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What Will My Dental Implant Teeth Look Like The Next Day?

What will you look like the next day after dental implant surgery? Will you be really swollen?

Are the temporary teeth nice? That depends.

Before/after dental implants
Before/after dental implants -Ramsey Amin DDS

Allow me to take you through a case example of full mouth dental implants (All on 4, 6, 8)  including bone leveling under IV sedation.

This gentleman presented to my office with very few remaining teeth. There was significant decay, bone loss and gum loss. The plan was to remove all of the teeth and place 11 implants at the same time and to leave with new, temporary teeth. The photos speak for themselves on this article. Please note the transformation of the smile, bite and facial profiles…and these are not even the real teeth yet!

Preoperative dental condition
Before smile dental implants by Ramsey Amin DDS

Side smile

Gum disease/missing teeth
Gum disease/missing teeth
Before right side
Before right side
Before left side
Before left side
Stitched up after surgery
Stitched up after surgery
Stitched up after surgery
Stitches Implant surgery

These pictures are just 1 day out of surgery:

Upper temporary implant bridge showing excellent easy to clean surface


Upper implants next day
Upper implants next day showing sutures still!
Lower implants next day
Lower implants next day
What the gums look like 1 day after surgery
Gums look nice one day after surgery
What the gums look like 1 day after surgery
Implants next day with stitches
Implants next day with stitches – straight on view
Implants next day with stitches
Implants next day with stitches
Implants next day with stitches
Implants next day with stitches
1 day after implant surgery
1 day after implant surgery. Minimal swelling, minimal pain… Nice-looking temporary smile

My patient will use these temporary teeth that I made for a few months before I transition him to zirconia Prettau dental implant bridges. As you can see the temporary immediate teeth are really nice!

The ability to look great after this massive surgery is highly dependent on the skill of your implant dentist and your ability to heal.

It is all about the pre-planning to look great afterward

Prior to this surgery I met with the patient about 3 times for pre-planning the surgery and teeth. During that time we took digital impressions, did virtual computer surgery and of course talked about what to expect.

You can see in the photographs that he looks really handsome! You can still see the stitches in the pictures where the temporaries are over top of the special multiunit abutments. I have asked him to be on a soft diet for about 3 months and then I will transition him to the final teeth.

Comments?  Questions?

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Burbank, California

4 thoughts on “What Will My Dental Implant Teeth Look Like The Next Day?

  1. In next few weeks I am going in for bridge implants. Am 33. I have high anxiety. He said I will be sedated but am still freaking out. Makes me sick. I don’t do site of blood also. What if I wake up during the procedure and I feel it? What if it don’t go right? Is there a prep talk I can do?? Am so stressed about this but I want it done and healed already.

    1. You should feel very comfortable with the dentist you are being treated with. Hoping that you are being sedated intravenously and not just by pills or powder by mouth or under your tongue. If you have done you are due diligence and you are at peace with this you should continue. If for some reason you do not feel at peace or comfortable I would suggest you perhaps seek a second opinion. I know my answer is more philosophical but it is important that you are comfortable with your decision.

  2. Dear Dr Amin, I just saw this blog, brilliant explanations and running photo gallery of all the stages,( it actually made me cry as i live so far away),you never cease to amaze me with your ability ,experience along with your calming manner..I did send you a best wishes email last week , I am in a situation where I have seen an professor of periodontistry and we discussed having 1st stage root canals to give me releif while i try and sort out a plan, no work was done because of Clovid/ then saw and endodontist,he thought things were ok/ my god Stevie wonder could see it was so not normal, then saw prosthodontist, I advised him of my situation and i have been on FLAGYL and amoxcillian for I while and i said this is not healthy he gave me a script for Panadeine forte,he uses a different method to you and denture teeth??/ then he advised me to see another prosthodontist as they both do things differently and then let him know /at least he was kind, I saw the next one with my scans, and he said he would get back to me🤷‍♀️, but I mentioned you to him,as I have had so much education doing my research with you, he did not know you , i praised you ofcourse / I am getting worse and truly don’t know what to do / I just do not want to end up in hospital and have someone just take my teeth out, it is currently 2 live bottom teeth that are crazy ,but the occlusion is pathetic, so all hopeless,any advise? ???It is hard as i live in Australia& Covid 🤷‍♀️
    ..foot note.i was told years ago I was allergic to penicillin because I got a minor itch told next time it could be worse which I have doubted for years, then in one of your blogs you mentioned people often think they are allergic but a reaction is different to an allergy so you advise people to get tested, well guess what I got that test and was not allergic to any of the penicillins, hence me being on amoxcillian now, so thanks for that info ,I hope other people get tested👍

    1. Hi Julie,
      It is so hard to advise you with out seeing you. If you personally feel the risk is to high, you may want to consider a non-implant option. I say that with the utmost respect. Some people are not “ready” until they have come to peace with their decision and their dentist choice.
      You are not PCN allergic! WOHOO!!!!!!!

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