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Dental Implants –Do I Have To Be Without Teeth While They Heal?

Do I have To Be Without Teeth While They Heal?


This is one of the most common questions I get when presenting treatment.  Due to the nature of bone healing slower than skin, a waiting time is sometimes necessary.   In previous blog posts, I have described the use of immediate implants.  This allows teeth to be put on the implants from day one.

If your situation cannot be done in an “immediate” fashion there are always techniques for having a temporary tooth or teeth.

For many patients having implants for the back molars, they elect

not to have a temporary.  If the tooth is further forward or it is a long span of missing teeth, a “flipper” can be made.  This is basically like an orthodontic retainer with a tooth or teeth on it.  It is removable and is made of a plastic type of material.  I can make these look very good, but I advise that you remove it at night and do not chew hard foods with it since it can break.


Another option is called an Essex bridge.  It basically looks like a clear INVISALIGN retainer with the missing teeth replaced.  It does not cover your palate or tongue area and is virtually invisible.  They can wear out if your treatment is longer than a few months.  You must remove the retainer at night.

For those patients that I replace ALL of their teeth, your denture can be used over the healing implants.  I usually recommend that we reline the inner side of the denture with a soft cushion material that will make it comfortable.

Lastly, there are “temporary implants.”  These are very small diameter, non-invasive, implants that can have fixed cemented teeth made on them the same day.  They work best when there are two or more temporary implants to support a resin bridge.  It is not unusual to have as many as ten temporary implants to support an entire jaw of missing teeth.

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  1. Hi doctor I have had six implants in but no temporary teeth is this common practice and what is timeline for implants heal

  2. I would really appreciate some advise please. I recently (3 weeks ago) fell and landed on my face whilst wearing flip flops and fractured my upper front right tooth. This tooth has now been removed (8th October 2020) and I have a denture, which is huge, uncomfortable and doesn’t sit right. It leans on my other teeth which are now sore and it takes up half my mouth so my tongue doesn’t know where to sit. I can only eat by putting food in the side of my face and food gets stuck underneath/denture comes out when trying to chew. Am losing weight rapidly. The tooth on the denture is also far too long and hangs down lower than my natural teeth.

    I am due to have an implant fitted in two days time along with a bone graft. As much as I hate the terrible denture, will I be able to use this once implant is in place? I have been advised my treatment plan is as follows:

    Implant placement
    10 days later – suture removal
    8 weeks later – impressions and crown preparation
    2 weeks later – fit crown

    This takes me mid January 2021.

    Will I be left with a gap once they fit the implant base?

    1. This is a bit of a strange timeline. In my practice I would remove the root and would have placed the implant back on October 8, 2020 skipping the temporary altogether. This is probably on 90% of cases. Keep in mind this is a more advanced technique. If anything try to have the implant and a provisional temporary crowns made on the implant on the same day that is put in. This would be better than trying to go to final restoration in 8 weeks.

      I am hoping that they gave you a custom screwed in temporary rather than having to continue to use the removable one.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  3. i had two implants to snap on my denture,he drilled the bone,put the insert in and did not have the correct ball to screw in so he put a temporary one in,,the insurance refused to pay for the dentures but paid 2710.00 for the implants he priced for 2200.00 but he didn`t finish the job…..my question is can i remove the temporary screw so i can wear my dentures,i was afraid to just take it out not knowing if it would cause problems,,the temp screw is to big so my denture wont fit

    1. I would not remove anything without your dentist knowing about it. Let them remove it so that you are not by chance damaging something. These things are called attachments. The most common attachment for an overdenture is a locator. You can learn more about them on this postthis post

  4. Hello Doctor, a few years ago I had and accident and my front teeth (9th) broke almost at half, now it “reaccommodated” in my mouth and the teeth down of it (24th) fits inside the broken one. What is the reccommended treatment? I’m 20 years old and this happened when I was 13. Just now I have the money to pay for a proper treatment haha. Thank you very much for your help.

  5. Hello Doctor, a few years ago I had and accident and my front teeth (9th) broke almost at half, now it “reaccommodated” in my mouth and the teeth down of it (24th) fits inside the broken one. What is the reccommended treatment? I’m 20 years old and this happened when I was 13. Just now I have the money to pay for a proper treatment haha. Thank you very much for your help

    1. You have a good I for detail! You might need some orthodontic correction in order to get things lined up better before fixing tooth #9

  6. My 2 front teeth are chipped very badly. I’m going to get implants on those because the roots are dead. I have a wedding to attend in 4 weeks. I’m wondering if I’ll have a big gap during that wedding or if I’ll have immediate implants to hold me over until that actual implants are done?

    1. I suggest you see the best person in your area. All of this gets discussed BEFORE the treatment. 90% of my cases get fixed temps at the time of extraction.

