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Snap In Dentures on Dental Implants – Burbank Dental Implant Specialist

Snap in denture burbank

Snap in dentures is a term some patients use when they come to see me for dental implant dentures in Burbank.  There is a product called the "snap on smile" that is not related to implant dentistry.

Snap in dentures are dental implant overdentures. That means they go over dental implants.  The more implants you have the more stable the dentures.  Just as important to the number of implants is the spacing between the implants.  The more space between the implants, the better. Overdentures are not fixed bridges.

Snap in/on implants are dentures!  It is important to remember that.  They are dentures that snap in, they are not porcelain or "real" teeth.  You must remove them and clean under them. 

I performed the surgery and made the teeth for the examples below.

Implant attachment mechanisms

Snap in dentures are wonderful!!! They are best for the patient that has been wearing dentures for many years. Someone who is already used to dentures is the best candidate.

They are NOT wonderful for someone who is just about to lose all their teeth.  If you are about to lose all of your teeth or all the teeth on one arch, you are more used to SMALL natural teeth, not an acrylic denture that has the pink plastic covering the roof of your mouth and check areas. A fixed bridge is a better option for this situation, but sometimes a snap in denture can work well.

IMG_8757How many implants do you need? Snap in dentures typically use 2 -4 implants on the bottom and 4-8 implants on the top.   The overdenture can be made to look extremely life like if a very high end dental lab is used…very similar to natural teeth. The denture will feel stable and secure.


Lower dentures are more challenging than upper dentures because there is no suction to hold them in. This lack of suction, along with jaw and tongue movement during chewing and speaking can cause a lower denture to be very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The lower denture simply floats on the ridge where the teeth used to be and does not stay in by using suction like the upper. Because lower dentures slip and slide, and as a result cause continuous gum pain when eating, the snap on denture option is a must for lower dentures. For many patients, it is the minimum standard of care for a satisfactory quality of life.

Most of the time I see new overdentures that are made very cheaply using "economy" teeth.

If your current dentures fit well and look good, I can usually reline them to convert them to snap in over dentures.

Keep in mind that the surgery is much more advanced than replacing a single tooth.  This is because you will have bone loss if your teeth have been missing more than 3 months.  Placing implants in areas of thin and deficient bone requires substantial skill and experience.

Ramsey Amin DDS dental implants

Mini implants used for snap on dentures are often only a temporary solution but are often marketed as a "permanent" solution.

I have treated patients as old as 91 with dental implants. A healthy 91 year old can have implants while an unhealthy 50 year old may not be able to.

Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Burbank, California

148 thoughts on “Snap In Dentures on Dental Implants – Burbank Dental Implant Specialist

  1. if I was given snap on implants can that be changed over to a fixed hybrid bridge? if so how much work is that to change over? I have 4 implants on top and 4 on the bottom.

  2. Have four regular implants top and bottom with snap ins. The top left pushes on sinus and gives me a bad sinus headache/pressure. Is there a way to avoid this? Dentist had to go up a level of bands (locator) due to the denture being rocky when eating.

      1. Can you give a bit more detail about this? Do you mean change the o ring snap tight level? Or re position the holes where the snaps would be?

        1. Sometimes it’s a little bit of both. Sometimes the abutments need to be changed as well which would lead to a far better fit

  3. Resenly had o rings replaced and relined, click in click out dentures. Now I have facial swelling around lips and one time under my eye almost every morning, going on three weeks. Contacted dentist who did the work and they claim sinus issue. Never had a sinus issue, not feeling sick at all. Any suggestions ?

  4. I have dental impants. Lower denture 2 post. I have had them for 10 months and have had to have the rind , bands etc… This last visit my dentures will not stay snapped on the post. Could you possibly tell me what needs to be done. The tech said there is nothing that can be done.please help me with opinion

    1. I would see a different dentist. This is typically an easy problem to solve with a more experienced implant provider

  5. My husband had dentures made then later, had in plants done to secure bottom dentures. They used his existing dentures placing those black snappy things into the dentures. The problem is those black gromits do not hold up. 6 months and had to be replaced twice. I don’t get it, why is the material not holding up?

    1. I have had the same problem and was told these would be changed per size needed.as part of the cost but 3 of the 4 have fallen out and my dentist wanted $400 for the 4 he was going to replace. I am not going to pay $100 for each little piece. Do I have to get some and do you feel this is an appropriate price?

