well but there is still a little bleeding with the saliva.
    She is taking the prescribed medication by the dentist.

    i just read your post and took a black tea bag (wet) placed it on the place as you told. I hope it works! Im too much worried.

    please tell me if this is usual or i need to do something else as well.

    1. 178 is a good platelet level. Regardless of platelet level, some people bleed more for a number of reasons. Hopefully by know it has gone away.

      __________This blog post is not intended to treat bleeding that is active

  18. My implants bleeds every time I lie down.
    Got 2nd stage done and first 3 days was fine but suddenly bleeds. Tried the tea bag but again bleeds when go to bed

    1. You need to go in and see your dentist if these techniques don’t work. Not all bleeding can be managed home remedies likely teabag.

  19. I had the 2nd stage of implants done Monday and it suddenly started to bleed yesterday. Everytime I go to bed it starts again. Teied the tea bag ut stops the whole day but then at night starts again.

  20. I had two teeth removed side by side one wisdom and one molar. Then he gave me stiches. I wasn’t bleeding untill after i got home. And now it hasn’t stopped it’s been 4 and a half hours and it hurts bloods seeping through the stiches is this normal it’s to late for anywhere to be open.

    1. I had two teeth removed side by side one wisdom and one molar. Then he gave me stiches. I wasn’t bleeding untill after i got home. And now it hasn’t stopped it’s been 4 and a half hours and it hurts bloods seeping through the stiches is this normal it’s to late for anywhere to be open. Also I have black tea bags but only orange peko does it matter what kind

  21. i want to thank you ,i had five implants yesterday in canada.i want bleeding and when i got home took the pain killers and the anti biotics and started to bleed.i panicked later in the evening and tryed to call my dentist as iam bot a bleeder.i started to panick last mite as i kept getting globs of blood comming out .i went to the internet and read your write up.i skipped the gauze and went to the tea bag,the first one was bloody the second i slept with,and when i woke this morning just a drop was on the tea bag.the big thing was i was ready to call 911 as i live alone but when you said you are not really loosing that much bllood its mixed with salava.i got over the panic.i am a snow bird and have a home in palm springs.i owe you dinner and want to thank you.i am enclosing my phone number if you are in the desert i want to repay you…
    marv segal 1403 619 8660

  22. I have had 7 teeth pulled Monday morning. I also had to have 2 stich. After stiching my gums they immediately inserted my dentures. I was told by the dentist not to take my dentures out. The thing is that I’m bleeding through my dentures. What do I need to do?

    1. generally immediate dentures are left in for the first 24 hours you are typically seen by your surgical dentist within the first 48 hours. Leaving the dentures in will help act as a Band-Aid/pressure dressing

  23. Hey, doctor I was wondering if I can get your help, my daughter of 6yrs old this wensday got 7 crowns and one tooth got removed but its already friday and she hasn’t stop bleeding just of one side of her mouth I have just beening putting the little papers they gave me at the doctors office just at the side shes olny bleeding, what should i do? Thank you.

    1. Given her very young age, I assume you already saw the dentist and things are under control. Did you try the teabag?

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  24. Hi
    A friend of ours has had his top tooth extracted a week ago it started bleeding again 3 days ago non stop he is on blood thinners and has tried the tea bag thing. Is there any other way of clotting it as it won’t stop bleeding. All dentist are closed any suggestions as to what to do?

    1. Find a DDS that is open or see an urgent care facility. Oftentimes, people do not bite down with enough pressure to actually make the bleeding.

      good luck and I hope everything works out

  25. My mom got 2 of her tooth out 3 or 4 months ago. She started bleeding 2 days ago, she puts the cloth in and bits on it put it does not stop! Can anyone help me.

    1. Just follow the directions on this post and use the teabag. Bleeding 3 or 4 months out from extraction is very unusual. It may be coming from an area of gum disease rather than the extraction site

  26. My dad just had 5 implants and speacilist left father bleeding in room, after assistant notified my mom secretly to check dad, and told her not to leave because dada was not ok. She did this secretly behind dentist back. they were concerned my dad was still bleeding to much still. the speaclist insisted he was done, after mom started making a scene, he reluctanhly came back stuck a needle straight into fathers gum with no numbing and father was screaming in pain and urinated himself and gushing blood was given 2 more stiches, my dad was shaking and seemed to almost pass out. The speacilist did apologize or ask ok he just laughed with other dentist speaking in another language. My father payed 5 grand up front and did not deserve to be treated like that. He had face and close full of blood, pants urinated and they didnt care!! Is this neglect?