  7. What a great site! I have been told I have bad cavities in all upper teeth and they need to come out. I am a 75 year old female. I already have 2 implants on lower jaw and teeth are currently breaking so do not doubt dentist recommendation. Oral surgeon is pushing all over 4, but I prefer individual implants (and fortunately cost is not a factor) –which do you think is better? I am fearful of an intrusive device in mouth — I have a strong gag reflex.

    Thank you,

    1. Certainly having more implants will allow you to have a bridge that is more natural feeling and then the all on 4. This would typically feel more like crowns over natural teeth. It cannot always be done on everybody and requires a much higher level of skill, experience and expertise. You certainly want to see an expert. And thank you for your very kind words.

    2. Certainly having more implants will allow you to have a bridge that is more natural feeling and then the all on 4. This would typically feel more like crowns over natural teeth. It cannot always be done on everybody and requires a much higher level of skill, experience and expertise. You certainly want to see an expert. And thank you for your very kind words..

  8. I have had my UR5 (premolar next to canine) removed and implant inserted.
    I should be getting my crown in August 2019. I have already paid for a sticky bridge and was wandering whether to put the sticky bridge in for the next 2 months as opposed to surviving with my flipper tooth.

    Will putting a sticky bridge in affect the healing of my implant site? It has been 1 month since the tooth was removed. Will taking the bridge off in 2 months damage the tooth that it will be stuck to?

    Thank you in advance

  9. Hi, I just had all my teeth removed and got temporary dentures then going to have implant dentures in. The temporary really hurt and make my gums bleed. Can I leave them out? Will it affect the fit of the implants? Thank you.

  10. Dr. Amin, I have five missing front teeth. I recently had implant and bone graft surgery done on three of the front teeth. When all has healed I will be given a two tooth bridge. I am currently wearing a flipper and it has damaged a small area of tissue on the roof of my mouth near the one implant. The surgeon will excise the tissue. My question is: Would getting an Essix Retainer be a wiser choice than this flipper? I can eat with the flipper in, however, everything I’ve read so far advises not to eat with the Essix in and not to drink any hot liquids. The list goes on. My surgeon mentioned that the Essix retainer was the way to go and that I would be able to eat and bite into food as normal. I’m confused. Would you please clear things up for me.

  11. I have a surgery scheduled this month to have my lower teeth extracted at the dental implant institute he plans to do the new all on three, says I do not need any Bone grafts my question is isn’t it unusual to pull all the teeth without needing bone grafts? Most of my side teeth have broken off. He also asked me to have a temporary made here where I live to bring with, when on his website it says he makes you one? Should this fit after my uppers are done later? I have never seen him in person and have only sent him my ICAT 3D scan. They will do my uppers in April. He also does not use general anesthesia and this sort of freaks me out because I typically don’t get numb till I’m ready to leave the dentist!!!

    1. None of this sounds like any way to make a life long decision. You should meet with the surgeon before. All on three Trefoil is not a great option in my opinion.

  12. Hello, Dr. Amin.

    Is an Essex retainer a possibility as a temporary for a lower canine that will be replaced with an implant, and are lower-canine implants difficult to install and more likely to fail than other implants?

    Thank you.

  13. I had a dental implant placed on #3, 3 weeks ago, with the healing cap placed on which is sticking out of my gum. My oral surgeon says I can chew soft foods on it and won’t do any damage. Everywhere I read says not to chew on it. What are your thoughts?

  14. Question?? I got 4 implanys placed last week. As I left the office my dentist called and said he looked at my CT scan and he wanted me to come back to redo one of the implants because he felt it was placed too close to the other. I have major anxiety about going thru this again. Since the first time took 2 hours and the healing was horrible. Swelled face black etc. My question is… When I get this fixed and I go back for the second surgery will I continue to be able to wear my dentures throughout the whole process even the 2nd surgery because I see the metal sticks out pretty far. I work with the public.

  15. I had all of my upper teeth removed yesterday and will have my permanent implants put in next month. The denture (plate) that I was given to wear until the permanent implants are attached is big and gaudy. I cant talk right and I look like I’m wearing something for Halloween. I work with the public and cannot do my job effectively looking and feeling like this. I look and feel like I have horse teeth. What are my options? I go back tomorrow and they are going to see what they can do for me. Anything I can suggest to them? I know there has to be some other way. When I eat or drink everything gets caught between the roof of my mouth and the plate. Im miserable. Although nothing looks as bad as what I had before. This will eventually be life changing but i do need to live comfortable and with confidence in the mean time.

    1. Ugh. Sounds like this is just a temp denture to allow things to heal. Consider zygomatic implants to have fixed teeth right away. In my practice it is rare that someone will use a denture.

