Should I Pull All of My Teeth and Get Dental Implants?

This is a question I hear often. Worse yet, some people say should I pull all of my teeth and get dentures?

Most of the time the answer is no! BUT…sometimes it IS better to pull your remaining teeth and have full mouth dental implants.

Many times people present with either all of their top decayed and/or infected with gum disease. Many times these teeth have already had root canals, crowns, and tooth bridges in addition to bone loss.

Sometimes fixing all of those bad teeth costs more than replacing all of the teeth with a fixed porcelain dental implant bridge with gum colored porcelain.

IMG_0252This woman is a good example. She had cancer, and her lower teeth were a constant problem for her during chemo. Other dentists she saw suggested she try to save the lower teeth with crowns. She wanted to keep her upper denture, though. 

In the final result picture you can see the difference between what a typical denture looks like and the fixed porcelain bridge I made for her IMG_0255on 5 dental implants. Unfortunately, most dentures look like this after about 2 years because they are made of plastic.

IMG_3807 IMG_3811

Even more convincing than having a lower total cost is the fact that the teeth that were “saved” are likely to go bad again in just a few years. What many people do not realize is that crowns get cavities too! Root canals often leak and become infected. Unfortunately, even the best dentistry will eventually fail.

It comes down to predictability and how long each option will last.

The cost difference can be quite substantial most of the time. I am often able to save the patient between $5,000 to $20,000.

In this technique,Ramsey Amin DDS, Burbank dental implantssome bone grafting will not be needed. I can avoid some bone grafting with a unique positioning (this is not the all on four method).

Most of the time, I extract the remaining teeth, place the implants and make temporary teeth all on the same day. Of course, there are a few visits before this procedure so I can take molds of your teeth, take a 3-D x-ray scan and carefully plan the implant teeth. In fact, the final teeth plan is made before any teeth are even removed.

It’s not the scan, it’s the plan. A diagnosis and treatment plan is the most critical step of all.

Another factor for you may be your appearance. Rehabilitating the bad natural teeth may not look as good as the types of dental implant bridges that I make.

I’m sure you can see that the implants look much better than the upper denture!

Dental Implants Placed and Restored by Ramsey Amin DDS, Burbank, CA
Dental Implants Placed and Restored by Ramsey Amin DDS, Burbank, CA

Please comment below or ask questions.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry



165 thoughts on “Should I Pull All of My Teeth and Get Dental Implants?

  1. Okay this is extremely hard for me , but here goes . I’m a 25 yrs old female and my teeth are horrible. I know I’m extremely young , but after 3 kids , my teeth have suffered. I’ve had my back teeth pulled , fillings , crowns , but my teeth keep getting worse . I’ve come to realize that I’m gonna have to get them all pulled . But it’s difficult with my income. And it’s not easy to admit that at 25 yrs old I’m going to have dentures. I’d like to get implants but I’m unsure if that’s the best option o r if I should try the least expensive plastic dentures , or if I should try and save some of my teeth and get a partial .I’m so confused about what would be best in the long run. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and taken in to extensive consideration when deciding what is the best solution to my issue.

    1. at your young age and nothing is going to last forever not even dental implants.
      You need to see an expert dentist . If you remove your teeth you’re going to lose a lot of bone over time. I would stick with partials and get on a very good maintenance program. Your diet, lifestyle and oral hygiene must be very good so that you can hang onto the teeth you have and then perhaps when you get a bit older he may have to remove them but at least you’ve maintained bone until that time. I have treated many patients who had their teeth removed at a young age and other bone loss is generally very severe that I have to use zygomatic implants that engage the cheek bone in order for them to have implants again.

    2. at your young age nothing is going to last forever not even dental implants.
      You need to see an expert dentist . If you remove your teeth you’re going to lose a lot of bone over time. I would stick with partials and get on a very good maintenance program. Your diet, lifestyle and oral hygiene must be very good so that you can hang onto the teeth you have and then perhaps when you get a bit older he may have to remove them but at least you’ve maintained bone until that time. I have treated many patients who had their teeth removed at a young age and other bone loss is generally very severe that I have to use zygomatic implants that engage the cheek bone in order for them to have implants again.

  2. Hello. I am a 48 year old female. Went to the dentist today to see about getting a loose wisdom tooth pulled (yes I still have them, never had a problem). They took an x-ray and I have periodontal disease. Long story short, they said I have major bone loss and basically the only thing holding my teeth in is plaque. They could go in and clean it all out but my teeth would be loose and eventually fall out. They recommended pulling them all out at once, leaving me toothless for about 3 months for healing, then fitting full dentures. More cost effective in the long run, they said. We are going to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion of course, BUT, is that the best course of action? What other options do I have, if any? If I do nothing, what are the health risks? Any advise would be much appreciated!

    1. WOW….all this time you were unaware? If there is one loose tooth, there are usually many. You can have same day dentures or same day implants. You don’t have to wait three months! In 20 years of practice, I have NEVER had to do leave someone without teeth for 3 months!

  3. I have false teeth I’m 38 and I can’t wear them how much would it be for a full set of inplants on the NHS

  4. I am very depressed from my teeth. I am 59 years old and have lost all my back teeth. All my bottom teeth are in need of restoration. Several implants are not finished. Much infection. I have no money to pay for the all on 4 . I have been told it to pull all my teeth by several of the consults yet they know I have no financial means to pay. What am I to do? I am a speech pathologist but obviously cannot work with no teeth. I do not have decent credit . What do you suggest? I am desperate. Must if the dentists are very rude and arrogant. Sometimes tragedies happen to people.

    1. Ugh… With your line of work, your ability to produce proper phonetics is critical. You really need to see somebody who is an expert and can help guide you through the process of replacing the teeth. Make sure your dentist knows your line of work!