  6. I had extractions and mini implants placed over two months ago. I have had a lot of trouble getting them to make a denture(eventually will have bridge) so that my bite was correct. It was off initially by 7 mm. I had several wax try in and finally the bite is close. My problem is I loved the upper temporary appliance when I tried it in but once my dentist placed the housings it fit completely different and actually bulging out in the front and changes the appearance of my face. What could cause this? two of my front implants sit further back then the rest and wonder if that’s why it pushes out. Either way I am very unhappy and unhappy with the office. I spent a lot of money and so far very disappointed. Any suggestions??

    1. UGH…Miniature dental implants are not worth the money. The are bendable, break and are considered temporary by many experienced dental implant specialist. Perhaps your situation can be resolved by just bending the implants into a better position in order to make teeth fit. Ideally you would not have overdentures and have fixed nonremovable bridges.

    2. I have quicke snaps uper particle teeth with 4 imlaints but I can’t bite tomatoes becouse thay are very to come out do this normal

  7. I had dental implants put in 9 yrs ago. Recently I went back to Aspen Dental and had new dentures made. The bottom denture housing was not in the correct position but was told they were so adjustments were made. Then the dentist realized the housing error. Instead of remaking the denture they decided to repair the new denture by putting the housing back in and relining the denture (after deep ground out denture material on the flanges.) I’m not confident with their decision, but since they are already paid in full I have no choice but to accept what they are going to do. May question is can a lower denture be relined enough to add to the flange, can they actually be repaired to fit properly?

    1. Yes. This is generally the correct thing to do in this situation.

      Some of these large corporate chain dental offices operate differently than most private dentists would.

      1. Do you need to take out snap in (upper) denture if taking a low dose chest ct scan w/o iv contrast?

  8. I recently went to office that exclusively places 4 implants in each arch for which over-dentures are fabricated, first temporary set then permanent set. I am a little wary of removal difficulties which might arise over time. I’m 69 years old with only half my teeth remaining and these are quite worn down.
    I read about a procedure called 3 on 6 done in Utah and Boston and advocated over the “all on 4” procedure both to save money and for ease of maintaining a more healthy oral hygiene. The procedure places 3 permanent bridges per arch with each arch containing 6 implants. Thus the name 3 on 6 — 3 bridges on 6 implants. What do you think of this procedure?

    1. There should be no set number of implants for any patient… Ever! Every single person and situation is unique. I have done every combination possible and continue to do so. We all have uniqueness so one set procedure does not work for all.

      Yes I have done the procedure you describe many times over almost 2 decades.
      In my opinion it would be better for the lower jaw then it would for the upper jaw. In general connecting the implants from one side of the mouth to the other helps with long-term stability of the bone. We call this Cross Arch stability.

  9. Hello.
    I would appreciate your advice I have an upper denture that I have had for 40 years and am know looking at getting all on 4 implants.
    I have gone to get X-rays done and they have suggested that I get an overdenture on 4 implants and I asked why I can’t have fixed implants there answer was that it would make my lips look sunken in.I was very disappointed as I have never heared of anyone ever mentioning this is this correct or can it be done without changing the look of the lips.
    Please I would like your advice as I am confused and done’t want to make a big mistake I have waited for so long and know to be told this is devestating.

    Kind Regards.
    Cathy Carlesso.

    1. Thank you for your reply to my questions after reading everything about Snap on Overdentures and reading about the experiences after people have had I am petrified .
      The treatment plan they have set for me as I mentioned in my previous email is to have an overdenture on 4 implants with magnets this is on top jaw,I don’t understand how these work against the Snap on Dentures.
      I think I am better of just keeping the denture I have and just get bottom jaw done where they have suggested that all on 4 implants can be done as I have enough of my own teeth.
      What would be your advice about top jaw Snap on Overdentures or Overdentures wtth Magnets.
      I would appreciate your opinion as what is the best alternative for the delema I find myself in.
      I have 5 months to decide what to do and am petrified that I will make the wrong decision, I can’t believe that what started of as a very exciting time thinking that finally I would be getting the teeth I have dream’t about for so long has become a nightmare.
      I am looking forward to your reply.
      Thank you for all the information I hope I can come to some decision after having read everything.

      Kind Regards.

      Cathy Carlesso.

      1. I am not a fan of a snap-on overdenture in the upper jaw. They don’t do a whole lot. I would suggest you switch to a fixed bridge on your upper jaw and your lower jaw. The upper jaw is often more complex because of sinus issues, soft bone and of course cosmetic concerns. I would suggest a Prettau dental implant bridge either avoiding your sinuses if possible, doing a sinus lift or zygomatic implants.

        1. Thank you for all the information you have given me in regards to overdentures on 4 implants you mentioned snap on overdentures as not being very good I appreciate your advise,In your opinion which would the best alternative for me snap on overdentures or I have been given another alternative, to have overdentures on magnets that is the only choice I have
          I would be better of just keeping the denture I already have.
          Which would be the best of the two if I am to go ahead for this treatment.
          I appreciate any advice you give me as I need to come to a decision before August.

