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Smile Gallery

Welcome to the Smile Gallery of our work. Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations and dental implants. Unlike most dentist’s websites, ALL work shown was done by Dr. Ramsey Amin in our upscale Burbank office. These are pictures of our own patients, not images downloaded from the internet.

Dental Implants | Bone Grafting | Gum Disease & Treatment | Full Mouth Restorations | Cosmetic and Restorative

Featured Case – Upper and Lower Prettau Dental Implant Full Mouth Implants (ALL ON 4-6)

Prettau Implant CaseExtraction of all teeth and placement of 12 dental implants to replace upper and lower teeth. All porcelain Prettau zirconia bridges placed on upper and lower. There is no plastic, metal or acrylic in these teeth.

This is considered one of implant dentistry’s most difficult procedures.





Additional ALL ON 4, 6 Dental Implant Zirconia Bridges


Dental Implants

Missing One Tooth


Missing Several Teeth


Missing All Teeth- Full Mouth or One Jaw Implants


Implant Snap on Over-Dentures


3D Scan


Bone Grafting


Sinus Lifts


Extraction Socket Bone Graft


Bone Widening/Expansion


Gum Disease & Treatment


Gum Grafting (Adding Gum)


Gummy Smile Reduction – Crown Lengthening


Cosmetic Gum Treatments


Full Mouth Restorations on Implants and Teeth


Porcelain Crowns (CAPS) (Implants and Teeth)


Porcelain Fixed Bridges on Implants and Teeth


Porcelain Veneers Mixed with Dental Implants


Tooth Whitening

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