      You will also need a prototype to test phonetics before you move to the final restoration. This is not an inexpensive procedure and insurance never covers it. I don’t have a lot of good answers here. Even the dental schools do not charge much less because of the very high overhead.

      The only option would be to have the implants done and stay in the long-term temporary PMMA prototype for longer than usual until you can pay for the final want to be made. I have done this several times.

      1. I would love nothing more than to meet with you and get my smile back. Unfortunately, I live in Minneapolis and because of my brain illness, I have a very low income. Thank You for even taking the time to get back to me. It really gave me a glimpse of hope. Sincerely Yours, Jennifer Carla Smith. 612-207-6383… 🐾🐨🌷📱👓📖🗼💐💙

  5. Please help me. My teeth have all failed but have not fallen out at the root. My smile used to be beautiful and now I don’t smile at all. I am disabled due to a Brain Illness and my teeth have suffered. Can you help me? Jennifer Carla Smith.– 612 207 6383

  6. Would it be silly of me to replace all teeth with implants, upper & lower? Ever since I was a teen I’ve dealt with issues from a trauma. Technically it’s just my 2 upper front teeth. I’ve had soooo many crown replacements, failed root canals. I’ve had 4 (2 on each) apicoectomies on each front tooth. First round was 5 days after the initial root canal and then again 15 years later. The retreat did work, however I’ve now developed +1 one mobility in all 4 upper front teeth (even though only 2 had issues). No one can tell me why. My bone healed great. Needless to say I am in a constant state of paranoia. I think about it 24/7. Other than that I do get a lot of cavaties in my other teeth that my paranoia tells me will eventually be an issue. I just feel that all implants would rid me of my anxiety. I’m just 36, but I don’t want to constantly be scared of losing my teeth. So back to my original question, would it be silly to remove all teeth and just go ahead with implants?

    1. Silly…possibly. you are very young. That being said I have done full mouth extraction and dental implants even zygomatic implants on patients in their 30s. Dental implants are not permanent. Please do not let anyone tell you that they are. If done correctly it may last 15-40 years but there are still issues that can occur such as peri-implantitis, recession and prosthetic problems. If all of your teeth are so bad that it is a better option to do this than by all means consider make sure you see someone who is going to engineer well. I would not likely ever suggest an all on 4 type of restoration for somebody as young as you. Having more implants is always better than less.

  7. Hi I’m missing teeth I have gone to the dentist and gat dentures and can’t wear them there very uncomfortable what can I do

    1. If you cannot adapt to dentures then there are not many other options besides dental implants if you do not have teeth anymore. I recently had a patient that I thought she could have an upper denture and lower implants but ends up to be she could not adapt to the upper at all so now I’m doing an upper Prettau dental implant bridge which will be fixated 24 regular implants and two zygomatic Implants.

  8. Dr.Amin, First I want to thank you and whoever gave you a heart for those who suffer with difficult teeth. It is necessary for people to voice their fears and have good un-biased counsel. Second, I would like to have your opinion. I had some hard living as well, but the worst factor was scarlett fever at age 9 Or 10, which has devegenerated the roots of my teeth. I have had all teeth pulled, upper cost me $12,000 for implants and a temporary. Lower has cost me $32,000 for implants and a temporary. Well, here is the dillema, $16,000 of the $32,000 was for the final lower titanium and whatever permanent. I thought that was my final payment, which I took out a reverse mortgage to pay off. But I went in and was told, actually need $8800. More for permanent upper, and they both should be done at the same time. Well, I honestly thought I could rest from this very very expensive work and live with temporaries for a few years. I had no idea the entire work was not paid off. So the dental office has $16,000.00 basically waiting fir me to add $8800. Is it fair to have demanded the full $32,000, knowing I needed to do both at same time? What if I die in a car accident tomorrow, my heirs would never know the $16,000 had been prepaid months ago. Wouldnt it be more ethical to have waited to charge the $16,000 until I could come up with the $8800.????

    1. Each office functions a little bit differently. I feel bad that it wasn’t clear to you from the very beginning what treatment cost and timeline are. Did they not give you everything in writing before they ever started with a detailed description of a full arch restoration?

      I guess if you have a credit on file then the money is yours!

  9. I have a tooth that has had a crown on it and root canal now the dentist says my tooth is loose due to bone loss what are my options

    1. There are not many options for loose teeth except for too extract them. Occasionally they can be kept and splinted or connected to the other teeth for a while. This has to be done very carefully and the bite has to be adjusted to prevent the tooth removing anymore.
      So sorry.

  10. I am 53 years old and I still have a baby tooth that has to be pulled..letter K.. then the dentist said number 23 thru 27 needed to be removed…my question is Ii know letter K, needs to be removed and number 23 needs to be removed..but she says I need the other one she wants to pull look fine to me so do I need to get another opion.

    1. If the baby tooth on top is absolutely fine that I would leave it alone.

      Tooth number 23 is in lower incisor and often when you lose one you lose the entire group because the bone loss of shared in an area that you cannot see. Often times the single lower incisor cannot be replaced with a dental implant and the adjacent teeth are too weak to do a bridge so often times we end up having to remove four of the lower incisors.

  11. Hello Dr. Amin – I went to a dental surgeon who recommended a full lower arch fixed permanent teeth and three implants for missing teeth in my upper arch, however cosmetically my upper teeth are fairly unattractive and I’d need to get extensive work like veneers and gum grafting to make them match my new lower arch. Plus given my history of teeth problems I’m not sure how long they’ll last. Your article hits the nail on the head for me – why would I bother getting all that work done on my upper arch only to possibly have my natural teeth fail in future? To me it makes more sense to have fixed permanent teeth on both the upper and lower at the same time and not try to “save” my natural teeth. Is there some functional advantage to keeping my upper natural teeth? I am currently 47 years old and in general good health. Thank you.