          Thank you.
          Kind Regards

          Cathy Carlesso.

        2. I read that you need existing teeth for a fixed bridge. I’m getting all my teeth extracted. 4 implants on bottom arch for snap on dentures but no implants on upper arch. Was considering getting the implants on the upper because I’m afraid a regular denture won’t stay in place. Not sure what to do regarding the upper arch. Implants or depend on the suction of regular denture. Will I need to fix a dent for ever? Thank you!

  10. Hello!
    I have an opposite problem from many here. I have had upper and lower snap on dentures for about a year. At first I was able to remove them and clean them on a regular basis. Then they begin to get harder and harder to remove. During a time of major upheaval in my life, I just let it go and stopped trying to remove them altogether. Some dentures (fixed?) denture never come out, right? Mine have been in place for a number of months. For cleaning I gently brush them with a denture brush and water. Then I do multiple super strong swishing to remove as much as I can from under the dentures. Then I do another super swish with Listerine, pushing the liquid under my dentures as much as possible. I know this is not the way I should be caring for my dentures and gums but I don’t know what to do since I can no longer get them out. During on of my dentist appointment, for my many fittings, one of them would not come out and the doctor had to work long and hard to get it out. It was very painful, scary and I was in tears, even though I was on nitrous. It was an awful experience, when most of my appointments had gone just fine. So this makes me afraid to contact my dentist. If I could just get them out and get them cleaned well, and my gums rested, I think I could get back to the routine from there. They are starting to get more uncomfortable. One one side, in the lower back, I’ve noticed a pretty good sized flap of gum that is sitting outside my denture as though it had been sliced through, but still attached. I don’t know if this is gum that swelled up from under the plate or if it has always fit that way and I didn’t noticed. It has been painful and Orajel only lasts a short time. Okay, I guess that is a lot to ask about but, I’m hoping someone can help me. Thanks!

    1. Your denture is probably locked in with tartar at this time. If it cannot be removed by you or your dentist with just hand pressure than it will need to be cut out of your mouth. If I were you I would try to get it out but assume it may not go back in after you get it out with all the help of a dentist. I have seen this before on a patient that had implants many years ago and developed dementia. He no longer remember that he had to take the teeth out to clean them and they were in for at least a year or 2.

      You may also be developing peri-implantitis because you have not removed them to clean them at all.

      keep me posted and of course good luck!

      1. I have the opposite problem.
        I also have the snap in on the bottom. Two snaps placed on the bottom front. (around or about 5 & 7 o’clock) This procedure was started around the first week in March, 2017.

        I loved them at first! The first time I could actually eat with them, food went immediately underneath them. I still loved them though. I was told that would be corrected. (Has not been corrected to date) And not noted in my file.

        After a couple of weeks they started lifting. I could easily pop them out with my tongue. I immediately called my dentist. This was on a Friday. He told me that wasn’t suppose to happen and NOT to eat with them and wear them only when I must. It could damage them and/or the post (implants) and to be at his office on Monday morning. He died in a terrible accident that same Friday afternoon, in April.

        A month or so later his wife/office manager sent me to another dentist, about 70 miles from here, to check them and adjust the bite. Thanked me for being so patient and she would soon have someone in to pick up/take over the practice.

        The dentist she sent me to did a wonderful job on the bite adjustment. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do the same type of implants. He only does mini implants. He told me to use cream to fill in because they were loose fitting. I was VERY careful not to eat with them.

        Eventually another dentist came into his practice to take over/buy it. He told me I could eat with them. Now, after going through every color of the little inserts that go into the holes in the denture to keep them securely in place and therefore adjusting the bite each time, the back teeth are now flat causing me to grind food instead of chewing and still will not stay snapped in.
        They are so loose fitting now that it rises up and off the post causing the post to hit the denture when eating. On top of that one of his assistants took too much off one side of the upper and now it doesn’t have suction to hold it in place.

        The new dentist sent me to someone else, dentist/oral surgeon before Christmas, to look at the problem. He wants to do a special dental cat scan, starting at around $400.00. I can’t afford that right now. Plus he told me the post weren’t placed in the correct place. It took until mid January for the two dentist to actually talk about my unique situation. The new/old dentist finally tells me he can’t do anything until I have the scan done by the new dentist /oral surgeon which I cannot afford right now. And to be careful eating.

        If I don’t keep my tongue on them while practicing yoga, they will fall out.
        They did fall out last night and broke in half. Called this morning and was told to come in and they would see if they could fix them if not I would have to purchase new ones.

