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Root Canal Apicoectomy Failure – Relation to Dental Implants (Ramsey Amin DDS – Burbank, California)

If you have a root canal and now need a dental implant there are some very important issues to be aware of.  This is especially important if the tooth to be extracted is in the upper front area. It will have consequences on the final result and cosmetic appearance of the implant. A previous failed root […]

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Dental CT Scans and Bone Width For Implants – Burbank Implant Expert Explains

There’s a good chance I will need to obtain one or more x-rays of your jaw, teeth or facial skeleton at some point during the diagnostic evaluation (or workup) of your bone loss or missing teeth areas. 3D Cone-Beam CT scans allow me to view  bone in a very special way.  What most people don’t know is that […]

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The Ovate Pontic – Ramsey Amin DDS of Burbank Explains This Dental Implant Bridge Detail

When a tooth is lost through decay, trauma, or periodontal disease, the best way to replace it today is with a dental implant. If three to four front teeth are missing, two dental implants and a bridge may be the best option for cosmetic reasons so that the teeth look real. Most conventional bridges use […]

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Tony H. – Dental Implants and SInus Lift – The Patient Perspective

Tony is a patient that referred to me by another dentist in Burbank.  He was missing three back teeth and wanted to replace them.  He had a regular bridge that failed and said it had a bad smell too. Here is Tony on video sharing his experience.  The photos and x-rays of his dental implants are shown […]

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PRP – For Accelerated Healing Of Dental Implant Procedures

This is a great report on the use of PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) for dental implants and bone grafting.  The author referenced is an expert on the topic.  He has the same credentials in implant dentistry as I do, which is the highest achievable.  We both carry the prestigious title: Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant […]

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Video Testimonial -Dental Implant – Chris F.

Chris had a very unique situation.  He had an unusual dental implant placed 10 years ago that needed to be replaced. A sinus bone graft was necessary in order for me to not penetrate the sinus that sits above the upper back teeth  Here was his situation in pictures.  The original implant had lost almost all of […]

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