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How Long Do Dental Implants Take? Immediate 1 day or 2 years?

These are some of the realities of how long dental implants take to complete.  This video is worth your time!

It can take anywhere from one day with immediate loaded teeth all the way to 2 years. This video reviews the rationale for when you can go fast and when it needs to go slow.

It is a follow-up to an older video from some years ago when I had more hair  😉

This is an update to that previous post.

Some dental implants can go very fast some need time.  The key is safety, predictability and longevity of your dental implant procedure. 



Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

18 thoughts on “How Long Do Dental Implants Take? Immediate 1 day or 2 years?

  1. Hi Dr. Ramsey Amin, I am in NC and need to consult with a dental implant specialist. My problem is that I have a failing bridge on my RU molars. My left Upper has a broken off crown(only roots left). I really want to consider a full upper implant denture. I am a professional and can’t really go without teeth, but I have heard/read that immediate placement has a high failure rate. Seems to be so much contradictory information out there I am having a difficult time finding the right answers. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Any DDS recommendation in NC would also be helpful. Thank you for all of your time/videos and responses. All extremely helpful.

    1. Immediate is more technique sensitive and requires high skill. I do this everyday for 20’years now….it works GREAT

  2. I know all cases differ Doctor Ramsey but assuming nothing unusual a front upper tooth implant that would need a small amount of bone graft when you remove the tooth would your under these circumstances place the bone graft and insert the implant in the same procedure or would you pull the tooth place the bone graft and let the graft heal for a few months before placing the implant. My goal is the best possible outcome. Thank you.

    1. in the hands of an expert almost all the time it is better to place the implant at the same time…. You need to do extreme due diligence because front teeth require a very high level of skill for them to look good and be long lasting. They require the highest degree of skill possible.

  3. Well I have periodontal disease been had it for about 3yrs now…but my problem is I can’t afford the treatment for that just yet..and I have a loose front tooth..just one so I was wondering should o just let them pull that on tooth and replace it for now..and then go back for periodontal treatment..?

  4. I wish I had found this site before embarking on my treatment. I have learned so much in the understandable language you use. Thank you for the time you take here.
    Basically it has taken 18 months to get my definitive restoration of upper and lower implant bar retained overdentures after an horrendous experience including dismissal of my problems, ie, that hurts…reply, it shouldn’t, burning my gums during treatment but offering no remedial treatment and doing surgery without my consent. ( I had a bad infection but had a panic attack when he said I needed surgery and said I couldn’t do it and pleaded with him to delay it. ) I lost confidence in him and the senior partner offered to finish the restoration. Great. He kept asking if Iwas happy with the work already done ie the implants. They seemed stable and painfree and I joked they could be up my nose for all I knew but seemed ok. He began the restoration work and then informed me after several weeks that he could not give me the aesthetics I wanted because of an implant in my upper jaw and that I would have prominent teeth. I asked if it was poorly placed and he said no, it’s in the bone!
    Two finals later I am left with prominent teeth, significant speech impediment, pressure and pain on the implants, midline way off centre, covered pallet instead of the chrome cobalt horseshoe I had paid for, I whistle when I speak and I drool. He is now offering me a fixed bridge but from your information, I don’t see how the original implants would support this?
    I had a second opinion and this dentist thought I had gone to a cheap dentist abroad, said he had stopped using these implants in 2002, the implant in the middle of my upper jaw is too far forward, 2 implants in the bottom jaw were already compromised in that they were 3-4 threads above the bone, the top bar does not fit the implants and the restoration was unacceptable,
    I have asked for a full refund in the hope of finding someone who can improve my situation but they don’t reply. Litigation in the UK is novel and uncertain in these circumstances
    Any pearls of wisdom would be much appreciated.

    1. Sounds like the second opinion is the way to go. I would consider not using one or 2 of the implants that are not in a great position. As long as you have for 5 implants per jaw you might want to “sleep” or just remove the ones that are in the way. Then you can make temporary prosthesis that is fixed rather than removable over dentures to work out all of the things you describes such as speech, aesthetics etc. I’m sorry positive bad experience. For most of my patients this is life changing in such a beneficial way.

  5. 1. Is there a case in which the gum has receded too far (years after an extraction) to put in a molar implant-even with bone graft?

    2. Can you remove my own tori and use that bone for a gum graft to build the bone loss …..and then put in an implant?

    1. 1. very very rare but it takes a person with a lot of skilled and experienced to rebuild these areas that are very very deficient. Typically you would need gum and bone graft.

      2. Tori do not make great bone grafts but some shavings added to a softer bone graft material can be beneficial. Here is an article on tori

    2. I appreciate you! Thanks for the answer. May I ask, will I taste or will my mouth smell metallic at ANY time after a dental implant is placed?

  6. Just wanted to thank you for your informative website and blog. I just completed the process of full-mouth implants here in South Jersey, with an amazing periodontist. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It was expensive, but it was worth it, to me, to have the work done by a professional with a high level of expertise. This is not something you want to go cheap on.

    My periodontist and his team did an excellent job of explaining everything and answering questions, but your website provides a lot of detailed information beyond what I thought of to ask. It’s a real service to anyone considering, getting, or living with implants.

  7. Hi Dr Ramsey Amin, my querie is if a patient was going to have the upper and lower prettau zirconia fixed bridges .. when the teeth were extracted I assume the first stage implant is put into the mouth /bone in strategic places RE the plan of weight bearing /balance and occlusion then the gum it stitched over to heal… how do the temporaries stay in the mouth as at this stage there would be nothing the temporary bridges could lock into as healing would have to happen first ? as this is the first stage of the (foundations )…So do the temporary bridges come in the form of removable dentures , then after the healing is that when the second stage of the implant is attached to the first stage ( by RE opening the gum) and then more healing ?then do a 2nd lot of temporary bridges take over ? and then when all healing is completed, is this when the final prettau zirconia bridges complete the work/ this is if no bone grafts were required / I understand there could be variants with different patients hence different senarios ,no one has given me a detailed treatment plan as yet only I have enough bone and an approx 6 month time frame and //or some still want to do that basic all on 4 with plastic type teeth in one day….l feel I need more information and you are the only person that is so informative and generous with your knowledge experience and time and last but not least the only one I completely trust. I endured a knee injury and that has set me back, my dental situation is not good / I would be very interested in your reply but only when you have the time, as i know you are a very busy man .,…..kindest regards Julie Shea 😁

    1. Most of my cases I will extract them in place the implant simultaneously. The patient will leave with a fixed bridge within 24 hours of the procedure even on both arches. Because of my advance training and experience this is the norm for me. Some patients need to be transitioned through a denture because of very soft bone usually on the upper jaw.

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