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Full Mouth Dental Implant Reconstruction -Audio Explanation With Burbank’s Ramsey Amin, DDS

Full mouth dentistry with dental implants and crowns can get very complex.  I treated this patient in my Burbank office with nine dental implants and a total of more than 20 crowns. The full mouth reconstruction involved the upper and lower teeth and opening the bite to be taller. The three minute audio recording will […]

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11 Considerations for Full Porcelain Dental Implant Crown Materials –Review by Burbank’s Ramsey Amin, DDS

  Full porcelain dental implant crowns can be made of many materials.  All porcelain dental implant crowns can be zirconia, feldspathic, leucite, alumina, lithium disilicate (E.max) or several other types. Most of my Burbank patients usually tell me they thought there was only one type of porcelain around. It can also change the cost of […]

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Connected Dental Implant Teeth or Separate Crowns …What is Best? Dentist –Ramsey Amin, DDS Explains

The best dental implant teeth crowns can be made in a variety of ways.  The teeth can be made separately, like natural teeth or connected as bridges. This post refers to having more than one implant next to another. In my Burbank dental implant practice, I restore the crowns or bridges for dental implants in […]

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Dental Implant Case Example For Back Teeth

This patient thought she could never have dental implants.  She was so fearful of the procedure. I used I.V. sedation anesthesia so she could sleep through the surgery. The x-ray shows that she is missing her lower molars on one side. She also has a cracked root canal tooth supporting bridge on the other side. Here is […]

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Dental Implant Maintenance…OVER-DENTURE VS FIXED BRIDGE

Fixed bridges are attached to your dental implants much like your natural teeth are connected to your bone. Because they are most similar to teeth, they do require some maintenance. Most importantly is your daily routine at home. You must brush and floss your implant fixed bridge. You will also need to have regular x-rays […]

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Fixed Dental Implant Bridge vs. Implant Denture – What is the REAL Difference?

There is a common mistake that I hear from patients on a regular basis. Often times, I see patients for second opinions for dental implants to replace all of their teeth. They tell me they are having all their teeth removed and having a “bridge.” When I dig deeper or reference their paperwork, they are […]

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