        It cost me $125.00 to have the bottom repaired. I also found out the “new” dentist is not fixing the problem without being paid. More than $2600.00 to make a new bottom that may fit properly.

        Had the Cone Beam Scan done. The oral surgeon that did it says one of the implants is slightly leaning. I already knew this. I can feel it. That is why the gum stays irritated at the base of the post. He says the 2 post I have is not enough. I need 4. That’s $4000.00 more. He also told me he would never do just 2 for someone my age. It simply will not work. If I were 90 and just wanted them for church he would agree. He told me this the first time I saw him also.

        The bottom broke again! I was eating a slice of pizza. One tooth is missing at the break line, yeah I must have swallowed it, and will now cost me $200.00 to repair. That’s with a $50.00 discount. I was told they will break again. The person in the practice that makes the dentures said mine were wore out and I needed new ones! These aren’t even a year old yet!!!!

        Now the dentist, that took over the practice, is telling me I happen to be one of those people that need 4. Until I do that…. he just shrugged.

        I am at my wits end.

        1. yikes…..The best advice your given was by the surgeon that said 2 implants is not enough. You likely have very severe bone loss and only 2 implants still create a severe rock and a fulcrum point. I don’t think I would spend any more money trying to get them to hold in place because it sounds like your case was under engineered to begin with. If I were to have seen you as a new patient and you told me all you could afford was 2 implants I would steer you away from having dental implants whatsoever because the benefit would be minimal. Ideally you get rid of the denture altogether and go to a fixed, nonremovable bridge. Obviously this is more costly but you are quality of life will increase tremendously.

          1. I have been reading over all the material I can find on Zygomatic implants. The Zygomatic sounds good as of now since I don’t want to have a sinus lift. (According to a Cone Beam CT I will need bone grafts and a sinus lift for the upper) I looked over the link you sent me to ZIRCONIA DENTAL IMPLANT BRIDGES. I promise to read it in it’s entirety. Either way, it’s going to be costly.

            Since I vented to you last, (and thank you for listening and responding) the dental office agreed to replace the bottom dentures at no cost to me since they broke for the 3rd time. This last time while eating a salad, less than a week from being repaired for the second time. The last 2 breaks were in the same place. (The wife of the original dentist that started this a year ago last March manages the new office and the new dentist. She is taking care of the cost) They are also relining (?) the top since their tech (the new dentist’s assistant) shaved off a little too much on one side and causing it to lose suction.
            I spent 11 hours sitting in a room last Thursday for this. I didn’t mind the wait, I was too excited. They have a person that makes the dentures in the office.
            At 7:30 pm his assistant placed them in my mouth. The top was losing suction on the opposite side now and they feel HUGE. I can feel an air pocket near the front left side. But he wants to leave that like it is. She placed the bottom on top of the abutments and held it for 7 minutes. Then she couldn’t get it out. She had me try. I could not. Then he, the dentist who had already changed clothes to leave, came in and tried. One side lifted but he too could not get them out. He then told me to go home and they would probably loosen up and come out or he would, or could (I don’t remember which) drill it out on Monday and to come in sometime after 1:00 pm. In the meantime I am trying to tell him the bottom is cutting the underside of my tongue on one side. He said they wasn’t anything he could do until they loosened up. Talk about upset, and it’s Mothers Day weekend too!! I got home and tried to eat a sandwich. The bite was so off I couldn’t chew. Not to mention underneath my tongue was so swollen by then that trying to chew was excruciating. While rinsing my mouth out I felt something sharp pushing into my gum underneath the bottom left, which is the side that would lift a little. I kept rinsing and tried to lift them. They popped out after a few rinses and tries along with what looks like half of the screw from the right side. The abutment is a gold color on top of a silver screw. There is silver showing inside the bottom denture. I included an attachment. The something sharp was what looked like a piece of acrylic. Also included.

            I called his office at 8:00 am on Friday. I was told, “He’s not here on Fridays and he doesn’t even consider coming in since he has to drive from Columbia, SC.” (An hours drive, give or take according to traffic) I asked what am I suppose to do? She told me to come in Monday morning. Needless to say I was and still am terribly upset. Tomorrow is Mothers Day and daughters had it all planned out. As you can guess, I am not leaving the house!

            Thank you again for listening to me vent.

