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Prettau Full Mouth Dental Implants ~3D planning by Ramsey Amin DDS

This is a case being planned for upper and lower Prettau dental implant Bridges. The patient just lost her lower front teeth extracted and now has no teeth at all. She can no longer wear a lower denture and desires dental implants that are nonremovable.

This video walks you through some of the clinical photographs involved in planning the case and then moves into 3-dimensional planning from a 3-D CBCT scan. I will show you how the implants should be spread out and placed into the best bone possible. The video also shows how a surgical guide is made from the 3-D scan planning that I personally do for every single case. I do not believe in outsourcing surgical planning to other dentists and technicians from companies that do not understand anatomy…. Yes this is very common!

The video highlights some of the powerful software that I use every day to plan surgeries for safety and predictability. The surgeries are performed in one of four surgical suite in my Burbank, California office

Thank you for watching!

16 thoughts on “Prettau Full Mouth Dental Implants ~3D planning by Ramsey Amin DDS

  1. Can you refer someone as good as you in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area. If not I will have to come and see you. I am tired of being on a merry-go-round with dentists, periodontists and prosthodontics without obtaining good results. I am completely drained. I need full top and bottom permanent dentures. I am very unhappy with what I have now which consists of a full regular denture on top which does not fit my face properly (which I hate) and is not even close to my regular smile and I have a supported over denture on bottom with 3 implants (one of the implants is right in the middle of lower jaw) My bottom lip does not look the same as it did. I find the teeth too big for my face. I need to find someone good and reputable who is willing to help me achieve my goal. I am 56 years old and would like something good with long term achievement. Thank you for your time. Mary

    1. Hi Mary,
      I don’t personally know if someone specifically in your city. There are many well qualified dentist around the country that can help you. These types of things are not simple and require a lot of training, judgment skill and expertise.

      Overdentures aren’t great for someone in your situation. They are more intended for someone who has had dentures for many years who is just looking for extra stability on their dentures. I consider them temporary tooth replacement.

  2. Hello Dr. Amin,
    I am wondering what the outcome of this patients treatment was? Have you updated somewhere else on the site that I can see? Do you have any other recorded cases like this one that is available to watch?
    I am in need of a Prettau Zirconia Bridge full mouth restoration and you are the first Specialist I have found in California that seems very knowledgeable and transparent with the facts. I really appreciate your web site and candor, and I am devouring all its information.
    I have been through many, many years of dentistry, (I am 54) some treatment I thought was good, some I then found out was poor, damaging or unnecessary, but I always tried to flow with it, determined to make the last restoration the final by continued care and good hygiene. But I reached a point where my dentist of 16 years said there was nothing more he could do as the crowns he had placed and replaced were literately decaying from the inside out. So he referred me out to his trusted “buddy the periodontist” for extractions, bone grafting and implant prep. A nightmare ensued and I was physically and emotionally traumatized by the “buddy perio”. (It took 8 months under the care of another Dr. for the open wounds to heal in order to place a partial) I have been to three more Doctors since. One, the prosthodontist, who did fit me for a partial, but then unexpectedly retired and left me in the hands of the Dr. that purchase his practice. She said my case (at the time a lower denture) was too complicated and could not refer me to another. I found another general dentist that does prosthodontic work, but I am not confident in his ability or the periodontist he wants me to see to evaluate my additional extraction needs. So I am trusting my gut and continuing my search…and I have landed here. Tell me Dr. Amin, have you treated many patients that have been as beaten down by the dental field as I? I am exhausted, and need nothing more than to find the best restorative physician I can put my faith in and help me get my smile back. Best, Lisa B.

    1. first off thank you for your very kind words. I’m sorry that you have had such trouble finding a great dentist overall these years. I wish I had more time in a day to answer all of the comments, treat patients, update photos on the website and have family time. There is a tremendous amount of information and samples throughout this entire blog and website. You can find more about the Prettau dental implant bridge under the smile Gallery and in a page that is dedicated to it.

      I have treated some pretty amazing patients over the years and I am privileged to do what I do.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

    1. My office most likely replied to you privately. When considering this type of restoration, you want to make sure you have seen somebody who has placed several thousand implants for a very long time. These are extremely complex surgeries and Teeth.

      The Prettau bridge is not for a novice practitioner.

  3. I have lost several teeth because of severe dry mouth syndrome (Sjorgrens syndrome0 and take Enbrel weekly.for RA, Have you done full mouth implants on clients with these problems? My rheumatologist suggested I leave off the Enbrel 2 wks, before and 2 wks after the surgery do you have any comments for clients with these condition. I have gotten MRSA with a knee replacement 920030 and an eye infection with cataract surgery 5 yes. ago. please reply. Thank you

    1. I have treated many patients with rheumatoid arthritis on Enbrel without any problems. Sjogren syndrome causes severe xerostomia which creates a very difficult environment for not only natural teeth but also dental implants. The focus should be on keeping her mouth hydrated with artificial saliva as much as possible.

      I would not suggest any sort of overdenture because of the dry mouth. Stick with fixed Bridges if you’re missing all teeth. The current post you are on about the Prettau dental implant bridge would be a good solution for you. Just be sure that the design is engineered to be strong with implants engaged in very thick bone. Do not attempt in all on 4 type of restoration

      Good luck

      Ramsey Amin DDS

    1. it is impossible to provide estimate for you. These types of procedures are highly variable and can vary from $25,000-$50,000 per jaw depending on 100s of factors besides x-rays.

      very respectfully,

      Ramsey Amin DDS

  4. Oh hey, that is really neat to see dentists use 3D CBCT scan before putting putting on dental implants . By the looks of the video it seems like this would help out dentists in getting a full view of the project that they will be working on as well as showing it to the patients.

  5. Could you please referr me to someone in knoxville TN ? I need the full mouth implants. I want the ones that do not come out. I have been to three dentist but I do not know who to trust for the best job..I cannot find one who does it all at his office. I have to go to one office for surgery and another for the teeth. Need to hear from you as soon as possible. Lauren

    1. I don’t know anyone personally in Knoxville Tennessee but you want to find somebody who has both of these credentials:

      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

      Please read this blog post that may help you find somebody in your area that can handle Prettau dental implant bridge. It is a very complex restoration that requires a lot of skill, experience, training and judgment to turn out well.

      very respectfully,

      Ramsey Amin DDS

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