    1. This is a great question. Of course this has to be answered on a case-by-case basis but the bottom line is if your natural teeth are very predictably savable for a long time and saving the teeth is best. If you have to do numerous root canal on teeth that have already had a root canal’s and crowns then I would likely suggest removing the teeth. This will also depend on your bone type and thickness. You really need to be in the hands of an expert dentist to make this decision.

      Don’t just pull all of your teeth for the sake of making them even. The rationale should be very good.

  12. I have gum disease and my dentist…who hurt me emotionally and physically..told me i had 2yrs left with my remaining teeth..following the creation of a plate to replace the front tooth i lost. I know my gums are no longer ok and all my teeth need much would this be?

  13. I am 28. I am a former heroin addict and have been sober for over 4 years. My teeth paid the biggest price for my former life….and I am so embarrassed! Right now as I type this, it is 1:45 am and I’m sitting in the bathroom bawling because of the worst toothache I’ve ever had!!! I cannot handle this anymore. I don’t have dental insurance and I am a mother of 4. I am so upset and sad and just want the pain to go away, I can’t be a mom when I’m up all night dying from this stupid mistake I made years ago. I need advice. Please. I will do anything to make this pain go away permanently, and basically all of my bottom teeth are ruined. It’s so embarrassing, I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to even type this here knowing someone could see it.

    1. It’s going to be ok!!! Please don’t cry on the floor, rise up and take control.

      You’ve got this. Find low income dentist to have the teeth extracted and just go for a denture, somewhere somehow someone will help you have teeth. Don’t give up. I just wanted to say that to you. Your positive attitude will get you where you need to be! Don’t live in the past, today is all you have. Be strong for your children.

  14. I’m 47 years old and have had a full upper denture for the last 20 years . I was told that I have no bone and am not a candidate for implants of any sort for the upper. I do have my bottom front six teeth, which are in good condition, but I never had a partial/bridge for the back missing teeth since having them extracted 20 years ago. When I asked about a snap-on implant for the upper and bottom, it was suggested to get a new full upper denture and a bottom partial due to severe bone loss. Can you give me any suggestions and do you have any referrals in or near Fayetteville, NC area. Thank you.

  15. Hello my name is Jeronimo Sanchez. I really wish i could get my teeth fixed but im just too poor. Had my teeth fixed when i was 16 and was finally able to smile again. Then when i was 19 i was in a wreck and it cracked some of my teeth. I had numerous other injuries and felt like my life was over. I neglected my teeth for years and im paying for it Im only 29 and have 2 daughters and just wish i could smile for them. I dont know what it feels like to smile cause 90 percent of my life i have had bad teeth. I just wish i had some help. I have a full time job and work everyday but i still dont make enough. Im sorry for ranting

    1. You might want to consider treatment in a local dental school. It takes more time but you can save some money on basic needs. Implant costs are about the same though.

  16. How much is a fixed dental implant I have dentures already but only top because they messed up partial I had for bottom and broke roots of two crowned teeth. So now I have nothing to hold bottom in. Please give me an idea. I am 52 yrs old and do not want to lose the bone I have left

  17. Hello Dr I am 55 years old and have two bridges covering four teeth — total eight, on my top– and one bridge totaling 4 teeth on my bottom– I have had my other teeth bonded over and over for the last 20 years, they get chipped out far too frequently for any reason I have no idea — now I have gum disease in my lower’s especially my two front bottoms– with the root being darn near exposed, and I stopped going to the oral surgeon I was going to because of his extreme rudeness– what I’m wondering is if I could get all these teeth pulled and either get dentures or implants?
    Any advice would be helpful and thank you!

    1. Yes that is an option. First I suggest that you find a kind and caring dentist that you get along with. There is no room for rudeness in dental care.

      1. Thank you Dr, I do appreciate your reply!
        I currently have an appointment at Aspen dental here in Iowa next week– I will save this information and present it to them if they have any questions of what I want– I do appreciate your response, have a great weekend!!

  18. I was raised in an extremely abusive home and then married into an abusive relationship. Several times my mouth and face have been beaten or hit with blunt force. I’m missing several back teeth and my front teeth are so hideous that I don’t smile. I envy people with wide smiles of teeth. I am hoping to someday have this done and to smile without thought.

  19. Sir/madam I am sandip Kadam from Maharashtra my mother don’t have any teath , her edge is 55 can we replant herteth and how

  20. Hi I have chronic high blood pressure and my teeth are loose and my gums are receding down to the root andmost of my teeth hurt what should I do to fix my problem

    1. Team up with your physician and get your blood pressure under control first. It sounds like you will need extensive extractions of multiple teeth. Having your blood pressure under control I’ll keep you safe during the procedure. I would suggest you have intravenous sedation for the procedure. This will help prevent anxiety which can skyrocket your blood pressure turning into a stroke or heart attack during a dental procedure.

  21. All of my teeth are rotting, and I have been told that I have to get all. Of them removed, so I am only going to. Remain with five teeth at the bottom and seven on top.I do not want to do this so if there are any other options please help.

  22. I have bad teeth, went to dentist and asked him to remove all my teeth, he had a look and said he isnt going to remove all, because there are still good teeth, he just wants to remove the bad teeth and he put fillings in the rest because he says its best to keep as many bottom teeth as possible, what would be best? Remove all or leave it as he suggests. I dont have the money to go back in a few years and remove the rest again. Please help

    1. If financial issues drive the decision I would keep the solid lower teeth. This will be more stable if you can’t afford implants. Take excellent care of those few. A full lower denture without implants is miserable.

  23. Hello, I’m considering dental implants, as a child I was on different medications for chronic ear infection, the meds changed every few weeks as my body would become immune. This lasted a few years and has significantly eroded the enamel, especially along the gum on the bottom teeth. This means cavities are pretty common, more so in places I can’t see, to even notice them. I’m also going on my second root canal. Dental pain has been a big part of my life and I’m ready to pull! Especially at only 24, it would be lovely not to live between dentist apps.