          2. Went to dentist office first thing Monday morning. I was told he had to charge me to replace the abutment since he didn’t initially place them. He told me the problem was because it was slightly tilted. (The oral surgeon that my dentist sent me to told me the tilt wasn’t a problem. That he would tilt the other two that I needed) After signing that I would pay for the procedure, and adding my own notes to it, I asked if the abutment stuck in the denture could be put back on and he told me that’s what he was doing. The abutment was cemented back on 3 or 4 times and would come off every time they tried to cold cure (?) the bottom. (Holding it in place for 7 minutes)
            Seven hours later…. The dentist call someone asking for advice. I am assuming it was the manufacture. I heard him tell them I was the 2nd patient this has happen on. He then came in and took the screws, post out and covered them with some kind small metal cover. He then told me I would have to use my bottoms as regular dentures until he could send off the abutment (?) and impressions. That hopefully he would get them back around the middle or end of next week. Of course I was tearing up by that time. Nothing seems to be going right. He thought about it and put one screw and abutment back in, the straight one, and told me not to eat anything hard. I would have to put up with the bite being off until he could replace the screws/post when the new ones come in. There was no point in adjusting the bite when he would have to adjust all over again later.
            It feels okay to wear in public. They shaved the sharp edge off the lower back so it doesn’t cut underneath my tongue now. I definitely cannot eat with them. I am calling today to find out if it matters that there isn’t a cap inside the denture for the one abutment.
            Last March, I was so excited. I thought I could finally start going out in public and enjoying life. Now, I am ready to give up. I know, I know…Poor pitiful me…. (I’m being sarcastic) On the bright side…. It could always be worse. Please tell me on an average what the cost of zygomatic zirconia implant would run.

  11. I have a full upper arch denture that snaps (3 snaps) into a titanium arch supported by 6 implants. I have had them for 3+ years and the denture has held really snugly; but lately, I can’t even talk without the denture coming loose. I use Zest 5 lb. male white locators which have always worked well, but now changing the locators does not improve the hold. What’s going on and how can this be rectified?

    1. The locator abutments themselves are likely wearing out…the metal part. If this is the case no matter how many times you replace this just attachments, and nothing will improve.
      Hopefully they are connected with a bar rather than individuals for the upper jaw
      Upper overdentures are notorious for problems and maintenance. With 6 implants in your upper jaw you should be able to support a fixed bridge. You may want to put your money into replacing the denture rather than having new abutments made. Just a thought

  12. I have 4 traditional implants on top and the dentist I was using fitted me with snap on dentures. They are too big and I can’t eat or talk with them. They will not stay in my mouth. They fall out when I talk to peopl. It is so embarrassing I am avfsscca red to get that dentist to make me any more teeth. I don’t like them as they are overdentures and teeth ar acrylic. Could I get a fixed. Bridge and how much will it cost? Wharton is your opinion on mini implants if I needed more and what do they cost?

        1. sometimes it can be relined a few times but often times it needs to be completely replaced after many years. The design is critical. Having metal on the inside is very helpful rather than just all plastic

  13. I’m loosing three molars , they suggest just implant teeth, but I was wondering, since all my back teeth are bad, wouldn’t it make more sense to get partial plates for all the back teeth instead and snap those onto implants?

  14. Hi,
    I have the snap in upper and lower dentures, love them! Was wondering about sleeping with them in. I clean them 2 -3 times a day.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Leaving them in can promote a fungal infection. Just like you take your shoes off at night dentures should come out also even if they are implant overdentures.

  15. I had implant surgery 3 weeks ago for overtures. This is actually a continuation of my first question (same day). I also required a small amount of bone grafting . It was done on the upper front gum. I notice a few days ago a small piece of skin hanging in that exact area. The incision is healed but I don’t know what this tiny flap of skin is. Is it common, normal or an indication of something else. I am feeling fine and my guns feel pretty good.

    1. This all could be normal. Usually within a month things seem to get back to normal denture wearing but please check with your dentist

  16. I am planning to have implant surgery for snap on or overdentures. I know it will be about 6 months for the implants to be totally integrated into bone and secure. I know I must not wear my dentures after the surgery for at least a week. in your opinion and experience approximately how long after the initial implant surgery is the average time before I can wear my dentures comfortably while I am waiting the approximate 6 months for the final step (the overdenture)?

  17. Hi,
    I had 4 full size implants placed in the top and 4 full size implants placed in the bottom in march of this year for snap on dentures. in june i went back to my dentist and the bottom implants took but only one took in the top so my dentist did bone grafting and sewed the top up. how can i tell if the bone grafting was successful? i feel a bit of tissue growth at the end of the bone grafting site. is this a good sign?

    many thanks in advance,

    1. Yikes…3 of 4 failed on the upper. That is not normal although I have seen it with patients with medical and lifestyle issues or inexperienced all on 4 clinics.

      As long as the bone is covered by gum you will only know by 3D scan and when the gums are re opened. The upper should always have more than four implants due to soft bone. In my practice four are only done in the upper if two of them are zygomatic implants.

