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Many doctors refer their implant surgery, bone grafting, and/or implant prosthetic patients to Dr. Ramsey Amin. Dr. Amin does the full spectrum of procedures, from the most basic single tooth implant to full-mouth implant reconstructions and bone grafting.Our practice is conveniently located in Burbank, California, centrally located in the San Fernando Valley and Southern California. Allow us to become your specialty referral for your successful implant cases.

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Why so many referring doctors choose Dr. Ramsey A. Amin:

  • He is considered an expert in diagnosis and treatment planning dental implant reconstructions and can guide you to achieve optimal restorative results.
  • Since Dr. Amin places AND restores implants, he has an intimate knowledge of how the slightest bit of improper inclination at surgery can affect the final restorative outcome.
  • You always have a partner who can guide you through the most complex implant restorative procedures.
  • He will teach you implant restorative on your patients. You are always welcome to observe and assist on their procedures.
  • Dr. Amin is available to help with the restorative phase if needed.
  • He provides all referring doctors with the exact component numbers to restore each case should they desire to restore their own implants.

Some doctors use our services if they don’t want to get involved in a particular implant case or they have no experience with implant options. We are a resource for your very difficult cases you may not want to treat.

Dr. Amin and his staff seek to create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with their referring doctors. They can be the mediator between you and your successful implant cases.

Please feel free to call our office to schedule a luncheon and learn more. Should you have any questions, Dr. Amin can be reached directly by email at info@burbankdentalimplants.com or 818-846-3203.

Thank you in advance for your referrals.

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