  16. I have 5 teeth all next to each other my lower right side from my back tooth and four next to it 2 of the 5 are already pulled out and 3 are broken badly. I had screws and a bridge now the screws came out. My question is would each tooth take 3-6 months or the whole thing. And if I came it will I leave with teeth that I could chew and eat with that are temporary or will I be like I am now with a bridge crown that comes off when I eat?

  17. Thank you for sharing such a useful information. I’ve got a quick question. Is it necessary to use temporary denture while bones are healing for the final implant procedure? My dad couldn’t keep the temporary denture in his mouth. He feels very awkward and does not want to wear it at all.

  18. Doctor, I have some bone loss and a loose tooth which I know I will eventually have to lose, then have a bone graft and implant at that site. When I loose the tooth it will show in my smile, and I work as a receptionist and need to have a reasonably decent looking smile. Can a temporary tooth be put there somehow the day the tooth is pulled so I can smile the next day at work? Or if I have to wait, about how many days? Thank you for your time.

    1. NEVER without a tooth in my practice. Unacceptable. Many options…essix, flipper stayplate, maryland bridge temp, direct bonding, cantilever, TAD with wire tooth.

  19. Hi Dr.Amin,
    I had tooth #7 extracted. I would like to get a dental implant and am saving up for it. In the mean time I had a flipper made but it hurts and I lisp with it-which is embarrassing. Would I be able to get a Maryland bridge while I am saving up for a implant or would that hinder me from getting the implant?

    1. Save your money. Just go ahead and adjust the flipper not to hurt and add some resin in between to fix the lisp

  20. I’m having 2 implants put in, the surgery dr don’t make dentures, should I go to a dentist that does it all , and how long will it be before I can have my plate made

    1. it sounds like you are missing all teeth on one arch????
      If so, same day overdenture locator or fixed bridge procedures and do not apply. He would need to have more than 2 implants if you only have 2 implants on your entire jaw. My preference is to have the procedure completed by a single person who is very skilled in both aspects of the dental implant process

  21. I recently had a visit with my dentist he said I had severe bone loss in my top front teeth and suggested that I see a dental surgeon to see about getting a bone graft. He also mentioned the need to have the teeth replaced either by partial denture or implants. My question is, if I elect to go with a partial denture do I still need to have the bone graft done?

  22. Hi,
    #12 front tooth got extracted yesterday. I would like to get 2nd opinion and have bone scan to actually confirm if I don’t need bone graft, since my current dentist said “he thinks I don’t need one without even having xray on my tooth”. Can I get the the xray/bone scan right now (after having my tooth extracted (no more bleeding nor hurt after 2 days of extraction already), or should I wait a little more so the bone scan can actually see the condition of my bone? If yes, how long do I need to wait (days, weeks, month?) for the bone scan to happen for my second opinion? Thanks

    1. Have the scan done 4 months after the time of extraction. Ideally the scan is done before the extraction so that you and the dentist know what you will need.

  23. I have to get my upper teeth removed. I don’t have much bone so my doctor is doing a bone graft with synthetic bone. I will be getting an immediate denture. Says it will heal in 3 to 4 months and then he will place implants. After that they say I have to wait another 4 to 5 months for my final bridge supported dentures.

    My question is, can I avoid the immediate denture and get either the essex bridge or temporary implants while waiting for the healing and placing the implants

    1. An Essix can not replace a denture. It is meant to replace only a few teeth.
      There are many predictable options to allow you to skip the denture altogether such as a zygomatic implant option. This will allow fixed teeth on the day of surgery.

  24. Hi Dr. Amin,
    I broke a top front tooth and had to unfortunately have it pulled and get an implant and at the time, a temporary crown was placed. I have had the implant for 3 months and although it is showing no signs failure since it is not moving, and xray looks fine, there is constant tenderness on the gum that has existed the entire 3 months. I went back to the surgeon last month and he removed the temp crown, cleaned it, and said the gum is inflamed and needs to heel. The problem is I don’t think it can heel with the temp crown rubbing against it. I don’t want a flipper, but what are my other options for a temporary front tooth? I plan on seeing the doctor to discuss but wanted another opinion first.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello…Thank you for posting this and for everyone’s questions and responses. I have begun the implant process on an upper front tooth (8). The dentist put in a temporary bridge (I don’t think it is a Maryland Bridge) and it is driving me crazy. My tongue keeps touching the bonding material it and it has caused me grind my teeth more often. If this was for a couple of weeks I could deal with it. But for three months something will give. What do you think about the other options (Flipper and Essex Bridge)? I think it might provide me some relief to know I can take it out if it starts bugging me.
      Thank you!

      1. Essix Bridge is not as sturdy as the flipper but reduces complications because it does not touch the gums. It is like an Invisalign retainer with a tooth on it. About 90% of the implants that I placed on front and center teeth are placed as an immediate extractions and immediate fixed, screw retained temporaries to avoid using a removable temporary altogether. I’m guessing that was not an option or your dentist is not well trained in this technique?

