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Center Front Dental Implant -Ramsey Amin DDS

This is a great example of a difficult center front tooth dental implant .  The gum is thin and it is very scalloped.  I restored this case with a cemented  (rather than screw retained) custom zirconia abutment and porcelain crown.  The white zirconia underneath the gum line prevents the gray show through that many front dental implants have. 

The gum sometimes needs to be thickened as well which was done by a simultaneous gum graft at time of extraction along with a bone graft to fill the void between the implant and bone.  I made sure the gum line did not move by shaping and forming the gum to prevent black triangles and a long tooth.

Final photo was taken 3 years after the original just this week.

high scallop, thin tissue
custom cementable zirconia abutment
final crown 3 years after insertion
x-ray taken 3 years after placement-Ramsey Amin DDS

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

6 thoughts on “Center Front Dental Implant -Ramsey Amin DDS

  1. I just got an implant on my front tooth and a gum graph and a bone graph. I can’t wear my flipper anymore because my gums are swollen and the implants there so it’s hanging too low and my flipper won’t fit. I’m sure u can imagine what I’m talking about. I had an Essix made but it looks absolutely horrendous. What are my options? I’m going to university in one month and I just want to look normal please help me

  2. I am 10 days post front tooth implant with bone graft and temp put in place, and I am suddenly feeling an increase in pulsating and tingling today, I don’t know if I bumped it in my sleep or something, is there anything that the dentist can give me to brace my back teeth together so I don’t accidentally push on my front tooth? If I did push on it will it need to be redone completely? Could it be a sign of infection? The Zpac should just be going out of my system.

  3. Dear Dr. Amin,

    I’m writing you on behalf of my mother actually. She had an implant on one of her incisors approx 10 yrs ago I believe and lately it has become loose and she has some signs of infection. She had an xray in early July and exam. She was told she would need a ‘new’ implant and bone graph. She is able to wiggle tooth on her own but it won’t simply ‘pull out’..but its loose. She sent me a picture of Xray and I didn’t notice bone loss really (perhaps not seen in that one view angle) Anyway, you mention on your blog that sometimes a bone graph can be done while leaving tooth and achor etc ‘in place’ I think you said ‘back’ teeth easier as they are thicker etc. My mom is healthy and slim & no meds I believe. she is over 70. I’m trying to help her make the right decision by researching.
    Is it most likely that her tooth ‘failed’ after 10 yrs because of infection that ‘then’ caused bone to soften? She says she is pretty good about brushing her teeth and flossing. Is it possible to graph bone to front incisor while implant stays in? I would sure hate for her to have to go through a complete removal..3 months healing…then graph 6-9 months..then essentially a ‘new’ implant from scratch. *she may have another xray (different angle) scheduled soon…as she didn’t want too many xrays all at once..I think she said. I sincerely appreciate your time, advice and opinion.

    Michael Roberts
    Hayward, CA

    1. Thank you for your comments Michael. If implant is loose it cannot be rescued or recovered. The best course of action is to remove and replace. The condition is called peri-implantitis and is most likely what your mom has. Dental implants are not forever neither are crowns are fillings. that is a bunch of marketing garbage. I typically consider success to be 20-25 years so perhaps 10 years is premature but this can also be a bite issue as well without seeing her I cannot give you exact guidance except that staging the procedure as you have described is likely the best option. she must have a complete set of back teeth for the bite to be a nonissue. If she is missing back teeth are wears the partial the front implants are often overloaded.

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