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4 thoughts on “Patient Review: Dental Implant Reconstruction

  1. Sarah shumar

    This is truly amazing im 32 years old and had to have all my teeth removed. I was extremely depressed and emotional. All i ever wanted was to be normal. I am about to begin this process with dental implants this will change my life. I owe my sister so much because she is about to pay to have this done for me. I hope and pray that God will guide me in the right direction.

  2. L. M.

    I have an unrelated question. I got a dental implant a week ago (upper molar) from a periodentist and its’ throbbing and painful, with swelling. I’m on amoxcillin and advil. I’m in good health. This doesn’t seem normal to me, should I discuss getting the implant removed even though its only been 1 week. It seems wrong to have this level of pain. Will removal be hard? Thank you.

    1. RamseyAminDDS Post author

      Usually not the case but sometimes some people do have a lot of pain despite very good technical skill and a healthy patient.

      Give it a 2-3 weeks. It should improve.

      Removal would be very easy but not likely needed.