    1. As I have said on numerous occasions over the years… Dental implants are second-place to your natural teeth. Cavities can be dealt with. Change your lifestyle but don’t just pull your teeth to get rid of your dental problems.

      For those people that have a tremendous amount of problems around a substantial amount of dental work, and then having dental implants is a better idea. If a tooth can be saved very predictably and kept for 20 years it is better to keep the tooth.

  24. I am 38 and need all my teeth pulling because they have decayed that bad and I have pieces stuck in my gums I have had suicidal thought because of this people make fun of me because my teeth are decayed that bad and now I don’t like talking to people because of this I am on national minimum wage so I can’t afford treatment I don’t know what else to do I don’t know how much more I can take I need help because I am worried what I’m going to do next I haven’t smiled for over 20 years I had bad experience with dentist when I was young and I am scared to go to the dentist please help me

    1. Why not just have the remaining roots pulled all while you are asleep? It should be very easy to do. Then you can make a complete set of upper and lower dentures that can look very nice and natural. This is very simple and fast treatment. You deserve better than this

      1. Would you have any references in the Central Florida area?? Trying to find someone to examine and let me know if removing all my back and side teeth and replacing with implants is a good idea. Need to get work done soon bad teeth starting to cause health issues.

        1. Their is an article in the site for how to choose an implant dentist. You can search in the search bar for it. That should help. 🙂

  25. Hello! In my 20s here, trying to plan for the future because my grandfather, grandmother, and aunt all had to get dentures around my age. My thin gums are constantly receding and this has caused me many problems resulting in many gum grafts. I also have several stunted roots due to three sets of braces. Despite my teeth being relatively healthy (with a bit of bone loss) it seems like no matter what I do I inevitably have to get another surgery. I don’t know how many more my family can afford and I certainly don’t know if I will be able to afford any myself once I’m forced off of my parents’ insurance at age 26. It doesn’t seem like implants or dentures would solve the problem since the issue is my gums, but I thought I’d ask anyways because this is a source of deep concern for me. What are my options? Can I do anything or do I have to continue getting surgery every few years (if that will even be possible) and brush every night hoping for the best?

    1. sounds silly but I want you to go on to YouTube and watching a video of how to floss properly. My guess is you have been doing it wrong all of these years. eliminate soda and energy drinks altogether and brush for 3-5 minutes with an electric toothbrush twice daily. Be sure to floss after you brush not before you brush.

      dental implants are not the answer!

  26. I’m 19. My dentists have told me for years that all of my teeth will probably fall out by the time I’m 20. They’re all bad, they all have cavities. I’ve had many root canals and crowns we’ve spent thousands of dollars and still nothing helps. Should I get the implants? I know that a possible second procedure might have to be done down the road but I’m fine with that.

    1. Sounds silly but I want you to go on YouTube and watch a video on how to actually floss. Brush with an electric toothbrush for 3 to 5 minutes twice daily. Eliminate all soda and energy drinks. Do not smoke. Do not eat sweets so frequently.
      These lifestyle choices will eliminate so many problems but cannot repair past damage.

  27. How much does this actually cost? I’m in need of having my teeth replaced badly but can’t afford most procedures

  28. Please a woman of 30 years old i have lost a lot of my teeth and the rest in front too have shifted, I find it very uncomfortable when I talk, please help me get my teeth fixed with implant

  29. I’m 62 years old.My top teeth are so bad only 7 left plus 2 broken. some been pulled professionally and some fell due to gum disease my GP told me. I don’t know what to do. My bottom teeth are not bad and I would like to keep them as long as I could. I would like to get (my top teeth) fix asap because its making me feel so embarrass around people especially work. I live in sydenham Victoria. could you recommend a Dentist around my area I could go to. hopefully not too costly.

  30. How much does it cost to do full implants top and bottom my husband has little to no jaw line is it still possible to get this done?

    1. Still possible to have it done. Cost can not be discussed without seeing you…highly variable depending on your needs and wants.

  31. I just want to know if it is possible to convert a fixed bridge implant supported appliance in to a snap on denture.

    I have a full upper fixed fridge that attached to a set of implants with screws. I would like to get ride of that. It is too costly to resurface and maintain. I would to remove it and use the implant to support a snap on denture. Is it possible

    Let me know. Thanks.

    1. hello anonymous,

      The short answer is yes.

      It sounds like you have a fixed hybrid bridge which is the most basic of all fixed Bridges. I absolutely do not like fixed hybrid Bridges because they break all the time. A hybrid means that you have plastic denture teeth fused onto a metal base. Rather than convert your current implant bridge to an overdenture, I would suggest you converted to a solid zirconia fixed bridge such as the Prettau dental implant bridge. If designed correctly, they do not chip or break at all. They do not stain and look like brand-new for years to come. You will not be happy with an overdenture if you have been used to a fixed bridge. The problem is your bridge requires way too much maintenance and is way too fragile. That is why I do not do these types of Bridges although they are less costly in the short-term they do not last in the long-term.

      Find an expert in your area to do this so that you have it done right the first time.


      Ramsey Amin DDS

  32. I’m only 28 but I’ve always had “bad” teeth. I used to think it was my fault and became somewhat OCD with brushing (sometimes up to 9 times a day!) But I still got cavities. Now I’ve had so many root canals and extractions that I’m barely working with teeth as it is. I recently had a baby and I guess the pregnancy took another toll on my teeth as I have both back top side teeth rotting from the gum line down.
    As I’ve already lost the teeth beside them and a few on the bottom, and im being told the problem is likely genetic and won’t get better, would it be wise to just cut my losses early and get all my teeth replaced with implants?

    My bite has been thrown off from all the missing teeth and it’s hard to chew. All pretty embarrassing for someone who hasn’t reached 30 yet.

