I Didn’t Know There Are Different Types of Dentures!

Many times when someone is missing all of their teeth, they want to know whether to start with the upper or the lower.  The usual complaint is the lower jaw.  Often times I use dental implants to replace just the lower teeth, and some type of denture for the upper teeth.

Of course, there are those that want or need dental implants for both the upper and lower.  Sometimes the denture is just used as “transition teeth” while we wait for the dental implants, bone grafts, or extractions to heal.

Conventional Dentures

One of the first types of dentures is the conventional, or full denture. These dentures are made for patients who have already missing all of their teeth in one or both jaws.  Conventional dentures rely on suction to keep them in place and require as much surface area as possible in order to remain stable.
They also have the tendency to make some patients

gag. They can be cut back to reduce gagging, but will lose some of their stability in the process. These regular dentures make your bone dissolve faster.

Immediate Dentures

One of the next types of dentures is the immediate denture. They are also known as temporary dentures. They are placed in your mouth as soon as your real teeth have been removed. Therefore, you won't have to go around without teeth. They are made in advance of your surgery. 
You may need a new set of dentures or a reline as soon as your gums have healed because the healing process will change the fit of temporary dentures.
Immediate dentures do not slow down bone loss either.

Implant Overdenture

One of the final types of dentures is the kind retained by implants. These dentures are designed to fit over dental implants. Implant retained dentures have the advantage of providing stability without needing to cover the entire roof of your mouth. These types of dentures are great for people who can't wear standard dentures because they make them gag or just cant wear dentures due to social reasons.

These are some of the different types of dentures. Conventional dentures can't be put in until your gums have already healed. Immediate dentures are placed as soon as your teeth have been removed.
Implant dentures can be made on the same day the teeth are extracted. 

Better yet, the dentures can be replaced all together with a fixed bridge that never comes out!

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2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know There Are Different Types of Dentures!

  1. Petra

    What about a tooth that needs to be removed under a bridge. I have gaps under the bridge and the tooth hurts badly, but not sure what I need to do? If the tooth needs to get pulled I think the bridge needs to come out. I don’t want implants and had a bad experience with this bridge from day 1. What options would one have? Thank you

    1. RamseyAminDDS Post author

      Your only option would be a longer bridge or a removable partial denture or if you do not want dental implants.