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How To Clean Dental Implants Including All on 4, 6, Zirconia Bridges

Dental Implants are NOT teeth.  They are a “replacement” for teeth.  Because of this, cleaning dental implants is different than cleaning your natural teeth.  The biology of the gums around an implant is very different than what is found around natural teeth.

Of course you have to brush, but should you floss, Waterpik or use other cleaning adjuncts?

You might be surprised at what I have to say in this video!!!

Upper/Lower "All on 12." A connected bridge like this requires more than just brushing and flossing. Note the design contour on the gum side of the bridge.

Some cleaning methods can promote bone loss around an implant (Peri-Implantitis) making it worse.

Underside of one of the prettau bridges shown in the x-ray image. Note the smooth, convex surface design.

Home care of your single tooth, full mouth implants, Prettau zirconia bridge, all on 4, 6,  etc  are covered in the video.  3D lab design is critical for making your teeth easy to clean and self-cleansible.  Connected teeth bridges and abutments are also discussed.

Final Full Mouth Prettau Implant Bridges that are shown on this post. Ramsey Amin, DDS

Your comments, questions and concerns are welcome.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

23 thoughts on “How To Clean Dental Implants Including All on 4, 6, Zirconia Bridges

    1. YES! It is a partnership between you and your dentist. There are very few cases that cannot be cleared up. It will depend on diet, lifestyle, oral hygiene, following through with treatment recommendations. Genetics is only a very small part

  1. I have a long history of dental procedures. After failure if upper implants with hip bone, I had zygoma implants 2 yrs ago which succeeded. Tho Im small boned & surgery was difficult.

    I had lower implants on bottom 15 yrs ago. Because lower were acrylic, zygoma implants were made with acrylic too.

    Problem now is upper teeth keep falling off. Dentist says best approach is to replace upper & lower with zirconia, also fixing bite by angling lower. Because lower implants are so old, new parts have to used that are bigger than old parts.

    Initial try-ins of new lower are painful. Dentist says it’s gums adjusting to new parts. I think moving to zirconia is good because it will be more stable & clean. Still Im worried about any risk to lower implants.

    Your thoughts? I’m terrified of more dental problems.

    1. I think you just need to replace both arches into zirconia which is a much more premium material. Keep in mind that needs to be done well. It’s not just about the material it’s about how it’s made, designed and delivered. It is a fusion of skill and art by your dentist and lab technician. Very difficult to do well.

      this would be the go to solution on your case. It’s very strong, durable, doesn’t chip or stain

  2. Hi

    I had an implant done 2 year back on below molar teeth.From last 2 months I am having a throbbing pain on the gum where the implant had been done.I have shown to a dentist who gave me an antibiotic and an metronidazole gel.But I sometimes still find there is a pain.Please advise on this

    1. Really sad that Clear choice dumps their patients after paying that much money. That is their policy…shameful. They do not maintain their work but somehow people go there. Most dentists don’t want to get involved since they don’t stand behind it themselves but you should be able to find someone.

  3. Great info and a big thanks! I went to UT Dental School in Houston! I have full arch on bottom with 4 implants. I had bone grafts for the implants and a denture on top. I have taken notes from your video and I am dedicated to maintaining a clean mouth!! What do you recommend for mouthwash, toothpaste for general maintenance! I am unclear on how to keep plaque from forming on my new smile! I am diligent but concerned

    1. Plaque forms in all of our mouths …including mine!! Use what ever products you like. It is the technique…not the product

  4. Hello
    Great website with useful information! It’s obvious you love what you do.
    I have a fixed upper porcelain bridge on 8 implants, placed by my periodontist and by my prosthodontist 11 yrs ago. It’s been absolutely wonderful, sometimes I forget it’s there but implants never replace your natural teeth so keep your teeth as long as possible, I say to you everyone who ask .
    My perio has had to go back a couple times and graft gum tissue and once I had a pocket with some bleeding on one implant so he went in there and cleaned. In fact I’m going next month for gum grafts on two implants. I suppose my gums will keep receding around the implants unfortunately, so the entire thing will eventually fail 😢😢 some day. I’m 67, I hope it lasts a few more yrs, unfortunately I notice more and more gum tissue recession, mostly on one side of the restoration , the other side is Ok . My question is, I get cleanings every two months at my periodontist, never missed a cleaning since I the beginning , I’m wondering if perhaps, since my hygienist probes and checks for pockets each time, is that too much probing in your opinion? How often would you recommend probing?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. probing the implants is fine we just don’t push very much. You likely have genetically thin gum tissue that is prone to recession. There are newer techniques for placing implants within gum and thin bone in order to reduce the chance for gum problems that you are having now. 99% of the patients I treat have some sort of, alteration procedure at the time of placement in order to build and thicken the gums as strong as possible for the long-term. cleanings every 2 months might not be needed though 😉

    1. You are probably just seeing the abutment. If you were seeing the actual implant then that is a different story. That would not be a good thing. Please confirm with your dentist whether this is am abutment or Implant that is exposed

  5. I have a question. I have a denture on my top and 3 implants on bottom with a front bridge. 1 implant on my left side and 2 on the right. I had pain on my right side and went to a periodontist / implant Dentist he took x-ray and said I have a lot of bone loss and a infection. So he gave me amoxicillin and wants me to come back in a week and clean around the implant and put a liquid anti biotic where the infection was. He said it could save my implant for a year or maybe 4 years. It is very expensive and I do not see what it will really do. Can you PLEASE tell me if this is a waste of money being I have bad bone loss and will eventually loose my implant anyway. What do you think??

    1. If you caught it (infection) early there is a chance for saving the implant, I guess. I was not so fortunate as I waited for about 2 years -just thinking that my gums bleed where there was already infection eating deeper at the bone. Be early!

  6. Please help me. I am hoping that you can refer a qualified dentist to help me in Colorado Springs’ CO.
    Any names would be so appreciated 😔
    Thank you so much,

  7. I have 4 implLants on top and 4 on bottom. My dentist.has had me returning to his office weekly and sometimes twice a week for adjustments. Teeth that
    I was fitted wit h is too big for my mouth and I don’t have room for food. I ant taste food.they arebUlky. They wobble from side to side and iI bitesomething with my middle teeth they fall down I back on both sides. I have trouble talking with them. They just do not fit my mouth. It is so embarrassing as they fall down in my mouth when I am talking to someone. Hews nts to screw. Them in but the way they are made food getsunder them while I a. Eating and I haveto stop eating and wash my teeth. I would love getting adixedzironia bridge on a medal bar. How many more implants would I need and can you give me an approximate estimate on whatI need to have done.

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