    1. This is called inhumane. I’m so sorry your father was treated in such a way. That is just a crazy story.

      I treat all my patients like they’re my own family. I hope things are working out okay. Good luck and happy new year.

  27. I got a top and bottom wisdom teeth pulled out about 10 hours ago and I am still soaking through my gauze every hour or so. I am concerned that this much soaking is excessive? Is this normal or should I be concerned? Any suggestions? Is it to soon to try the tea bags or could that possibly help? I hope to hear from you soon.

  28. im scared i got my 4 teeth out today and it stoped bleading is it ok for me to drink milk ans stuff now i got the surgery done 6 hrs ago

  29. Hi I’m a 19 year old male who had a wisdom tooth removed today..weird part is bleeding should stop in about (4-5) hours but mine has not stopped of which worries me a lot..if I drink Florida water will it stop the bleeding?

  30. Hi I had a tooth extraction done for one of my upper molars it had a root canal and a crown fitted to the tooth but it was unsuccessful the tooth had to be extracted the problem I had was the tooth had to be broken and my gum had to be cut for the dentist to remove it after an hour or so the tooth was extracted it came out in tiny little pieces, this is where it got serious the bleeding was so severe it just wouldn’t stop the dentist told me to go home bite on a gauze and of should stop in a maximum of 6 hours but it didn’t I had to go back to an emergency dentist to stop the bleeding he tried stitching my gums to stop but it didn’t work at this time i was bleeding for almost 12 hours and I had lost more than 2 litres of blood I was coming in and out of consciousness to my horror the dentist said we need to test your blood so while I was heavily bleeding from my gums he was taking blood from me at the same time for tests I really thought i was going to die they tested the blood but couldn’t find anything so they phoned up senior dentist and they advised the dentist to use a clotting formula which is normally injected into patients who have stab wounds.After 15 hours the bleeding stopped thanks to the blood clotting agent I was relieved I hope nobody has to ever go through this and I can’t believe how inexperienced the dentists were at dental hospital in east London I would never go to a dentist again

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, experience is highly variable in all dentists across the world. I’m glad you’re doing okay

      1. Hi I’m a 13 year old, and got 2 teeth pulled out, and it’s been over 7 hours and still wont stop bleeding. What should I do?

  31. Had two back teeth taking out and I have stitches in 1. It’s still bleeding and it’s been 4 hours. I usually can’t take caffeine because I have anxiety but will placing a tea bag there cause alot of caffeine to go into my system. I need it to stop.. thank u

  32. Hi, I got all of my wisdom teeth out (1 required surgery), as well as a surgery to extract an impacted canine in the roof of my mouth. This was all done 48 hours ago. Bleeding from wisdom teeth stopped bleeding withing 4-5 after extraction/surgery. My main concern is the surgery on the roof of my mouth, I am still bleeding quite a bit. I applied tea bags and it helps for a bit but then I start bleeding all over again. Dr put me on periogard mouth wash and amoxcillin with clauvulanic acid antibiotics. Should i be worried? Thanks!

    1. The roof of the mouth tends to bleed extensively. This article is intended to help get some ideas but cannot replace a minute to your dentist in a timely manner if bleeding seems unstoppable.

      Ramsey Amin DDS

  33. My tooth is still bleeding and the extraction was from 5 hrs is it normal ? Sry if there is something wrong because my English is bad 😀

  34. My teeth bleeds so much this past 3 hours after they remove my uper back teeth and it kinda hurt please tell me what to do :'(

    1. this blog article is not intended to help people that are actively bleeding because there is no way I can see you personally or respond that quickly. Call your dentist!

  35. I had an extraction done and they said don’t spit for the first 24 hrs but I have the gauze in there is a lot of saliva pooling in my mouth and it’s mixed with blood so I can’t swallow it. It’s very uncomfortable. Is it ok to just stand over the bathroom sink and without reducing jaw pressure on the gauze just part my lips slightly so that the saliva and blood can drain out of my mouth? Would that affect the clot forming? I’m not talking about spitting forcefully just letting everything drain via the force of gravity.

  36. Hi
    I read this post – it was very helpful. I have been bleeding very slightly from a tooth extraction 1 week ago. I was using herbal tea bags and it wasn’t working.

    Your advice on choosing a teabag with tannins (like black tea) made me go right to the store and buy a bag, which I then applied. It stopped the bleeding – I was using the wrong type of teabag.

    Thanks very much!

  37. I had a tooth extracted yesterday at 1:00pm, the tooth was an upper tooth in the back, how do you stop the bleeding? I tried the black tea bag, but is still bleeding.
    Can you keep using the black tea bags?
    Thank You
    Albert Campbell.

