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Dental Implants: A Patient Testimonial

I recently performed an implant procedure for one of my patients. In this genuine video, she can attest to just how smoothly the procedure went, and how she experienced the incredible benefits of dental implants.

When she first arrived, she said that she “struck gold” with her dentist. She felt relaxed and comfortable. In fact, my dental assistants had a warm blanket ready for her in the dental chair.

During her procedure, she had all of her bottom teeth pulled (10 in all), and she was given a set of dental implants. These implants are designed to serve as an anchor for her dentures. Her procedure was extremely successful, and she was in and out of the office in about an hour. She left my office with an immediate fixed cemented temporary for her entire lower jaw.

She couldn’t believe how much these implants improved her appearance, and her friends and family couldn’t believe how amazing she looked after major oral surgery. Take a look at the video below to learn more:

3 thoughts on “Dental Implants: A Patient Testimonial

  1. Hi dr. Amin, Please disregard previous comment cuz I submitted before proofreading.

    Yesterday I had my custom zirconia abutement put in and my zirconium crown put in, but it felt really bulky in the back, so the dentist just used temporarily glue on it. He told me to come back in 2 months. He said I need to get use to the extra thick tooth. My question is if it is custom made, why is it so big??? I asked him why the back of it stick out beyond my natural gum line?? He told me he need to cover my abutment up. My implant which was done by another dentist & several dentists included my own regular dentist told me my implant is done right and very straight too. I don’t understand why I got such a huge abutement that doesn’t even look like it is custom made for my tooth space!!!! I think he purchased a pre-fabricated abutement from my implant manufacture???????? I saw the box that the abutment came in. The abutement, however was taken out, but there is the brown plastic container left inside the small box, which was used to hold the abutement. It is close to a cone shape. It is like those orange traffic cones using by the public works people. It also have that flat part on the bottom just like the flat part that is used for the traffic cone to stand up on the street surface. This is how I concludede it not being custom made. I don’t think custom made ones come in packing like that????????? I would think the lab with wrap it in cotton or something that will cushion it from breakage during transit.

    when I question about it he looked very surprise too. I just asked him another question how much he charge to do an upper front tooth implant, then he looked very angry at me shortly after I told him I do all my teeth cleaning with my own dentist. I thought it was very weird cuz I told this practice that I am not changing dentist from the start. I am just using their service to finsih my dental implant restoration.
    My lower jaw consist of all real teeth, and if you look downward on it, you can tell that the implant one is fake due to it’s odd shape from the back view. I went for a cleaning with my regular dentist. At first he didn’t think of anything suspicious, but then when he start cleaning the tooth next to my implant crown , then he said I think I know what you mean Jennifer. It does look odd.
    Can you think of a reason why a custom made abutement be so huge for my tiny front tooth space??? I cannot think of any other reason then the abutement is not custom. He made impression of my lower and upper jaw, but I don’t know how custom abutements are made. What is the procedure??? He didn’t do any measurements??? I paid a lot of money for the custom abutement and now feel that I got rip-off????

    1. Please go to the contact me section of my website and we can schedule a phone consult. Be sure to include your phone number.


      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry
      Burbank, CA

  2. Excellent video -this guy knows his stuff. I paid less for my implant but I have had nothing but problems. I had to do it over twice and it doesnt look good. It turns out my dentist has only done about 5 implants in his career.

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