Picture Series -Sinus Lift Bone Graft for Dental Implants

This is a CT scan image showing a hollow sinus on your right where my patient from Los Angeles was missing her two upper molars. She does not have enough bone so she will need a sinus lift bone graft.


3-D CT scan image
sinus lift bone graft fro dental implants -ct scan

This panoramic x-ray was taken a few months after the sinus lift bone graft.  She only used tylenol for the pain afterward! The graft adds significant bone to allow for longer dental implants.

sinus lift bone graft fro dental implants 

Two dental implants that I placed in the bone grafted sinus.  I will wait a few months for the implants to "take" before making the teeth.
sinus lift bone graft for burbank dental implants

To learn more about this procedure read this post.

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