    1. You can repeat the process as many times as needed. If you’re still bleeding, I would suggest you make an appointment with your dentist ASAP as there may be a larger underlying problem.

      Good luck, keep me posted

  38. I’m still bleeding.I had extraction last Monday and its now been a week .I also had 2 implant screwes in.

    1. This is not normal. Have you seen your dentist yet? I have placed several thousand dental implants and this is an extremely rare occurrence on someone that does not take a blood thinner.

      Is it bleeding from the extraction area or from the dental implant area?

  39. Hi! I just got my teeth extraction yesterday, it’s been about 23 hours and they are still slightly bleeding, is this normal?

    1. This is not uncommon although most people will stop bleeding within 4-8 hours after a routine extraction.

  40. I need a few teeth exactly 7, I am on blood thinners and have 2 heart stents , the teeth I need taken out need done as soon as the heart Dr gives me the OK. What is the percentage of people die from this, ? Should I just let the teeth rot out in order to live, please, help I’m terrified.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Dental implants can be a bit scary especially with your heart condition. But, I commonly treat patients who take blood thinners….you won’t die from this!! Letting the teeth rot in your mouth is not good for the rest of your body and organs. Get connected with a good implant dentist who knows how to manage your blood thinners and does this routinely. Your case is meant for a more experienced doctor.

      Good luck

      Dr. Amin.

  41. Hi. My mum had a nasty extraction that was taken out in pieces. She didn’t stop bleeding and ended up going to the emergency dentist who put four stitches in yesterday. This morning she has a huge lump the size of a tooth hanging down. We are assuming it is a clot under the skin. She had several clots but they were not sticking in the cavity and when the emergency dentist poked one it burst prior to him sewing her gums. She is concerned, naturally that something is not healing inside and that this too could burst. Could you advise please. Many thanks. Kate

    1. if there is a large, gelatinous type of clot present, just swipe it off the surface and try biting on the teabag. You need to do this several times.

      As long as you’re healthy, blood should clot normally. Sometimes a piece of collagen or use of L PRF can instantly stop bleeding. Not all dentists are trained or have the facilities or materials to do this. The emergency room definitely does not have these type of products.

      PRF basics

      I hope this helps…. Ramsey Amin DDS

  42. I has a wisdom tooth extracted 14 days ago. Blood still spots out once in a while especially with change of position or talking. I have done every thing the dentist told me to do. He even sutured it yet evening talking causes me to start bleeding. He is frustrated and I am also as we have no figured out where this blood is coming from and why. I had complete physical done last 6 months and no problems with my blood work. Please any ideas from you?

    1. It was likely just a really difficult extraction and you may have what we call a “bone bleeder.” If you have large bone marrow spaces in the jaw, those can bleed for an extended period of time.

      if your patient in my office, I would likely draw some blood from your arm and make a natural clotting membrane to place inside of the socket. This is called L-PRF. I have use this technique for 12-13 years for enhancing the healing of dental implants, bone grafting, extractions and anything surgical inside the mouth.

      Here is some information:

      PRF information

      Ramsey Amin DDS

    2. Hi Christa,
      Can you update me on your situation? I hope you are all healed up and is healthy now.

      How long did it take before you completely stop bleeding?
      Were there other things that happened before you fully heal ( pain, blood clot outside the suture instead of within, etc)
      I have a similar situation with bleeding and wonder if there is a light at the end of the tunnel because I just don’t see it right now 🙁

      Thank you

  43. Dr. Amin: I am a 64 year old female. I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease. Fairly healthy but slow healer. Had a failed infected bone graft in November which was removed and replaced using cadaver bone on December 4th. At least three go rounds of oral antibiotics for first failed bone graft. Finally dentist gave antibiotic injections in gums for second bone graft. Back lower teeth area. Also re-treated very back molar next to graft..old root canal that abscessed and now new root canal. Not sure if it will be successful. Have had thrush mouth and antibiotic stomach. More drugs. Also TMJ has kicked in. Just worn out. Have missed much work due to these issues and exhaustion. Graft and tooth are still tender but look some better. Gum has not filled in completely. Dentist plans implant in two months. I am feeling like backing out. Will this ever resolve? Should I go with partial plate instead? I’m feeling very stupid for doing this in the first place. I am tired of being sick with it. Thanks for your input. Donnetta

    1. The undifferentiated connective tissue disease worries me.

      Your bone is a type of tissue. Have you had extensive medical testing to make sure that your bone will heal properly after dental implants? Typically blood work and a history and physical is done when a patient has medical issues that are unique and treatment may be substantial and complicated. I have encountered patients that had all types of syndromes, deficiencies and medical ailments that we decided not to do treatment or to alter the way that we did our treatment. You should have a full medical workup. I am assuming you have not taken intravenous bisphosphonates or bisphosphonates-type medications such as prolia injections. These can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw and/or delay healing. You should also be tested for vitamin D deficiency and any problem of bone metabolism.

