Partial Removable Denture vs. Dental Implant -An Example

Look at these pictures I took just the other day:

These are pictures of my patient's partial removable denture to just replace one front upper tooth and one side tooth…wow that is a lot of metal!

It takes all those hooks and clamps to secure his two missing teeth! 

Partial dentures damage the teeth they hold onto over time.  Most commonly they break off or decay at the gum line causing the partial to get bigger and bigger and eventually become a full denture. Even teeth with crowns that touch the partial get recurrent cavities and decay. Your palate is either fully or partially covered if it for your upper jaw.

He is considering an implant for the front tooth because he now notices that his other front center tooth is now loosening.

Partial removable dentures speed up the process of tooth loss.

The bone in the area of the missing teeth continues to shrink from disuse atrophy.

All of this can be replaced with just two simple dental implants.

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One thought on “Partial Removable Denture vs. Dental Implant -An Example

  1. Tom

    I had a bridge…I ended up losing one of the teeth that were ground down 2 years after getting it. I then got a partial, and lost more teeth. Dont make the wrong decision like I did!