      Wait a full six months before you try again.

  18. I had this done a while back and the dentures still feel to big and I can’t chew food with my mouth closed cause there is no room in my mouth. It also looks like I’m holding something in my mouth when I have lips shut. Does this get better over time or did they screw up the size?

    1. It sounds like the sizing of the dentures is not correct as he mentioned. There are so many parameters to take into account. Something called vertical dimension is the spacing that your jaw is supposed to have function properly. It sounds like you are “over opened.” Sometimes you can just remake one of the dentures and a will solve the problem but oftentimes both need to be remade. I am hoping you have at least 4 dental implants in your lower jaw!

  19. I need new upper and lower plates but can not afford plates and implants at the same time. Was planning on getting new plates and then implants in 6-8 months. Is this possible?

  20. Well I’m in need of both but the problem is the cost but I have insurance like to make appointment to if could help me . Don’t get me wrong I am not looking for a hand out ,I just want help that’s all

  21. I want to know the range of price for top and bottoms. I have no false teeth yet,,but am very interested in the pricing,,because I need help asap

  22. Like! I have 3 implants in my
    Lower mouth snap in dentures. I have to have the snaps changed
    Last time was 2 months, had new ones put in 3 wks ago. Teeth coming out . what can be done? Change dentists? Live in Tx

    1. hmmm…very odd…are they locators? You may want to consult with a more experience dentist….something isn’t right here.

      Hopefully the dental implants are in the right spot to spread the load out. The bite on your dentures must be spot on thin gum tissue compression must be taken into account. There are a lot of little details to make this work so that you’re not changing attachments more than once every 18 months to 2 years

  23. After the snap is in,
    Am I ready to snap the denture?

    Total time needed for this procedure?

    What is the cost of a complete lower?
    Your video is very informative
    Looking forward to have answer to my questions

  24. Do you know a good dentist in Houston for full upper teeth bridge. I have over dentures with 4 implants that I don’t like. They are not aligned correctly and I have a terrible over bite. The dentist says I have to get the bottom pulled to correct the over bite.

  25. My wife is having the snap on dentures put in. She has a number of implants. If the snap in move around too much and cause pain, should we consider fixed bridges? Can any or all of the existing implants be used or do we start from scratch?

  26. My teeth are rotten and are breaking don’t have any back teeth and the front ones are breaking to I’m not on drugs but I am scared of the dentist. I want to go but I’m scared they are going to tell me I can’t get permanent teeth and have to wear dentures. Can you tell me what are the requirements on getting permanent teeth

  27. I have permanent the 6 over implant full upper bridge zirconia titanium on……however I need a full lower bridge which one would be the best to apply? I was thinking in the snap on lower dentures with 4 implants what do you suggest?

      1. I have 4 implants on bottom and a snap on denture. It’s loose I hate it. What should I do. My bite is to hard and I like to grind my teethe

    1. if you are one of my patients down time would be approximately 12 hours. Most patients on the next day are doing great if modern techniques are utilized.

  28. I have a lower overdenture… 3 implants. I went to have the locators replaced and only 1 locator is working. The dentist can not get the 2 outside locators to snap down. He tells me my denture may need a realign. so that’s his next suggestion 4 my overdenture that is not working properly. The center locator is working and if feels good so I don’t understand how a realign will work. It’s 3 years old. Pior to this I had a over denture with a bar but I lost 3 implants possibly due to smoking. So I had 2 more implants replaced with the one I had left so I have 3 implants holding the lower overdenture. He claims it might be the abutments, they r 3 years old and look fine. I have had so many dentists in the past that were lousy, that’s why I’m in this position to begin with. I live in Kearny NJ by NYC. Pls can u give me some advise and possibly refer me to a cosmetic dentist who performs a lot of over dentures and know what they r doing! I would like some info on a hybrid denture or something permanent as well if i am a candidate 4 this. I also have a child living California . Thank you

    1. The lower over denture with locators typically is very simple to work with. I don’t know of anyone in your area specifically. Sometimes removing the metal housings and replacing the locator plastic attachments will realign the denture back again. If the locators themselves (the Gold part in the mouth) are worn out this is the earliest case I have ever seen….they typically do not wear that fast unless they were put in at a bad angle.

      a more permanent example of fixed Bridges can be seen here.

