Burbank Dental Implant Specialist Case Example – Lower Front Tooth With Temporary on Abutment

This 24 year-old female came to see me at my Burbank office.  She already had an implant, a custom abutment and a temporary crown on her lower front tooth. She was ready to be fitted with the real crown.

The temporary on the dental implant custom abutment did not look very good at all.  Neither the patient, nor I really liked it.  Besides being dark and black at the gum line, it lacked other the right shape of gum.  It looked to "set back" towards her tongue.

The tooth was further complicated by the implant being about 0.3mm to 0.5mm too large.  Yes…that tiny amount makes a HUGE difference in the final result.

I reshaped her temp and "trained" her gum to fill in between the teeth and make them the same length. This took a few weeks for this to occur and is done by modifying the temporary…NO surgery is done.

Below is the photo series of the dental implant restoration using her existing custom abutment.

This is how she came to me with her existing temp in place:


Here is the abutment after I reshaped it:


The final porcelain crown and corrected gum line appearance:


Final x-ray:


I was able to help her control the cost of the restoration by using the existing titanium metal custom abutment rather than starting from scratch.  A narrower implant and abutment would have made this much easier.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Burbank, California

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11 thoughts on “Burbank Dental Implant Specialist Case Example – Lower Front Tooth With Temporary on Abutment

  1. Le-Thu Phan

    Maybe I am beating on the wrong bush but I only need a bridge for my lower tooth #30.

    The extraction was already done and I was told that the cadaver filling/restoration was in place. I do not have any temporary to wear at this point, but was told to come back in 2 weeks to have the permanent bridge done.

    I am really confused because I’ve had a couple of crowns, root canals and one bridge and they all required my wearing a temporary “crown/bridge” while healing. Shouldn’t this be the same now? The dentist was vehement that I need to leave the “hole” empty for quicker healing. I normally heal within a week or 10 days at the most.

    Thank you so much for being there! You are a life saver! I wish you didn’t live so far away!!!

  2. Craig Richards

    I think this is one of the best thing to discuss. Anyways keep it up and keep continue with your valuable thoughts.

  3. Jan

    wow! It has been a long time since I have heard somebody talk about something with such passion. I didn’t quite understand everything but the passion flows throughout the and it is amazing to see someone be so in depth about something. I can feel it.

  4. Joe Peters

    Your expertise can be seen from these pictures. I think you have God gifted abilities to handle such cases!

  5. Ralph

    You are a exceptional dentist I would like to get treatment of my teeth from you. I live in Santa Clarita, so I will call next week!

  6. Sue W.

    Thanks Dr. Amin –this is Sue W!
    I am so glad you did my implant. It has been great…even better than my original tooth!
    I stumbled on your blog and just wanted to tell you how happy I have been!
    See you at my next check up!
    BTW – I am going to be sending my Mom to you. She has a lower denture that she hates. I saw what you do with implant dentures. Very cool!

  7. Reggie

    This is really a though job that you have done very nicely. The picture shows how much expert you are!