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Socket Shield for Dental Implants- What Should You Know?

“Socket shield” for dental implants is a hot topic. It’s part of a greater group of procedures called “partial extraction therapy.” Basically part of your tooth is kept rather than extracting your entire tooth!! It may sound weird to you to keep part of a tooth that is getting extracted, but it has its merits.

This has some unusual benefits especially in the upper front teeth. If you’re having this procedure done this is definitely worth watching. I also explain why keeping bad roots can be important!  

Sometimes it is better not to extract teeth right away!!

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Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

4 thoughts on “Socket Shield for Dental Implants- What Should You Know?

  1. I just had an appointment with the dentist that was going to prepare and “install” a desperately needed full top arch, whatever the process is called after extraction.
    An oral surgeon I trust was going to remove my teeth and prepare the implants.
    It has been a long process (months) just finding a dentist that I believed to be knowledgeable to trust. OR SO I THOUGHT. Either they didn’t use PRP or “COMPUTER PLACEMENT” or couldn’t put me to sleep.
    I was ready to heed her advice and have the REMOVABLE ARCH BECAUSE OF AN UNDER BITE. I actually had an appointment for impressions for “same”.
    Thank God I went back to the drawing board to see what I was getting into, I would have been so depressed with the end result! (Four dentists, all of whom were very involved in implants and not one had expressed concern about an under bite. ( I do believe I could have one because my top and bottom teeth came together.
    So now I have an appointment to go back to the Surgeon who has already sent the impressions for computer placement. I have no idea what he will say, and I’m concerned because I am intimidated that I will acquiesce to something I really do not want to do because I am now so involved. …And I was referred to her by my Dental Surgeon.
    I would give anything to consult with someone of your caliber, but like so many, as a 76 year old woman willing to compromise her retirement for this treatment, I am stretched too thin.

  2. Hi Dr.Amin,
    Informative video, thank you. Will this technique work on *some* ankylosed front teeth? Regards.

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