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Dentistry While You Sleep: Anxiety Free

Details of Sedation | Oral vs. IV Sedation | Unable to Get Numb?
Are you nervous about having dental treatment done? Do you need to have multiple procedures performed? Would you prefer to sleep through your next dental appointment? Would you like to have zero pain when you wake up and have tremendously less postoperative pain?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, having dentistry while you sleep by Los Angeles dentist Dr. Ramsey Amin may be an ideal choice for you.

Over 40 million Americans have some level of anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. For some of them, the fear factor is so great that it forces them to neglect their dental needs.

Isleep dentistry by Dr. Ramsey Amin, DDSmagine not being afraid to go to the dentist and being able to complete all your dental care in one appointment only! Should you need a cleaning, dental implants, bone grafting, extractions, crowns, veneers, or an extensive full mouth restoration, we offer real sedation dentistry that will take away your anxiety and will make your dental experience a breeze!

A contemporary method of anesthesia, sleep dentistry is very safe and effective. You can sleep through your entire procedure and most wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy (the way you would if you were under general anesthesia). You can have a healthy, beautiful new smile without remembering a thing about your appointment!

So how does dentistry while you sleep work?

You are given a precisely controlled amount of medication through an IV. Some of the medications we use would last only one to three minutes if given as a single injection, but because the IV provides a steady stream of medication, you stay asleep throughout your treatment. When your dental work is complete, we turn off the medication and after just a few minutes you wake up.  There are also reversing agents in addition to our main medications, which makes the procedure even safer.

Dr. Amin is one of the most experienced sleep dentists in California. He has been formally trained in the technique through residency. In fact, Dr. Amin is a sedation examiner for the state of California, which means that he observes other dentists’ technique and passes or fails their certification. Dr. Amin is one of less than 1% of doctors in Burbank (and in California) that is licensed to administer intravenous sedation.

In addition to dentistry while you sleep, we offer other forms of anesthesia, including pills to be taken orally. Our main priority is your comfort. We want all of our patients to be free from anxiety, stress, and fear throughout their appointment. If you think that sleep dentistry may be right for you, please contact our office to learn more about it!

For the last 15 years, performed approximately 1-3 times daily, our office has provided dentistry while you sleep…you are in good hands!


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Details of Sedation | Oral vs. IV Sedation | Unable to Get Numb?

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Dr. Ramsey Amin has extensive experience in surgical and restorative implant dentistry. As one of only less than 400 Diplomates of the American Board of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID) he is considered an expert, and board-certified in dental implants. He is a former instructor at the UCLA School of Dentistry.