    1. Sometimes that is the solution, but at your young age you need to really exhaust all options. I have done full mouth dental implants on many 30-year-olds because there was no other option left.

  33. Doc, can i have 4 implants in Upper front then the others are Bridge, i mean dental supported bridge, because Full upper dental implants are Expensive, btw is Bioteeth stem cell is better than Implant? Thanks

  34. Is it possible to get implants if your teeth have already been surgically removed?? I don’t know much about this..I do have an upper denture but it’s not a good fit since my bottom teeth which are natural are so bad now & decaying & breaking off at the gums..ugh!! I just want a permanent solution, & no teeth is not an natural pretty looking teeth..thank you

  35. hello, im 52 years old, my lower teeth are a mess, and my upper are a little better, how much will be the cost for extracting the bottom teeth to out the mini implant? and clean or fix the upper ones?, i can’t drink cold beverages, or too hot either, is very bad! thanks

  36. When I was younger I loved to drink soda and eat candy. Little did I know that the acid in soda and candy would damage my teeth. My mom never cared if o brush my teeth so I never did. Also I only went to the dentist like 3 times. I’m currently 19 and I have some teeth that are decaying and sometimes give me pain. I’m afraid to talk to people because they will look at my teeth. My teeth are also yellow. What should I do?

  37. So being 26 almost 27, I looked into dental implants and the lady said it would be $20,000…..
    Would it be safe to say I should either go to Mexico and have the surgery done, or just rip my own out and hope they drop the price dramatically?

    1. @RamseyAminDDS As well my teeth are all loose and cracked from gingivitis. They hurt and I’m about to the point where ripping them all out ad not having the pressure pain sounds about good right now. I can’t even chew food unless its soft from the pain and/or possible crack or chip.

      1. At your young age I would try to keep your teeth if possible. Even if you had full mouth dental implants what are you going to do when they need to be possibly replaced when you are 55? Dental implants do last a long time but they are not “permanent.”

        You may also have trouble being treated in the United States after being treated in Mexico. I have 3 patients in my practice right now that have dental implants from companies that all went bankrupt. On all 3 of these patients have to remove all other implants even though there are a few that are savable. This repair and replacement is going to cost way more than it would’ve been to do it right the first time.

  38. So, I have horrible teeth. I had caps put on my teeth when I was 5. When I was 8 they removed my molars because of poor hygiene and a father that didn’t take me to the dentist. I got braces when I was 9. When I turned 13 they removed my braces because I couldn’t stand to brush them because of anxiety. I tried to have one wisdom tooth removed when I was 19 but I felt like they were going to break my jaw…

    I got all 4 wisdom (or the little that was left which wasn’t much considering they were fragmented) removed in 2015 and I had a lot of work still left but had no insurance left to cover dental.

    Recently I went to the dentist since a year has passed. I have wonderful hygeine with my teeth now but when I was given my treatment plan I was going to need 8 crowns and 2 root canals to save my teeth estimating about 8 grand out of pocket after insurance.

    I just want a beautiful smile now that I’m older and have chance to understand my anxiety towards dentist.

    Would replacing my teeth be a possible option?

    1. i am 17. Doctor tried to steel money from my insurance and did many unwanted fillings and 1 root canal. Before Dentist treatments my teeth were totally healthy, Now my root canal teeth pains and the crown is not place properly for even 2nd time. My chewing teeth on right which had filling pains and now I cannot eat on right side( root canal teeth) and same in left side due to the chewing teeth…
      What should I do, it bothers me a lot, I cannot concentrate on my studies even…..

  39. I have a rotten tooth on the left side of my top teeth and the one next to it is still a baby tooth and my two front teeth are cricket and on the right side of my mouth I have two big gaps. I do not want braces my I’m 23yrs old and don’t feel like I want to wait years to get better teeth. Smiling is the last thing I like doing. I’m super insecure about it. I would like to get the 6 tips replaced with implants. But I wonder about the cost or at least payment plans.

    1. At your age braces via orthodontics would be her best option and would be less costly and more long-lived. Of course I don’t know your unique situation but pulling teeth out just to make them look better is rarely a good option.

  40. Im 26 my front teeth have been decaying since i was 20.. Bad teeth run in my family on both sides.. I just want to get them pulled out they are all bad.. What should i do??

    1. Don’t do that! You’re too young to have all of your teeth removed. That will just lead to many long-term problems. Find an excellent dentist in your area that can help you prevent problems and fix the current ones

      Very Respectfully,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  41. So I was just told I have 11 cavities which are pretty bad. 6 of which are close to the nerve. It’s going to cost 2400 to get them all filled in but I was told I’ll have sensitivity afterward for a while. I’m not sure if I should get the fill ins or if I should consider just removing all my teeth and getting implants. How much is it to get a full set of implants typically? And will I be able to eat normally? Also what’s the recovery time for something like this?

    1. do not pull your teeth if all you need is fillings!!!!!!!!!!! I have beautifully done fillings in my own teeth.

  42. Good morning. I am at this moment an unhappy and slightly depressed 62 year old woman. I have one very loose tooth top front which I am aware of and all my gums are receding back quite far.Yesterday a dentist recommended a full top dental plate and the bottom four teeth pulled and a plate made for that.
    I am so unhappy because although I see the deterioration in my teeth and gums I do not want my biting teeth pulled out because they are still tight in my gums and I have no pain or discomfort at all with eating, chewing or biting.
    I am a very bubbly person who is always talking and laughing and I love my parties and good foods and all I can think of is my teeth flying out of my mouth and that I will only eat mashed baby foods and will not be able to talk properly.
    Everyone is saying try and keep your own teeth for as long as possible and now I am saying to myself – why – why why should I pull all the top out – what does it really help me now? So if I keep my own teeth is there good habits to prevent or kill gum disease and things I can do to hang in there for at least another 8 years or so?
    Thank you.

