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Video – Sinus Lift Bone Graft for Dental Implants

Sinus lift bone grafts are done when you need dental implants for your upper back teeth, but don't have enough bone.

The procedure has been done since the mid 1970's. I was personally trained by the inventor of this procedure, Dr. Hilt Tatum

This video is intended to give you some insight to why and how this procedure is done.

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3 thoughts on “Video – Sinus Lift Bone Graft for Dental Implants

  1. My last comment to you dr. Amin, about the tooth extraction and bone graft and extreme vertigo iv had since then and constant pressure, I haven’t had a implant put there yet because of these symptoms. I also saw a ENT doctor to check my sinus area for infection in my inner ears and sinus areas. Nothing!

  2. Dr. Ramsey!.Back in June 18,2018, I had a broken #6 root canaled tooth extracted and bone grafted with cow bovine and prf, my centerfuged blood and the fibrim part put back in the socket hole with the bovine. Since then iv had constant pressure and tightness there and extreme vertigo/ balance problems, also vision blurryness, and weakness down my spine to my legs and can barely walk anymore. I feel like something toxic has taken over me and my chiropractor/neurologist feels the same way. Headaches daily, daily facial pain. I ask the oral Surgeon who performed this procedure on me what happened to me and why these symptoms? He can’t come up with a answer why! He doesn’t see any obvious infection on a ct scan or panarex scan either. He knows I’ve been extremely healthy my whole life as an athlete in serveral sports and surfing. Don’t smoke, no drugs, don’t drink ever, no medications unless doctors feel I really need them in case of a bacterial infection. What do you think has gone wrong and why all the extreme pressure and vertigo. Could my body be rejecting the bone graft material? My Allergergist took a dental patch test and found 2 very weird substances in the dental materials, 1.) ammoniumtechnocloroplatinate, & para-phyiniadiamine, a product found in women’s hair dye! The patch test he ordered from Germany! What do you think is causing my symptoms? All my doctors are puzzled! They’ve Athens blood tests, urine tests, rumotologist testing, CBC test, metabolic test, infectious disease doctors and blood tests, could it be the bone graft materials the oral surgeon used on me?

    1. Oh gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you think this is related why not remove the graft. Even if it is integrated and can still be drilled out. I don’t think it is the cause. I have done this for 20 years and have never heard such a thing. Although it is easy to correlate the 2 together somehow it may be a coincidence… Like lightning striking.

      ammoniumtechnocloroplatinate, & para-phyiniadiamine —I have never heard of these. The bone graft materials that I use our simply human bone, cow bone or your own bone. Did have a synthetic bone graft placed? if so find out the name and let me know.

      Please copy and paste your original comment plus my comment so I can find all of this. There are literally thousands of comments on this forum and it is easy to confuse 1 with the other.

      The people who get vertigo sometimes just get it out of nowhere. My mother had it like that. All the sudden she went from being completely normal to in the hospital admission!

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