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Dental Implant is Too Deep, Tooth Looks Long

Dental implants, especially in the front of the mouth, need to be placed with a high degree of accuracy. When an implant is placed too shallow or worse yet too deep in the front of the mouth it creates a cosmetic failure– a long tooth and sometimes black triangles. This is especially true on a […]

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What is Sinus Expansion? Do I Need a Sinus Lift? Sinus is Big and Close…Burbank Dental Implant Expert Reviews

Your sinuses are big hollow holes above your upper teeth.  The roots of your upper back teeth are really close to your sinus. In order to have dental implants in that area, sometimes a sinus lift bone graft is necessary to treat the expanded sinus.  Whether you live in Burbank ,Glendale or Los Angeles, all […]

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Bone Grafts…How Long Do They Take to Heal?

Some bone grafts for dental implants take longer to heal than others. In this video, I cover several factors that determine how long your bone graft takes to heal.  Remember that many times the bone grafts and dental implants can be done simultaneously. (Related topic –click here)          Factors affecting bone graft healing […]

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Burbank Dental Implants – Correcting a Collapsing Bite Problem

It is a fact that if you just lose even one tooth, two bad things will definitely happen: 1.    Your other teeth will move 2.    Your bone in the area of the missing teeth will shrink (Bone loss -Atrophy) Here is an example: The line depicts the straight line where all the teeth should be relatively even […]

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Root Canal Apicoectomy Failure – Relation to Dental Implants (Ramsey Amin DDS – Burbank, California)

If you have a root canal and now need a dental implant there are some very important issues to be aware of.  This is especially important if the tooth to be extracted is in the upper front area. It will have consequences on the final result and cosmetic appearance of the implant. A previous failed root […]

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Front Tooth Bone Loss and Dental Implant Replacement

These x-rays tell the story: Her original two front teeth were in bad shape and had severe bone loss.  They were even loose! Both center front teeth were extracted and a bone graft was done.  The teeth were replaced with dental implants.   I was able to rebuild the lost bone.  She was told by her […]

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