    1. it sounds like you have very aggressive periodontal disease called periodontitis. This is a progressive disease where the bone loss will spread to other teeth. There are options for surgical correction as long as the teeth are savable but something needs to be done. Either the pockets need to be reduced in such a way to try to keep your remaining teeth or extraction to rid herself of this chronic inflammatory disease.

  43. I am at the end of my rope with my horrible teeth . My mother never took us to the dentist so my mouth is falling apart and when I was with my children s fathers I was not allowed to go anywhere and thanks to him i had a few broken teeth .I had two caps and numerous procedures done and still to no avail . I work two part time jobs and go to school so looking at this quotes I think I will never be able to fix my teeth.Do you advise maybe dentures …I am going to be 48 in a few weeks

    1. It may be the best solution if cost is a barrier. Perhaps get temporary bridges until you can afford implants.

  44. My two top teeth stick out and I would like them taken out and replaced with implants how much would this coat me it is making me very depressed

    1. unfortunately you need to be seen for this type of evaluation. Front teeth can be very complex dental implant replacements. hang in there!!!!….

  45. hi, yes i have all my teeths, only one backtooth removed, but all my teeths are not good, im loosing the front lower teeth, how much will cost to remove all my teeth and replace them? thank you

  46. I am 23 years old. I grind my teeth so bad i fear the day they become nubs! My teeth are so sensitive, worn down and are now starting to feel loose. I just want a nice smile! Would you suggest implants?

    1. NO!!!!!!! find a great dentist and restore your teeth back to health. Learn all about diet, lifestyle habits and oral hygiene to make your teeth last as long as possible. Your way too young to pull all of your teeth out and get dental implants!

  47. Question I’m getting all my teeth pulled by denist I have paradonal deasese what’s the cost of the snap in dentures with no teeth. I live in ks and want to look more normal

  48. I will make this short I’m 36 will be 37 suffered my whole life crappy teeth I have 24 left wisdoms are gone every tooth has some kind of decay on it summer broke off like six or seven not to mention the pain in the difficulty somedays a broken tooth cut my cheek open it’s just very difficult besides that part the worst of all is that I’m not a bad looking guy at all but my mouth would you or anybody want to come near it probably not its pride crushing it’s demeaning and its own way I hate it I wish I could change it it would build up the self esteem the courage the love I have for me I’ll be able to actually let it so I’d be able to smile for once don’t know what it’s like to smile normally since I was 24 imagine that that’s how many teeth I have left they all need to be pulled I need some in plants all I want is a top and bottom partial or fixed I want to fixed nothing expensive cuz I don’t have a lot of money or I wouldn’t be writing this I am just curious what would you charge just a round about figure for what would anyOne charge that does this just roughly estimate Pull 24 teeth and implant a top and a bottom nothing fancy just something that looks like teeth I don’t care if they looked like ok teeth as long as they don’t look like what I have as long as you don’t look like beetlejuice it kills me man no a good looking guy and I’m afraid to approach women now I’ve never in my life been afraid to approach women I’m afraid even open my mouth to talk I should get an award for being able to have my lips cover my teeth while I talk very embarrassing and it ruins all happy aspects of my life even people that know insi don’t care I don’t smile around them I even hide it from them because that’s how embarrassing it is I don’t know if you can relate I think honestly dentists should give away free practice for charity for people like me people who deserve a second chance at life with a good smile all my family pictures no smile everywhere I go you know smile people say smile I just kind of been my lips bend my lips to make it upwards curve of a smile anyway would you be able to please let me know your rough estimate would be to pull 24 peace and implant a top and a bottom thank you I’ll probably never be able to afford it at least I’ll know what it cost

    1. thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure your a wonderful human being. It hurts me to just read your story. In many cities across the country there are access to care if you are financially compromised. Another avenue is also a dental school which most major cities will have. If at all possible, save your teeth and learn about diet/lifestyle habits/oral hygiene to maintain your teeth as long as possible. Cost cannot be truly determined without seeing you at these types of procedures generally are upwards of $10,000

  49. I’m 26 yes old and let’s just be honest brushing was never my biggest concern. So now I have several lose teeth and they are all very sensitive it’s hard to eat foods I haven’t been to the dentist since I was probably 16. Should I get implants to save the trouble. What do you think the total cost would be. I have medi cal insurance if that helps.

    1. You are way too young to remove all of your teeth and replace them with dental implants. Dental implants that your young age of 26 would not last your entire life.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  50. Are you still able to do dentures or implants if your original teeth have already been pulled for quite some years already? Didn’t have money for either at the time and gums and teeth were so infected had to have them pulled. Hate talking to people and smiling is nonexistent

  51. Hello, I’m 27 years old and so tired of always spendin tax money to fix teeth instead of enjoying it. Right now I need about 5 crowns done, possibly a root canal, several fillings, and another wisdom tooth pulled. I use to smoke for the last 12 years and lots of sodas, no matter how much I brush my teeth they still get cavities. I’m already missing 2 molars, and have 2 root canals. I just had another tooth chip tonight which makes 3 that are chipped right now. I’m just so tired of fixing them and spending money for it to just happen again. Should I have them all pulled and do dental implants? I just want to have nice teeth again and not have to worry about them. Thanks for your time.

    1. Unfortunately some past lifestyle habits have caused likely permanent damage. At your young age of 27, extraction of all your teeth would not be a good idea.

      Save the good ones that are very predictable hopefully without root canal’s and Implant the bad ones.

      Find a good dentist and have a complete plan for your entire mouth before even starting a single tooth.

  52. Hi Dr Amin, I have periodontal disease. I have always had dental care and tried to take care of my teeth. I wore braces, had gum surgery and currently have 5 crowns. Dentist has said I need to have a tooth extracted and three root canals and crowns. I’m sure things will just get worse. I do have dental insurance however will still have a lot of expense, I’m just not sure what is best to do, any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Without seeing you there is no way that I can give you such detailed information. This requires a clinical exam, x-rays and the treatment plan. Sorry.