        1. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, It wasn’t an option. The tooth was compromised when I was a teenager playing baseball (I think) and had been stable for about 30 years. In the last year it began to decline. Tender when I bit into food. Was actually becoming longer. They did a root canal which didn’t really help the infection. I sought two opinions and both dentists recommended extraction, bone graft, then beginning the implant process after three months.

        2. Are you saying it is possible to have immediate fixed, screw retained temporaries on a front and center tooth distraction? And it sounds like 90% would be “more often than not”. I am anticipating a number 9 extraction and dread the thought of no front tooth.

  25. Hi. I had implant surgery on the bottom of my mouth a week ago. My dentist gave me a temporary denture and wanted me to wear it as much as possible. Due to swelling, it didn’t fit right and since it couldn’t be glued, it just clacked around and even gagged me at times. It was also a bit scratchy. The oral surgeon did a fantastic job, but I have been very unhappy with the temp denture so far. I am not willing to wear it until the dentist makes it work, even though he said, it might be harder to get back in if I didn’t. Any thoughts on this?

    1. The best thing you could do would be to not wear the lower denture at all. It has been a long time since I did a lower jaw without providing immediate **FIXED** teeth… Meaning there is no removable denture from day one! This allows you do not have to place any pressure on the gums which can cause opening of the gum line and of course pain, infection etc. In the meantime, I would suggest that you have a soft reline done as soon as the surgical site heals said that you can wear the lower denture.

  26. Hi! Hi just had 3 molars extracted and bone grafting done to all 3, both sides of the mouth. I also started invisilign. I am having trouble chewing since I barely have teeth on both sides of the mouth. Is there a solution to this? Can a temporary removable mollar be placed in?

    1. Not really because you’re having orthodontics done in the teeth are moving so placing a temporary in the presence of removing teeth is very challenging. If it is a front tooth, a fake tooth can be hung off of the orthodontic wire to make it look like a tooth is there. This is not really feasible for back teeth though

  27. First, I want to say thank you for answering everybody’s questions. This is a difficult procedure to understand; and while everyone has their own dr., we are all full of questions. My sister is 17 and was in a motorcycle accident. She fractured bones in her midface and lost her 2 front teeth, so her dentist immedietly performed a procedure that involved bone grafts. She was given an essix retainer temp. I know her implants will take 9-12 months. How long will it be before she gets something semi-permanent?

    1. She way be too young for implants. Not the answer you wanted to here but it would be better if you could wait until she was 20. I have placed implants in younger patients but the jaw is still changing in a 17 year old.

  28. I had my canine removed due to a decaying baby tooth as an adult along with my impacted adult canine. In the process of getting an implant. Right now I am letting the area heal before placing the screw. I am getting married in a few months and would like something so I do not have a gap. I have a flipper retainer, but do not like it because I have trouble talking. Is there any other temporary options to place over the implant screw?? My dentist is not being very helpful.

      1. I have had my UR5 (premolar next to canine) removed and implant inserted.
        I should be getting my crown in August 2019. I have already paid for a sticky bridge and was wandering whether to put the sticky bridge in for the next 2 months as opposed to surviving with my flipper tooth.

        Will putting a sticky bridge in affect the healing of my implant site? It has been 1 month since the tooth was removed. Will taking the bridge off in 2 months damage the tooth that it will be stuck to?

        Thank you in advance

  29. On Feb 24 they placed 4 implants in my bottom jaw,after removing four teeth.
    They made a temporary denture , which I have problems to wear because of the pain.
    Several times this denture has been adjusted and even made a second one trying to
    eliminate the discomfort which I feel when I chew and put pressure on my gums.
    I do not have pain in my gums while I am not wearing my dentures.
    I do not have inflammation.
    My gums are healed , but I still have pain while eating even soft foods.
    I will appreciate your opinion about this problem.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Why not skip the dentures altogether and have an immediate same day bridge made? This is typically an option for the bottom jaw especially, but is a very advanced procedure carried out by a skilled implant dentist.

  30. Why must the essix retainer be removed at night? I’ve had orthodontic treatment and if I don’t wear the retainer at night, my teeth will move. I also grind my teeth so that doesn’t seem very realistic to not wear it at night.

    1. Then you should have a bonded Maryland bridge to heal over the top of the bone graft. You can then put an orthodontic retainer on top of that. A bit complex but this takes care of all needs

  31. I have 4 bottom teeth missing (between k9’s). My surgeon has planned 2 implants with a bridge. 3 months ago i had a bone graft done and the 2 implants put in while using an essix., We uncovered today, the bone graft and implant took and the abutments are in place. Unfortunately my essix tray cracked and my surgeon was not able to adjust it to wear with the abutments, so he bonded the teeth from the essix to fill the gap. We plan to put the final teeth in place next week.. my question is, will the teeth bonded over the implant area effect the way my gums will go into place. I feel like the bonded area is sitting too low. Was it best to leave the area uncovered after the abutments were placed?