      Most patients who undergo even advanced grafting and dental implant procedures in my office heal very well and do not have major issues. In fact they’re usually quite surprised how simple all of this is.

      good luck…

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  44. My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago. Day 4 after surgery it started bleeding heavily. No dentists at weekend so got an appt for first thing Monday. He couldn’t stop the bleeding so packed it and stitched it and sent her to maxilofacial at local hospital. Now although the bleeding is stopped there is brown stuff oozed out from it and it looks disgusting. Is this normal or is another trip to the dentist needed. I’m thinking it’s the packing starting to dissolve? Could this be the case?

    1. Hi Tracey,

      I hope your daughter is doing better now. It is very odd that she started bleeding 4 days after the procedure. Oftentimes, dental surgery is the first time a young adult is experiencing surgery and sedation.

      Oozing blood would be considered normal in this particular situation. Make sure she is limiting rinsing. Every once in a while, we find out that a patient that had prolonged bleeding has a deficiency in their bloodstream such as a low platelet count or one of the blood clotting factors is absent. You may want to consider having your daughter tested medically for any blood dyscrasias that would impair her ability to clot.

      Some people, just bleed a whole lot more than others. The head and neck region is highly vascular.

      On people that have history of bleeding issues, I generally pack platelet rich fibrin (PRF) into there sockets and it helps tremendously. It can still be done several days later. I use a very commonly for extractions, implants and bone grafts.


      Very Respectfully,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  45. My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago. Day 4 after surgery it started bleeding heavily. No dentists at weekend so got an appt for first thing Monday. He couldn’t stop the bleeding so packed it and stitched it and sent her to maxilofacial at local hospital. Now although the bleeding is stopped there is brown stuff oozed out from it and it looks disgusting. Is this normal or is another trip to the dentist needed. I’m thinking it’s the packing starting to dissolve?

  46. I had a 2 broken teeth extracted (4 & 14). I’m on Coumadin due to a mechanical valve. Followed the criteria of my heart Dr & dentist. Extraction was Monday 2/2/15. Came home & the bleeding was over-whelming. Went to ER @ 6:30 and was discharged at 1 AM with the blood slowing to a trickle. At 4:15am the blood started up again. Went back to ER. They couldn’t do anything but called my dentist. The dentist sutured an anticoagulant into space 4. It’s been 5 days & still have a lit of bleeding on & off. Tried tea bags & gauze. It bleeds for several hrs & stops for maybe an he then starts up again. Been going on since Monday & it’s Saturday. HELP!!

    1. I hope it has stopped by now…sorry for the delayed replay of a few days..I was out of down

      Specific “antidotes” exist for the “classic” anticoagulant agents: protamine sulfate for UFH, and vitamin K for warfarin. However, vitamin K only begins to reverse warfarin’s anticoagulant effect by four to six hours, so urgent situations additionally require blood products, such as plasma (fresh frozen or cryosupermatant plasma), prothrombin complex concentrates, or, possibly, recombinant factor VIIa.

      you can also use PRF!!

      PRF INFO
      Very respectfully,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

    1. You are welcome!

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  47. My one year old crown came off of an old fractured tooth (# 13) and my dentist cannot put it back on. She is a general dentist and wants to put a bridge on it. My molar behind the tooth has a very big crown on it. Also, that molar has gum recession. So, I went to an periodontist and she thinks either an implant or a root canal w/ a new crown would work. She is hesitant about the procedure since I am on Coumadin. I went for another opinion to a dentist who can perform all dentistry procedures. She told me that an implant, a bridge and a root canal is out of the question because I can bleed to death. She wants to pull both – the molar tooth w/ its gums cannot be saved & the fractured tooth cannot be saved, so she recommends a partial denture. I am totally confused. The x-ray does not show the tooth as being fractured. My IR is 2.0 and my PTR is 24.2 for my blood. Do I need to get a CT x-ray for the tooth? Can I bleed to death? My primary doctor wants me to see a vascular surgeon before I get off the blood thinner.