  53. Hi Dr. My name is Brendan I’m 24 and I’ve been suffering for a few years from major tooth decay, the dentist has always been a personal fear of mine and I’ve let this go so long that I’m not sure there’s any helping me. It’s taking a serious toll on my health, in fact I can feel the infection flowing through me. I honestly don’t know what to do or where to go or how to even begin, do you have any suggestions .

    1. I am from New York but I’m willing to go almost anywhere to get this problem solved. I’m a college student and it’s grown to effect everything .

    2. At a young age of 24 pulling all of your teeth and having dental implants would be a bad idea. If your teeth can be saved I would highly suggest you find a dentist that can sedate you under IV sedation and have all of your teeth fixed.

      Have all your teeth fixed what you are sleep and then most importantly maintain them from that point on. If you have dental implants now, they will not be permanent because nothing in dentistry of permanent although dental implants due last a long time but you are very young.

  54. How much would it cost to replace all my teeth.? Also, do dentist take payment plans for people with out dental inusrance?

    1. payment plans are quite common especially when treatment gets into the $50-$100,000 range. There is no way for me to be able to quote you how much this would cost without having seen you. I have no idea about your needs. Sorry

  55. My teeth are horribly rotted out in the back and are starting to go in the front. I would like to have them all replaced soon. I am worried about the cost or the financing aspect. How much (on average) does it cost to do a full implant on top and bottom? I have absesses at least once a year and I can’t take it anymore. I am a 43 year old male with bad teeth. I am single and this is really hindering me to meet someone. how long does it take for this procedure? How many visits will it take? I have 1week of vacation time remaining. Will this be enough time to recover and be back to normal? Please help!

    1. This can be a very costly endeavor for the full mouth ranging from $50-$100,000 if you’re looking at having fixed Bridges. These are very complex replacement. Do your due diligence and make sure you do not under engineered the replacements but only using 4 implants per jaw or using acrylic denture teeth.

      This process takes several months and many appointments to complete. This post on the process of replacing your teeth may be very helpful.

      Make sure to find a highly experienced implant dentist to do this. This is not for the novice dental surgeon.

      1. do you think it would be better to go with dentures? I have dental insurance. how much would I be looking at to go this route? roughly?

  56. Do you ever do pro Bono work for Wounded Veterans that don’t have dental covered under their medical disability insurance? I had to have my left k9 pulled because I chipped it, didn’t have the money to get it fixed, and got infected. I have many bad teeth but have a phobia about going to the dentist. And I’m 32 years old and live in South Eastern Washington

    1. Thank you for serving. Can the VA do this for you? I placed a lot of dental implants in the veterans Hospital during my residency.
      You will want to seek treatment in the local area so that you can be seen for follow-up care.

      Good luck,

      Ramsey Amin DDS

  57. Hi Dr. Ramsey, I’m 21 years old I have crooked and crowded front teeth, which caused a major flaw in my facial appearance especially my front Teeth, they look like a bunny rabbit teeth and i hate them so much to the extent that i’m considering extraction and implant new ones (two front teeth), i just want to know how much it will cost me ? Thanks in advance.

  58. I am a 27 year old that is in despreate need of getting the remaining of my teeth pulled. I am a single mother, recently unemployed who can not afford to pay for any of the that i need done. Most of my teeth have broken but i have not had the root extracted yet, and the remaining of my teeth are breaking its to the point where i can not eat anymore and i always have a headache due to the infection. What should I do?

    1. If the roots are not infected then try to keep them in as long as possible. They will retain your bone volume in there by retain the dimensions of your face. If they are abscessed then they will need to come out. Perhaps consider dentures at a local dental school if finances are a big issue.

  59. Is there any funding for people who need them but can’t afford them? I am a 27 yr old young man who works 40 hours a week making just above minimum wage. I’ve had a lot of work done on my teeth but they are getting extremely worse. I need permanent dental implants. However, I can’t afford such procedures on my salary. If you can help in any way with any information thank you! Sincerely,

    1. Hello Tyler,

      I totally understand where you are coming from. Restoring your mouth with dental implants can become costly. I noticed you use the word “permanent.” Nothing in dentistry, including dental implants are permanent. Although dental implants may last you a very long time, expect to have some maintenance over the years including the possibility of replacing them. The best way to avoid these problems and extend the life of your dental implants is to have them done right the first time. He may be able to visit a dental school in order to reduce the cost but I have found that there fees are approximately 80% of the typical dental implant practice. You may want to consider some non-dental implant options that are more affordable for now and that are also more affordable to maintain over time. Make sure that you see a dental hygienist and you’re taught all the preventative procedures and techniques. Many people don’t realize that there diet alone causes all of these problems. Happy Thanksgiving

      Very respectfully,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  60. I have rotting teeth that are broke off to my gums and do not have insurance I don’t want dentures I’m 32 years old my question is what would you recommend for a person my age to do about my bad teeth and the enamel is coming off most of my teeth as well….

  61. So hello Doctor Ramsey i have top an bottom dentures fo over two years now ..i had to take out majority if my teeth or else i would never talk to anyone now the dentures are giving me hell . my gum is like gettin sore frm eating or .i dont knw it really uncomfotable i really think i need to implant all of my tooth an jus take out the few that left. Am not financilly stable but i will save every last penny i work to get this job done..i live in atlanta ..but i will come to you jus please give me a idea on how much money it will cost me..

    1. Without seeing you there is no way to give you any sort of accurate quote. Bone volume and bone density are one of the biggest determining factors of the Surgical part of dental implants.

      Making the teeth is often more costly and depends on many clinical factors that need to be evaluated such as your skeletal bite relationship.

      The most cost-effective solution for your lower jaw would be in overdenture. I have many blog posts with information about overdentures. Please avoid mini dental implants at all costs.