      1. Thanks for your response. Some ingenuity was definitely needed as my surgeon knows how important it is to me to have something in place of the gap.

  32. I’m going to have all of what’s left of both my upper and lower teeth pulled in anticipation of either going with a full set of both upper & lower implants or implant supported dentures. The prosthodontic dentist said that after the teeth are removed by the implant surgeon, the prosthodontic will have temporary dentures made and sent to the implant surgeon to be placed immediately after removal of the teeth. He quoted me a price of $13,500 for the temporary dentures, I’m having a lot of trouble justifying that price for temps or am I wrong?

    1. I think you need to make sure that this is really the cost for temporary dentures. There must be something else included here because that is really way off. Perhaps this covers a portion of the final Bridges or final custom abutments etc.? You need to find out more.

  33. I am considering the Golpa G4 procedure which he claims can be done in one day or two days max. I am 61 with very few teeth left…they are breaking off and practically disintegrating in my mouth! I would be traveling a long way by myself to get this done in one day. I am just not sure if this is a reliable procedure. It costs $30,000 + for a full upper and lower. I only have one chance to get this done correctly. Thank you
    Are there risks of traveling alone after having this procedure? What do you know about the all in one day G4 implant success?

    1. I do this same procedure very routinely for the last 17 years. The only difference is I do not believe you should have the final teeth made on the same day. They **rarely** turn out well when you try to deliver the final result in such a short period of time.

      It is definitely okay to have same day temporary Bridges on the day of placement as long as your bone is dense enough or you’re having zygomatic dental implants. Fabricating really good, aesthetic fixed zirconia Bridges takes time and a lot of measurements to make sure you get the smile, function and speaking ability that you desire.

      Click on the links in my reply to see some of what I am talking about.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  34. Dr Amin,
    I had a sinus lift, with 4 implants same day, upper jaw both sides. He did use my own blood during procedure I believe that is called PRP, not sure if that matters to my question. I currently wear a Partial and ask if I would be able to wear it during the healing process he said yes. Yesterday I had a 10 day check up and stiches removed when I ask about the partial he said he didn’t know if I would be able to wear it, said he had to add allot of “stuff” not sure what that means, he said lets wait for about 6 weeks and xray and see where things are. Do you have any idea why my partial would not fit? I’m concerned about going 4 to 6 months not being able to eat properly. Thank you so much for this site it is so helpful!

    1. It is very risky to wear a nonadjusted partial over the top of a sinus lift. The movement can cause the incision to open up, exposed bone and become a nasty infection.

      Because of tissue swelling and stitches it does not allow for partial to seat down all the way. It may fit better in 4 to 6 weeks.

      Typically the partial is adjusted on the day of surgery and a soft cushion is put into the partial to allow you to wear it if you have to.

      1. Thank you Dr. Amin for your response. I’m not worried about wearing a partial right now until healing of gums but would it be ok if after healing takes place to wear one….even if I have to have a temp made I would be ok with that!! Right now I’m praying to the bone gods….lol

        1. Estimated cost for a flipper. I live in Clovis, calif. and need a flipper for about 4 months while i save up enough funds for an implant or bridge

    1. this is a great question. The real answer is somewhere between “as long as it takes” and about 1 month. It is important to assess function, cosmetics, lip support, TMJ stability, color, tooth position etc. while in the temporary test phase. I use a material we call PMMA for testing temporaries. This article shows how I make and use these temporaries and this article reviews the process of full mouth replacements with a Prettau dental implant bridge.

  35. I’m having all my teeth pulled and dentures made but bc I’m homeless and very below the poverty line I’m going to a sliding scale dentist. They said I’ll b without teeth for up to 3 months. I don’t was don’t want to b without teeth that long I may b poor but I don’t want to walk around like that what is a flipper? Where can I get 1 and can I wear it just 4 looks until my dentures r ready?

  36. I had 2 implants put in on my lower teeth. I have no bottom teeth and I wonder if I can get a lower denture while I wait the 3 months for them to heel.

  37. I recently had dental implants (on both sides beside my front teeth ) and I have a partial denture while waiting for the implants to heal before having the crowns made. The denture is very painful when I try to eat anything and digs into the implant area. The dentist who made the partial denture is telling me that I cannot eat with the denture and that it won’t fit properly because of the implants. I find this very hard to believe and would like confirmation as to whether a denture should be painful

    1. You are taking great risk with a partial that doesn’t fit over healing implants. Make a new temp partial with plenty of clearance , reline if possible or don’t wear it. High risk of failure!!!!!

