Immediate Front Tooth Dental Implant Example -(Difficult Case)

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Here is a great example of a front tooth dental implant with gum shaping.

Follow along:

My patient from Burbank, California had a "dead" yellow tooth in the front.  It started to twist and move also.


The x-ray shows a condition where the root is dissolving! A bridge would have been a bad option since the neighboring teeth which are perfect, would have to be irreversibly ground down to nubs.


The tooth was extracted, and on the SAME day an immediate dental implant was placed.  This is a picture taken at the time of surgery.  ***NOTE there is almost no bleeding!***


This is the temporary tooth I made for her on the same day the tooth was extracted.  She will wear this for 3 months and is not allowed to chew with it until the bone heals completely.


This how the gum looks after the gums have been cosmetically shaped properly. What made her situation very difficult is she has VERY thin gums and they have a high "scallop." Her tooth must be done exactly right to avoid a black triangle or a long tooth!


Here is the final tooth. Close to perfect.  The gum is well filled in and the color is great. She wanted the tooth to be straight, but did not want braces to correct the other teeth.  She was very happy with the result!


Here is the x-ray! Great bone levels!  She should have this tooth for a long time!


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