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Ramsey Amin Reviews Long Vs. Short Dental Implant Concepts

What is better? Long or short dental implants? There are a lot of different views on this topic especially in the last few years where the trend is to place shorter implants and the less of them.

Do you want your house to be built with just the minimum number of support beams? If you use the minimum number of support beams would you placed them deeply in the ground or is shallow placement okay?

In this video I describe the concept of long versus short dental implants. I also touch on soft versus hard bone and the biomechanic interplay between all of this. I have placed thousands of dental implants. Nowadays it seems that I am having to remove many implants that are not doing so well. Perhaps using a different dental implant concept may have prevented the early loss.

Nature gives us a lot of roots… Especially on the upper jaw.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

6 thoughts on “Ramsey Amin Reviews Long Vs. Short Dental Implant Concepts

  1. Thank you Dr. for sharing your efforts are appreciated.Today I went to a dentist and got an implant done for tooth #21. While the dentist was drilling I was ok, but as he went deeper I started feeling some pain so he started getting concerned and did a CT-Scan and found that there was a nerve close to where he was drilling and said that we may not be able to continue. He reviewed the imaging some more and decided to go with a more wider and shorter implant vs the initial thinner and longer implant. He said he wanted to tighten it deeper slowly to see how far we could go without me feeling pain so he can get it in close to where he initially wanted to put it. So he was able to get it down more without me feeling much pain, and said everything should be fine now. I’m just concerned this second implant (the shorter and wider one) is not as good as the initial (longer and narrow). Should I be concerned or is this normal? My fear is that the shorter implant may come out vs the one that is penetrated deeper. Implant Used: Axis implant 3.75 L8mm

    Does this sound acceptable? Would it last long? or should I talk to my dentist about getting a longer implant in place of this one? Thanks so much for your help.

    1. That should be fine. In that area of the mouth of the nerve that gives sensation to your lip is right below. Elongating the implant can cause it to penetrate the nerve which is obviously not a good thing. On the lower jaw 8 mm is often sufficient for a lower premolar tooth 🦷

      1. Thanks for your response and assistance. Considering everything goes smoothly, should it last as long as the lengthier implant?

  2. To me, you are an engineer doctor, thank you for sharing this extremely informative video. I take care of my teeth quite well but my jaws are too small for my teeth. So much that, even after a molar destruction surgery on upper jaw followed by opening the two parts of upper jaw by inches (yes, my face looked much better and proportionate since, that is the least i got from that treatment) and brackets (that i quitted too early due to my corcerns for my looks) i still have teeth trying to fit in mouth by pushing the others around. I had all 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled at the age of 22. My deepest concern now is the placement of my teeth and my gums retracting so bad that the roots are exposed a bit. Especially my lower jaw where i had no treatment to create more space, i can never feel my teeth perfectly clean even though i floss every other day. I have 4 fillings, last one being done 8 years ago ( i am 33 now). I believe my bones are pretty strong for implants, do you think having able to support 6 or 8 medium-length roots promises a long-term strong implants or it would rrsult in bone loss due to having too many of them in?

    1. I think you should see a gum specialist that can help to keep your teeth rather than thinking about dental implants. It is very difficult to understand your situation

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