  38. I am an 85 year old woman, who has lived with Sjogren’s Syndrome for almost Thirty (30) years, with an extremely dry and sensitive mouth.. After having all my teeth capped some 25 years ago, the roots are now decaying and breaking off. I have chosen to go with a lower non-removable implant Denture, . I’m getting along fine . EXCEPT the temporary plastic denture is (due to the roughness and sharp edges) very, very uncomfortable, and keeps my tongue irritated. Why can’t this little plastic denture be made of material that can be rounded, polished, sanded off smooth. I’m thinking if sometime later I have the same procedure done for my upper teeth. I will go without teeth during the healing peroid, rather than go through the pain and agony that I’m going through now. Is there an alternative???

    1. It will increase the cost quite a bit and increased risk a bit but having a full mouth of immediate dental implants with immediate Bridges can be done usually within 24 hours. He will need to have many implants placed and not just a few. Typically I will do the upper and lower jaw simultaneously. This will be be with upper and lower fixed Bridges that are temporary but are then subsequently replaced with solid zirconia about 4 months later

      This is going to depend on many factors to see if it is viable in your particular situation or it may just have to be done in stages over time using dentures as temporaries. Denture should be able to be made very smooth but with your Sjogren’s syndrome your mouth is exquisitely sensitive

  39. What is cost of resin implant attached with bolts in jaw for full denture?? Extractions done at jefferson of 5 teeth covered under medical!! Mybinsurance pays 100% forvtop & bottom but will b done after extractions & pins done at same tome as extractions! Can u plz estimate price too add pins same day in jaw, fitted same day 4 full denture!!imy dentist sounded REAL discouraging!!plz help?? Thanks much!!

    1. THANK U SOO MUCH for ALL info re: what insurances are not disclosing with a reality that they r took expensive for the AVERAGE BELOW MIDDLE CLASS human being to attempt to afford let alone COMPLICATIONS that weren’r EVEN DISCUSSED by SURGEON.U r soo right in stating these are price of a new car..tho disappointed Shukran(thank u) for ur excellent honest experience & tho I’ve heard a lot of people’s different challenges with DENTURES alone..i’ve already been fitted for temporary denture & PRAY TO GOD AS ALWAYS that I heal well with NO INFECTION & THE PAIN DOESN’T last for 2-3 WEEKS like the top did??? by the way, approximately how long should a person feel excruciating pain without Dr acting like ur a POSSIBLE drug addict cause Ur REALLY IN PAIN 2 1/2 WEEKS LATER HE GAVE ME 10 PERCOCET..REALLY?? May God continue 2 Bless you to helping & SUPPORTING US WHO NEED HONESTY FOR A CHANGE.The’resa.Saadiqah Morgan

    1. Hi Willie,

      I don’t really have enough information to answer your question. But the reality is that you do not have to be without your teeth during the process. Oftentimes 2 implants with a bridge ends up looking better than for individual implants if they are your for front and center upper teeth. Good luck

  40. Dr. Amin – for someone who is on blood thinners (had a stent placed in heart three years ago), are dental implants completely out of the realm of possibility? I’ve read many differing opinions, including that the blood thinner should NOT be stopped before dental implant surgery because the risk to the patient from stopping the thinner is greater than not stopping it, and that bleeding during implant installation can be controlled locally. Any thoughts? Also, what are the chances of one’s body rejecting the implant (it is a foreign substance, after all)?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna,

      It really boils down to what you’re risk factor is for staying on the blood thinner during surgery versus being removed off of the blood thinner. Some blood thinners require several days of being off of it while some only just 1 or 2. There are more contemporary blood thinner such as Plavix, Xarelto, Pradaxa that are sometimes difficult to manage. If your surgery is extensive, coming off the blood thinner is probably suggested. I have treated many 100s of patients that have had, stents, strokes, pulmonary embolism, heart attacks and the one commonality is I always speak to the patient’s physician can write a letter to them stating what are the risks versus benefits. Together, the patient, their physician and myself will make that decision. I recently treated a 90-year-old man for bilateral sinus bone grafts and he was on blood thinners. It comes down to the comfort level of the dental implant surgeon also. I see no reason why you cannot have dental implant.

      A high quality dental implant that is made of a titanium alloy will not be rejected by your body. Even though it is a foreign substance, your body does not see as foreign because your immune system really doesn’t recognize it.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  41. My Implantoligest started work on my mouth on 25. March this year. My top teeth were removed, and over time, the implants ,placed. I had an infection, cleared up with antibiotics . I have had no teeth, for months now, I am very anxious , and losing my confidence . I don’t. want to go out. I did have a plate, but have been told, not to use it, as it will hamper the implants. What can I do. Kind regards Eileen E McInnes. Phone No 07957383661

    1. Can you please advise me on how to proceed. Once again,the person doing my work will, be away, again, for two weeks. He was not available for two weeks, two weeks ago. This means I have seen him ,twice, in 8 weeks. I’m not happy,but I don’t know what I can do. Help. Kind regards,

      1. I strongly advise not doing implants or bone grafts with a “traveling surgeon” that is not in the office everyday. Although they are likely qualified, the regular dentist can’t do much if the implant specialist isn’t there.

