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Rationale and Costs –Immediate Same Day Extraction and Back Tooth Molar Implant vs.Waiting

Back molar teeth can have immediate implants!  This means that the same day a molar is extracted, an implant can be put in the socket.  When it is possible, this saves you money by avoiding the cost of a second procedure or bone graft.  Besides cost, it also saves you time because you don’t have […]

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Dental Implants With Just One Surgery? – Expert Dentist, Dr. Ramsey Amin Explains

Traditionally most dental implants were placed using a two stage surgical technique.  That means you would have two surgeries for just one implant! The first surgery would be to place the actual implant in the bone.  At that time the dental implant would be covered by the gum so it is not visible.  That is […]

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Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants? – Burbank Implant Dentist Advice

Usually not. It is really unfortunate that dental insurance usually does not cover this very common procedure. What most patients don’t know is that dental insurance has a “cap” or “ceiling” of money (benefit) on a yearly basis.  Unlike medical insurance, most dental insurances max out at $1500 per year!  That means anything above that […]

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The Process of Having a Dental Implant – Video by Leading Burbank Dental Implant Dentist

The process of having a dental implant is very unique for each situation. This video, that I made in my office in Burbank, will help you understand the basics of what is involved. It explains how the procedure is done and sequenced. A dental implant can be completed in as short as one single appointment […]

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Do I Need Custom Dental Implant Abutments?

There is a lot of confusion with patients that have come to me for 2nd opinions. The question is whether or not their dental implants need custom abutments or not. I will try to make this as non-technical as possible. If you are confused, comment below. Most implants have three pieces. The implant that goes […]

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Dental Implant or Root Canal – Cost and Value Comparison

Although I am considered a dental implant specialist by a credentialing board and my peers let me first start by saying that saving your natural teeth is my FIRST priority. Dental implants are fantastic, but they are a close “second” to your natural teeth. The question is more about “restorability” of your remaining tooth when deciding […]

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