    1. Hello James,

      Thank you for your question. There is no reason why you cannot have the dental implant which is likely your best scenario. You will not bleed to death!!
      Your INR and prothrombin time are fine and just because you are on Coumadin does not mean you can not have a dental implant. I routinely, and I mean routinely place implants on patients with blood thinner such as Coumadin, Xarelto, Plavix and aspirin. 9 times out of 10 I will leave the patient on their Coumadin if it is a smaller procedure. You and your medical Dr. have to outweigh the risk versus benefit of taking you off the blood thinner versus keeping you on the blood thinner. I prefer to keep you on if at all possible because of the risk of stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, etc. during the few days that you’re off of it.

      That being said, if you decide to stay on the Coumadin you must be seen by a dentist that knows how to manage bleeding intraoperatively and how to help make your postoperative healing insignificant. There are ways to reduce bleeding using products such as platelet rich fibrin, electrocautery, laser ablation, a host of anti-hemostatic agents, collagen, etc.

      It sounds like you need to see another dentist that is more comfortable in treating you if it is unsafe for you to come off of Coumadin. I would highly suggest having a 3-D scan for your dental implant replacement. If it is possible and safe to do so, your implant may be able to be placed with computer guided surgery without ever lifting the gum off the bone which is another technique for treating a patient who takes strong blood thinners.

      these links should help you:
      Do I Need PRP/PRF/PDGF/BMP For Dental Implants and Bone grafts?

      3D Scan

      Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery, Things You Need To Know

      I hope this helps you,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry
      Burbank, California

  48. Hello Dr Amin
    I had an inplant surgery done 5 days ago, I am on coumadine. Couple days after surgery it stopped bleeding but again started last night more profusely. I have to keep replacing gauges often. I will try tea bag but should I go to emergency. Hard to get hold of dentist on weekend. Any advise? Thanks

    1. Hi Vjay,

      You should be able to get a hold of your dentist. I have treated many many patients on Coumadin for bone graft and dental implants. Your INR value must be between 1.0 to 2.5 to have any chance of stopping the bleeding yourself. If your INR is higher than 2.5, you may need to modify your Coumadin with the help of your MD.

      Blood Thinners and Dental Implants

      Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery, Things You Need To Know

      Your dentist may be able to cauterize or clamp off a bleeding artery in the office if they are familiar with this technique. I recently had an 82-year-old woman that I placed 10 implants on and kept her on Coumadin the entire time. There was one area that bled more than the others and I did have to cauterize in area and clamp one small artery in the palate. She had a past history of stroke and heart attack so we did not want to take her off of Coumadin at all. She ended up doing great and was recently restored with her final teeth.

      Another technique would be to use a topical hemostatic agent. These are things for your dentist to do.

      Best of luck… And it will eventually stop!!! Hang in there!

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry
      Burbank, California

    1. You are very welcome!

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  49. hi, doctor amin: very informative website, thank you! i had an abcessed tooth removed and bone graft 6 days ago. the stitches have fallen out and it feels like there is a gaping hole at the surgery site. is that normal?
    also, the area doesn’t hurt, but it stinks to high heaven! i’ve been brushing and rinsing with salt water regularly, and careful with what and how i eat so no food gets caught in the area. when should this smelly storm subside?

    1. Hello Mar!

      I appreciate you making light of the situation. You are a very funny writer… LOL

      It sounds like you have the precursor of an infection but I have no idea what type of bone or abscess that you had. There are certain materials such as genetically modified skin tissue called AlloDerm that can become kind of stinky after a few days if it is left exposed. Typically those materials need your gums on the surface in order to be taken up by your body.

      Any sort of odor coming from the bone graft site should be examined immediately. I’m assuming your placed on antibiotics for about a week. If it doesn’t resolve with a second round of antibiotics ask your dentist to possibly switch your antibiotics or add another antibiotic to the mix. Oftentimes a culture and sensitivity will help identify the bacteria to make sure you don’t have an unusual bacteria that is not killed by normal antibiotics.

      Extraction Socket Bone Graft

      Good luck!

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.

    1. Did a gum graft about a month ago. The grafted area is ok. The donor sites on the pallet were ok for a couple of days and then started to severely bleed. Went back to the dentist and the redid the stitches but after another couple of days areas would spontaneously bleed. Sometimes when sleeping severe bleeding.
      Went back last Friday and they reopened the donor sites cleaned them out placed plasma platelets transfused from my blood and restitched areas.
      Today morning one site started to sponteneously bleed excessively.
      31/2 weeks of hell. And no solution . I eat soft foods haven’t had a decent meal in a month. Sleep upright . Any ideas.

      1. Sounds like a bit more time will do the trick. This is not the norm. Just eat really soft foods until it is completely healed. Restitching never helps. It often makes it worse.

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