        I get calls all the time to help treat complications that can usually be prevented.

        I know this doesn’t help you, but if your case is complex, you might want to consider changing dentists.

    2. Hi Eileen. I just replied to your other post. I just saw this one.

      Your treatment is definitely too complex for someone who is not in the office full time.

      You need a single implant specialist that can do your entire surgery and make the teeth from start to finish. That would be the best.

  42. hello mr ramsey im 22 yrs old just had my 5 bottom right teeth removed i know im going to have trouble eating i work all the time i really need to know the fair price range to replace atleast 4 i feel like im going to lose alot of self esteem if i do not get this fixed as fast as possible im willing to be broke everyweek just to get this done im losing hope cause this would have not happen if i had insurance faster then it took any advice is better then feeling like im on my own with this situation

    1. Wow. The fact that you are 22 opens up a different aspect. You will live another 60 years! You are going to need to really have this really well done to get the most life out of the implants. Find an expert and get this done. No one has implants in their mouth that are 60 years old. You may have to redo it all when you are older…so do it the best way possible.
      You don’t need 5 individual implants. Three will likely work with a bridge. Cost can be $10-20,000 maybe even more depending on your bone and whether you need bone grafts.
      Good luck.

      Dr. Amin.

      1. thank you for a good price range total teeth in my mouth i will need the 3 you told me bottom right possibly 2 top right 1 top left and 2 bottom left if you have any ideal of a reliable implant center that would help also their are the ones i just told you because they told me the cavity roots are exposed so their not recoverable also is their any possibility i can establish a payment plan for these or do i have to save up over 20 thousand just for them to do these implants

        1. also i have a few questions when you say do it best way possible should i not look for any cheap specialist? such as should i pay top dollar so they last as long as possible? also when u say they may have to be redone can it be a good possibility i atleast get 20 years out of the implants? im willing to try anything having no insurance in the past ruined my life i just want great implants my first time that can last me 10 years or better

  43. I have upper ball retained implants. When not wearing denture the implants are uncomfortable on tongue. Are there caps I can place over implants at night?

    Thank you.

  44. I had the implant process started. I got the screw put in and the gum was stitched closed. I had to move away and was unable to complete the process and get the tooth put in. I put it on the back burner, not having really though about it due to major finance changes. Now, the screw seems to be loose and exposed. Is it possible for it to have unscrewed over time? What are the steps I need to take to maybe have the screw removed, if at all possible?

    1. Hi Mando,

      It sounds like you have a failed dental implant. It did not integrate to your bone is my best guess. You need to remove the entire implant as soon as possible. This will prevent further bone destruction from the failing implant. It is very possible for you to have a second replacement implant. The removal of the implant should be extremely simple

      I would suggest removal and bone grafting most likely simultaneously to maintain the bone that you do have. Using platelet rich fibrin and platelet rich plasma will help the bone graft heal better especially that this area has become very compromised from a failure.

      Do I Need PRP/PRF/PDGF/BMP For Dental Implants and Bone grafts?

      Very Respectfully,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  45. I had my front tooth removed on 1/8 and they were not able to do the implant. They gave me a flipper but it hurts when it is in and it is difficult to talk, eat or drink water when it is in. What are my other options and can you recommend a dentist in my area. I live near Malvern, PA

  46. I am in the process of having a dental implant. May I state that the Flipper is a waste of money…I have nev er used it…..#1 you can’t eat with it in your mouth and depending what portion of your mouth it is in, you can hardly drink, and I create a lot of saliva in my mouth which the flipper will accumulate. Mine cost $450.00….wish I knew better, I would have passed.

    1. Hello Gary,

      You are not alone. Many people state that a temporary flipper is not great. In fact when I have to explain complex, lengthy implant procedures to patients, I will often tell them that the temporary is the worst thing of the whole process.

      Some people have a difficult time adapting to it especially if it has to go back far into the mouth for stability. Some people have trouble speaking also. I try to avoid flipper temporaries at all costs and use immediate teeth or other bonded temporaries. There are times that a flipper is unavoidable.

      The design can be modified. Each dentist is unique and how they make them. For most people that have the lower back molars replaced I tell them not to bother with a temporary. Save your money if it is a lower molar being replaced.

      Immediate dental implants are good solution when it is possible.

