Does a Sinus Lift Bone Graft For Dental Implants Affect Breathing?

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Does a sinus lift bone graft for dental implants affect breathing?  A patient asked me this today. 

She does not have enough bone in her upper molar area so she needs me to rebuild the bone.  That is the purpose of this procedure.  It allows you to have dental implants for upper back teeth, if the bone is deficient.

Over the last ten years, this question has come up several times in my Burbank, California office.  It has been my personal experience that breathing through the nose stays exactly the same or actually improves for some!  I have probably been told 40-60 times by my patients that their sinuses feel "clearer."

It is probably related to fact that the sinus is opened for this procedure.  Although the opening is quite small, it may allow you to "clear out" whatever may have been there for years.

I have never seen a sinus worsen, although that is possible.  Most complications that do occur would be an infection that may be treated with a second round of antibiotics.

The skill of your implant dentist is probably the most critical factor.

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