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What Dental Implants are the Best? Video

I’m often asked, “what dental implants are the best?” and frankly it’s a simple, yet complicated answer.

The easy answer is that there isn’t one best dental implant. But there’s much more to it. There are hundreds of implant manufacturers. Yet, it’s not so much about the screw as it is about the team that’s putting it in.

There are three components to having the best dental implant and I’m taking a deep dive into each part in this video.

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What Are the Best Dental Implants?

Video transcript lightly edited for easier readability.

What dental implants are the best? That’s a really easy answer, and it’s a little bit complicated.

Let’s go into it. What’s the best dental implant? There are none. There are a hundred manufacturers, probably more than that, of dental implants. 

It’s not about the actual screw so much as it is the person, the team, who are putting it in. Not just the surgery, but you have three components. 

You have the surgical side, you have the lab component of making the actual porcelain parts, and then you have the restorative session, which is the dentist prescribing, inserting, and designing a crown or bridge. 

Let’s go through each one of them. What actual implant screw is the best? In my opinion, again, it’s got more to do with the skill, judgment, training, and experience of the dentist who’s putting it in.

Ultimately, if you have enough gum and bone or if you don’t, that needs to be built back beforehand. You could have a very cheap implant, which I don’t suggest, placed into your bone and it will still work if it’s placed by an expert, versus a very expensive implant put in by somebody who has a lot less experience and does not have a lot of bone on the outer wall or the gum tissue was not taken into account and there’s a very thin gum on the outside.

So again, it’s quality over a quantity, and that’s how you’re going to find what’s best. There are actually different types of implant connections. I can write a whole other story just on that, but that is not so much the issue. Most of the redos that I do and revisions are oftentimes because either it was the wrong patient for that particular procedure, meaning a different procedure should have been done, or it was just not done that well.

I very rarely see bad implants. As for the best implant, find the best team. On the laboratory side, that’s a huge component. People say, “I want a Zirconia crown.” Well, it’s not like it’s off the shelf, it’s custom made and it’s made to certain parameters. It has to be heated up to a certain degree and cooled down at a certain temperature, the way the cement lines the inside of the custom abutment, how the emergence contours are made. These are all things that lead to success or failure and making your implant the best or the worst.

Believe me, I’ve seen quite terrible things in my practice over time of lab work done very poorly. You might have a very good dentist, the best dentist no less, in a lab that is just not up to par with the level of the dentist, or vice versa.

Just like a Zirconia bridge, they couldn’t break in half very easily. It’s about how it’s made, not so much the material. We all have access to the same materials, but again, it’s the lab technician and it’s the fusion, the partnership between the dentist and lab technician, how that works.

On the restorative side, what’s the best implant crown or implant bridge? Of course, some products are better, there’s no doubt about that. But again, along the same theme, it has to do with the skill of the surgeon, the skill of the lab technician, and the restorative dentist to make the crown with the screw come right up the center versus out to the side to avoid vital structures, to prevent the implant from being put into a nerve or into the sinus inadvertently or zygomatic implant that’s drifted out of the cheekbones.

The question about best is really hard to judge. Please don’t shop on price. These are body parts that you’re looking for. They’re not simply off the shelf like a web camera or a keyboard. These are services that you’re paying for and certainly, you want them to last. I have cases that are 20 years old at this point where I see patients on a yearly basis for recall, and I can tell you that these cases are doing quite well.

Remember implants do fail. They do need to be removed. They’re not permanent. So having the best implant done by the best dentist in your area, is going to save you a lot of money in the longterm.

That’s the take-home message of all this. Please leave your quotes and comments below. I appreciate you, and I’ll get to as many of them as I can.

Thanks so much. 

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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