      Burbank Dental Implant Specialist: Review of Immediate Dental Implant Considerations

      Very Respectfully,

      Ramsey Amin DDS
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry
      Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
      Burbank, California

  47. I Have Tooth Decay On My Two Front Teeth. It’s Embarrassing, Due To The Fact That I’m Only 22 Years Old. I Can’t Smile, Or Even Approach A Pretty Lady Without Shame Brining Me Down.
    Now I Have This Sensitive Pain On My Top Right Of My Decaying Tooth
    & I’m Scared Of Losing It For Good.
    My Question Is, Will Another Grow In It’s Place?

    1. Hello Jorge M,

      I am sorry to hear about your situation. I would suggest you have all of your teeth looked at very quickly. Usually people have many more cavities when they have 1 on a front tooth. This means you have a high rate of decay typically. As of 2014, teeth cannot be grown back in the mouth using stem cell technology. A dental implant is going to be your best option.

      Dental Implants –Do I Have To Be Without Teeth While They Heal?


      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry
      Burbank, California

  48. Just reading over this has brought me to tears. I just want a smile. I don’t even care if it looks great…just wish I could smile without it being painfully obvious that my partial dentures are just that..ill fitting dentures. I have spent all I have( and signed up for a care credit card) to pay nearly $10,000 to ” fix” my mouth. Without going into details, all I can say is that I wish I had gone to perhaps 3/4 diff. Dentists( qualified to do all these procedures). Because things were put in that I was not aware of
    (apparently due to “changes” that arose during this yr.long proceedure)
    To date, I cannot even wear my bottom denture without adjusting it 25x’s per day(i DO wear it though, b/c my 2 bottom front teeth were “un-save able” … So I HAVE to @ least wear the bottom denture so that I don’t have 2 “missing” teeth- right in the front. But it literally hurts… And I have gone in for “adjustments” to which the top denture( partial… just for back teeth)never fits flush to roof of mouth. At least 15x’s he’s said that’s how it’s supposed to be. But it doesn’t snap on! Most uncomfortable. As for the bottom- it’s like a teeter-totter…and even with that, it’s never securely in! (this after countless “adjustments”).I AM the one who’s feeling bad about the requests for more adjustments. I understand they are dentures.. They’re never going to be PERFECT… I just thought I could wear them with SOME ease. I am 39year old female about ready to give up…I’ve fought so many things this year… Breast surgery& treatment… A suprize thyroidectomy due to loads of tumors in there…all ended well.. But learned I have Hashimatos Auto-Immune disorder … Now I lay bed- rest for 3 months from that which I have been ignoring all year due to bigger problems(i.e”fixing” teeth- breast surgery, thyroid surgery & all that goes with an auto-immune disorder… My body has taken a beating. Now, I will end the year – bed bound… With screws holding my foot together. Of course, to top it off, the last 2 days, I sit w/ a tooth(I think top right incisor/ tooth to the left if it) pulsating, fits of intense rage.. I just want to be done. Like I said, I’m a 39 year old girl who feels she is 90. Above all, I wish I could smile, confidentially. I wish I could’ve just had a dentist like you. Mine won’t even numb me to do a filling. I am admittedly one ANXIOUS DENTAL PATIENT. Just get me numb& I’ll be cooperative& won’t get in the way. I realllly wish I could have had 2
    implants with the front 2 bottom
    teeth. He said it probably didn’t have enough bone. But it wasn’t ” definitive”. Sorry, I know I’ve complained- done nothing BUT complain 🙁
    I’m just devastated…! Just want my front two teeth. But now, my immediate situation is a tooth, under a cap, screaming out in pain. I don’t want to go see my reg. dentist that I’ve seen all year long. I’m already in enough pain w/ foot, screws& being on crutches( for the next 3 months). I thought I did my research. I consulted with him 1st before committing to him… But I do want to be numb for most all procedures. The filling I had, he refused… And I am scared from that experience. Now a root canal. I already have made it know from day 1 that I don’t numb easily( apparently my father had the exact same problem… Always had to go double just to be somewhat numb). Ugh….what to do. I just cried reading this because it seems so patient friendly. I wish I could be a patient of yours, Dr. Ramsey A. Amin! Thx. For listening.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Wow. I feel for your situation. It doesn’t sound good. It sounds like your expectations were not met.

      After you get healthy, I would suggest you see a new dentist and re-evaluate your treatment plan. Fixed dental implant temps would be a better option to take the pain and pressure off your gums.

      Let me know how I can help.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  49. Dr. Amin, I wish you lived closer to me. I had my implants done with one of those centers you hear on the radio…what a disaster that was!!!!!!!!!

    I AM IN TH PROCESS OF REDOING ALL THE WORK. Even the though the implants took, they were in a really bad position. For anyone reading this, do yourself a favor and find the right guy to do this. Dont go cheap!

    1. Hi Kate,

      Ugh..what a horrible story. Let me know if you need any help. I have personally seen pretty bad work form those centers they advertise all over.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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