Bone Grafting Dental Implant Threads…Is it Possible?

Bone grafting dental implant threads

Most dental implants that are placed have threads like screws. It is important that all of the threads are covered by your bone.

This seems obvious that the threads should be covered but it is not always the case.  Your bone may be thin and the implant "just fits" into the bone.

If the implant barely fits, that bone will probably dissolve away over time. This usually happens on the outside part of the bone.

I had a dentist that took my class in Burbank that was not aware of this.

Here is an example of a patient I did not treat: (threads showing)

Exposed threads 
I prefer to never leave expose threads so I bone graft (add bone) at the same time or before the dental implants are placed.

If the threads of your dental implant are exposed it is best to add bone at the time the implants are placed at the initial surgery. This can be very successful.

If you already have a dental implant and you have exposed threads it is very difficult to graft bone and fix it. In this scenario, the gums recede and are usually too thin.  A gum graft combined with a bone graft may salvage your situation.

Here is an x-ray of an implant with bone loss:

Be sure to know what type of bone is going to be used and what is the doctor's success rate. Bone grafting the threads of a dental implant and having success is not for the novice or inexperienced dentist.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Burbank, California

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One thought on “Bone Grafting Dental Implant Threads…Is it Possible?

  1. siddiqa amatuls

    i had my first bone graft in jan 2012. The dentist told me to come back after 4 months for implant. i went after 4 months, he said some more bone is needed , so he did bone graft and implant at the same time. then he asked me to come back after another 4 months. yesterday after 4 months i went , he checked and after few min of painful checkup he said the implant did not set with the bone. so he did the bone draft again and i have to wait for another 4 months for the implant. its my upper front tooth.Please let me know the chances of successful implant . i am very confuse and this whole procedure is very painful.