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Apicoectomy Failure – Burbank Dental Implants Success Video Testimonial

Apicoectomy root canal procedures can and do fail leaving a bone defect. This bone defect can become problematic when having a dental implant. Even though a root canal and an apicoectomy can “save” a tooth, sometimes they are still lost.  My patient came to my dental implant office in Burbank after realizing that her front tooth could not […]

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Immediate Front Tooth Dental Implant Example -(Difficult Case)

***If you cant see the pictures in your reader, click the link to see this case series*** Here is a great example of a front tooth dental implant with gum shaping. Follow along: My patient from Burbank, California had a "dead" yellow tooth in the front.  It started to twist and move also. The x-ray […]

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Front Tooth Bone Loss and Dental Implant Replacement

These x-rays tell the story: Her original two front teeth were in bad shape and had severe bone loss.  They were even loose! Both center front teeth were extracted and a bone graft was done.  The teeth were replaced with dental implants.   I was able to rebuild the lost bone.  She was told by her […]

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