    1. the plastic portion of the locator will wear out usually every 12-24 months. These are easily replaced in about 20 minutes

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  29. Yes I was interested in more information on this snap on smile like what are the cost and if there is a dental office in Tuscaloosa, or jasper,Alabama that offers this,proceedure

  30. If you have no gum ridge at bottom to hold a regular dentures plate, can snap on dentures work?

    1. The ridge that you seeing your mouth is limited by the muscles of your cheek and tongue. Below the muscles are typically where the bone is present especially between where your lower front teeth used to be. This area tends to be abundant and bone and is best seen in cross section by 3-D scan CBCT virtual planning.

    1. Cost will vary depending on the dentist skill, experience, judgment and training. Oftentimes the most skilled implant dentist has the lowest cost because they know how to make this procedure work right the first time. Do you due diligence.

      Throughout this website there are numerous posts on over dentures for you to learn more about how they work.

      Very Respectfully,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  31. Ihave two implants on my lower gum and my teeth will not snap on what is the matter with my dentures they have not given me any trouble until now .

  32. Is it possible to have mini implants first and then convert to a fixed implant later? How long (hour wise) can a mini implant be worn at a time?

    1. Mini dental implants are considered to be temporary dental implants. If at all possible, I would avoid these altogether. They bend and break very easily. I have removed many of them.

      It is possible to convert to fixed dental implants later on but it will take some excellent treatment planning by your surgeon in order to make sure that the miniature versions don’t interfere with the ideal locations for the real dental implants. I have done this before where I have transitioned a patient from teeth, to miniature dental implants to then real dental implants. It can also be avoided by just placing some of the implants first, letting them integrate and using them.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  33. hi sir i need to replace my all teeth top and bottem pls let me know what i have need to done pls and how much cost pls

  34. I was wondering what the name of the dentures that snap in but can only be removed by a dental Dr. I’m obviously not referring to the ones that snap in and have to be removed and cleaned underneath. any help would be great !

  35. Five yrs ago I had to have all of my teeth removed due to gum disease &bone loss. I had upper & lower perm bridges ($25,000) One yr later the top one failed and dentist had to pound it off (YES, I said pound)Should he have used perm bridges over bad gums? I read that you shouldn’t, they won’t last. I have been wearing an upper denture for four years now and have been miserable. They have been adjusted many times (dentist made me three dentures to try to help, but to no avail) At this point I’m considering a snap on denture over implants since I can’t afford a fixed permanent denture over implants. How many implants would you suggest? I was told that it would take about four months before they could actually attach snap on denture because I will need the time to heal. Will I be able to wear my denture comfortably over the implants until I heal? Also, they will be using my present dentures which are acrylic, because I chipped the first set in porcelain (so then we went for acrylic) but these 3rd set are beautiful(not big at all) they look great, but I’ve been gaging and have been very uncomfortable to put it mildly (with all three dentures(they don’t stay in all day no matter how much or which brand of adhesive I try) I also have Shjogrens Syndrome which makes this even worse. What is the success rate of the snap on denture over implants? Do you think I’m a good candidate? PS: I had the special x-ray and I do have room for implants.

    1. This post on how many implants you should have under your overdenture will help you.

      I can’t believe some of the stuff that you wrote. Either you have had a really bad luck or have been treated by some inexperienced dental implant dentists. The key to an overdenture or hybrid type of replacement teeth is material thickness. I’m not a fan of the hybrid type of teeth because they do break commonly but they break extremely commonly if they are made to thin. This could be because your implants were placed too shallow or the wrong type of teeth that were chosen for your space between your upper and lower teeth. The thinner the space, the stronger the material has to be.

      Yes Sjögren syndrome scan complicating things, but the snap-on overdenture is extremely successful in the lower jaw especially. In the upper jaw I would suggest you have a minimum of 6 implants. Consider converting your existing implants to a Prettau dental implant fixed bridge. This will alleviate all the problems you have discussed.

      Good luck

  36. I really need an answer to my question. I’ve not been able to find any info online and I’m getting conflicting info from two dentist. I know what an overdenture/snap in denture is and that it is normally acrylic or porcelain BUT can it been made using 3-4 zirconia permanent bridges?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi David,

      Your first sentence doesn’t really make sense. A snap-on denture is an all acrylic standard denture that attaches typically over locator attachments or a bar. These implant over dentures are not made of zirconia or porcelain. Sometimes porcelain insert teeth can be used on the front 6 teeth on the plastic denture but that is a very old technique. They used to use porcelain teeth on dentures when denture teeth or not very good.

      Maybe your dentist was suggesting a fixed bridge that has 4-6 teeth in the front of your jaw and then a removable overdenture for your back teeth? Three or four bridges could be made in segments. This would require somewhere between 6-8 implants to do this. Segmented small Bridges are usually a good idea for the most part especially on the lower jaw.

