Orthodontic Dental Implants…They Help With Braces Too!

Orthodontic Dental Implants???

Yes you read that right…temporary dental implants to make braces go faster and easier!

They are called “Temporary Anchorage Devices” or “TADS.” They are essentially tiny screws that are placed very shallow on the outside part of the jaw in between your teeth.  Rubber bands or wires are attached to.  TADS can help move teeth that are not moving well, or have to be moved in a difficult direction.  They are removed when braces are done.

Mini-implant%20Mini-screw%20in%20Typodont Ortho implant

They can really help to "upright" molars that have collapsed into spaces where teeth have moved such as this situation:


In the picture below you can see two temporary ortho implants used to move the canine teeth.


Another type of implant can be used to eliminate the use of headgear. 

This type of implant is placed in the center of the upper palate and allows your orthodontist to use it like headgear, but no one can see it!  Unfortunately, headgear can be embarrassing to wear.  Often, people avoid wearing headgear, and they end up wearing their braces for much longer than anticipated or they don’t get a good result.


Palatal orthodontic dental implants are mostly used to correct an overbite.  When the braces are done, the implant can be easily removed or just left in place.

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