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Unable to Get Numb?

Sedation can definitely help. Over the last few years, we have noticed in our practice an increase in patients who have this difficulty. When sedated, these patients have no difficulty in getting the dental treatment they need. Pain and fear are eliminated.

It is not uncommon for this to develop later in life.

Dentistry while you sleep also helps those who may avoid dental care due to gagging.

Sedation can be used on any type of patient. While the vast majority of patients that we sedate have a fear of dentists, there are many who simply want to be very comfortable during treatment. Many times our patients cannot afford taking time off work, so we sedate them to allow us to do a large amount of treatment in a long appointment and have the patient very comfortable during the entire appointment. Other times we have people who have severe gag responses and require IV sedation in order to tolerate treatment.

Can all work be done in one appointment?

We try to do as much treatment as possible in one visit. Our average sedation appointment is 2 1/2 hours. However, some appointments last up to 5-6 hours. What we can accomplish with each patient, and how many visits it takes, is determined after a complete dental examination. We have been performing 1-3 IV sedation procedures daily for the last 15 years.


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