      Dental implant treatment can vary widely from as low as $3000 to upwards of $120,000.

    1. This should work out great for you. Be sure to find the absolute best dental implant dentist in your town….you don’t want to have complications in the short or long term!!

      Good luck.

  62. I am so in need of full dental restoration. I’m wondering where u r located and price ranges of what can be done to help me.

    1. Hi Ellen,

      I am located in Burbank, California. I would be happy to help you personally. The best thing for you to do would be to call and speak to one of my front office receptionists. They are highly skilled and would be able to answer all of your questions.

      Office phone number: 818-846-3203

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  63. If replacement of all my teeth with implants for “snap dentures” in is only half done (all lower but little upper) does it make sense to come in and have someone from your office review the work of the two previous dentists?
    The first dentist I had, Southland Dental in Sherman Oaks, was terrible and I endured months of agonizing pain…during which time two implants fell out and needed to be replaced, and several mistakes were made which caused additional pain; and the temp denture broke less than 2 weeks of use. My second dentist was able to repair most of what was done poorly, and I am very happy about that, but could always use a second opinion from an expert in the field!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      I am sorry you’ve had any problems. Snap in type dentures are mostly meant for people that have existing dentures. If you have transition from your natural teeth to a snap in implant overdenture, this transition will be difficult.

      Have you considered having a Prettau dental implant bridge or something that is fixed in place full time?

      Plastic and acrylic dentures break all the time. In order for over dentures to work well, they must be thick enough so that they do not break constantly. If they are thin, metal reinforcement is usually suggested.

      You’re welcome to call my office and schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that taking over and existing implant situation a sometimes be more costly than continuing as you are. You’ll need a complete evaluation and new 3-D scan.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  64. I am so in need of this kind of work top and bottom. I live in Orlando, FL and have no idea where to go or who to contact here. I have several of my teeth but I just think it would be best if I took them all out. And cost is an issue, or at least I need an idea of how much it will be.

  65. I recently went to Dr. Amin for a second opinion. He was everything, I thought, very knowledgeable and extremely nice. I start my plan on 04/02/2015 and although a little nervous (I hate the dentist) and reluctant to spend the money. I am confident that Dr. Amin will deliver. I heard all the radio ads for “new mouth in a-day” yes, we could all do that and come back in 5 years to fix it. I have done extensive research, infact Dr. Amin even commented on how educated I was on the process. There is a reason a KIA lasts 5 years & a Rolls lasts a lifetime.

    Paul D

    1. Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your very kind words. The world needs more people like you. I will take great care of you.

      There is no doubt that are teeth need to be bioengineered in such a way that promotes long-term stability, health and aesthetics.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

      1. wish I lived in CA, u would live to find a dentist with your skill set here in Jacksonville, FL. the “1-day denture” thing is not going to work for me…. I have 4-5 missing teeth, and need 6 extracted. many more need to be fixed. I’m tired of suffering and want to do exactly what your doing for these people, I don’t want to fix my left over teeth and have bridges that will just eventually fail. anyways, your awesome.

        1. Thank you for your very kind words… They’re much appreciated!

          Why not consider having a Prettau dental implant bridge? This is a very solid restoration when done properly.

          Best of luck,

          Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
          Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
          Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  66. Iv only had one tooth pulled in the back,the rest are all there, but my front two teeth have a huge gap and stick out verryy far but all the rest of my teeth are straight so the only option I have is to wear braces for years and a retainer for the rest of my life…wouldst be better to get them pulled and just get implants??

    1. NO!!!!

      Absolutely nothing is better than your natural teeth…. Dental implants are second place.

      take excellent care of your teeth. Be sure to see an excellent dentist to prevent future problems!

      Ramsey Amin DDS

  67. my wife is in dire need for remaining teeth to pulled and implants or dentures.the oral surgeon is talking 4 Bicon implants on top and 4 on bottom. is this what you were referring to as your all on four procedure ? Not your recommended procedure ? Just don’t want to go with the first dentist if there is something better. we want to make sure they are long term with minimal problems. she is 47. wish we were closer to you. we are in Nebraska. very informative site. thanks

    1. Hi Jon,

      Yikes! Without knowing more about the exact treatment plan from the oral surgeon, it is impossible for me to know whether the 4 implants on each jaw are being used for a removable snap-on overdenture or are being placed in a purposeful tilted position for the all on 4 dental implant procedure.

      As I have said before on several other blog posts, it is my belief that 4 implants for a FIXED dental implant bridge is under engineered for long-term use. Being that your wife is only 47 years old, you may want to consider adding more support. You definitely one of find out whether the final plan is for removable over dentures or for fixed dental implant Bridges.

      If the plan is for fixed dental implant Bridges, you definitely one find out what type of material is being used. This can be acrylic denture teeth fused to metal, porcelain fused to metal, titanium substructures, or fixed monolithic zirconia such as Prettau.

      I would suggest seeking out a very skilled dentist who has years of experience and training in complex implant dentistry. The person making the teeth should be in complete control of your dental restoration.

      Here are some helpful links:
      Prettau Dental Implant Full Mouth Bridge

      All-on-Four Dental Implant Procedure -Ramsey Amin DDS Explains Pros and Cons

      Overdenture” Basics – Dr. Ramsey Amin, Burbank, CA
      Very respectfully,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  68. I lost my two upper jaw front teeth and now I want to place “permanent” ones,how long does the process take and how much?

    1. Hi Jonas,

      It really depends…..The process can be as short as 48 hours to as long as 18 months. Cost can vary from $4000 to $15,000. Each situation is so unique. Can you come in?

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  69. I am impressed; I need full-mouth restoration, including bone grafting on both sides of lower jaw..However, I live in Troy, New York-wondering if you have any counter parts closer to my location/? Looking forword to your reply.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      We had emailed you the answer to this


      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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