      As long as like materials are in contact with like materials is typically not a problem. Having a Prettau bridge on the upper against a Prettau bridge on the lower is a very common restoration of my office. This is a fixed dental implant bridge that you cannot remove. It is important that the zirconia is highly polished and the bite is designed and adjusted in such a way that it is self protective. Prettau is just the specific type of porcelain that is used. Whether the porcelain is fused to metal or the teeth are all Gold having implants against implants is a highly technical and precise restoration that needs to be made very carefully. This will prevent major problems in the future.



      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  37. I have five upper teeth and they’re all loose. I have three and a half…one broke…on my lower where I have a partial plate. My uppers are in need of immediate remedy. I’ve done a lot of reading about the all on four procedure. Because I’m divorced, I’d rather not have removable dentures. I’d like to think that I can have a relationship, but cannot envision having to glue my teeth in before I’m kissed goodnight!

    I am…..er, WAS… A Realtor by trade. My smile was huge. My buyers came from all over the states. However, I can no longer smile. It saddened me to retire from a career I loved with all my heart.

    Anyway, I went to a reputable dental clinic on an Inland Empire college campus. They also have an implant program that was supposed to be significantly lessor in price. However, I went for a screening and the dentist, who was there for CE, turned my screening into a debate. Everything I read about the all on four’s was a 180 from what he told me. I left in tears.
    I spoke to administration. Apparently he felt the all on four was not a good treatment for me. WHAT? I read 95% of those who could not have regular implants were a prime candidate for the treatment.

    So, I went to a dentist locally , and he will finance the greater portion of my treatment. To keep costs down, he said he can do regular sized implants, not mini’s, and put a BALL abutment, then a removable denture for now. Then when that’s paid off, we’d do the all on four’s. By changing the abutment. Is that possible?

    1. This post about all on four will help:


      What you mentioned is possible….I don’t think you will be that happy with the ball abutment though.

      The all on four teeth are very weak. I have replaced MANY of them. I have people come to my office with broken ones all the time.

      I would suggest a minimum of five on the lower and six on the upper.

      Most of these all on fours are just bolt on dentures….they look good for a couple of years and then they chip, stain and break.

      Go to a page on my website that reviews the Prettau bridge. That will give you some insight.

      It is best to do something that will last 10 years at the minimum. Many all on fours fail before that.

      Sorry for the news.

      Ramsey Amin DDS

      1. Good morning, and thank you for the response.
        The ball abutment would be replaced with an abutment to accept an all on four arch, so he said.

        Yes….I’d gone to Loma Linda before seeing this dentist in Yucaipa.

        You mentioned breakage….I was watching a video of a lower arch being screwed down and I could swear by the time the dentist fiddled with going back and forth several times the arch had broken nearly in two.

        I’ll go to your link to gather that info….

        1. Okay. Very informative.
          Do you use titanium implants or ceramic?
          Is it possible to have the implants done by me, and then upgrade my prosthesis by you in the near future?
          I must say, I love the look of your zirconia porcelain!

          1. I use titanium dental implants. Ceramic dental implants are very problematic.

            It is possible for me to upgrade your prosthesis in the future as long as the implants are in an ideal position. If the implants are even slightly too shallow, the zirconia porcelain option becomes eliminated.

            Whatever they told you at the Loma Linda school of dentistry is the better information.

            Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
            Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
            Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

      2. Have you heard of a 4 units permanant bridge zirconia on a snap on denture? I thought the snap on denture were either acrylic or porcelain. Also, I understand zirconia can be hard on natural teeth, what about if you have a prettau on both upper and lower will it cause issues?


        1. Hi David,

          Your first sentence doesn’t really make sense. A snap-on denture is an all acrylic standard denture that attaches typically over locator attachments or a bar. These implant over dentures are not made of zirconia or porcelain. Sometimes porcelain insert teeth can be used on the front 6 teeth on the plastic denture but that is a very old technique. They used to use porcelain teeth on dentures when denture teeth or not very good.

          Maybe her dentist was suggesting a fixed bridge that has 4-6 teeth in the front of your jaw and then a removable overdenture for your back teeth?

          As long as like materials are in contact with like materials is typically not a problem. Having a Prettau bridge on the upper against a Prettau bridge on the lower is a very common restoration of my office. This is a fixed dental implant bridge that you cannot remove. It is important that the zirconia is highly polished and the bite is designed and adjusted in such a way that it is self protective. Prettau is just the specific type of porcelain that is used. Whether the porcelain is fused to metal or the teeth are all Gold having implants against implants is a highly technical and precise restoration that needs to be made very carefully. This will prevent major problems in the future.



          Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
          Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
          Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  38. I got my snap on dentures two years ago and have been going through complete hell ever cents. My dentist that I’m going to now has not been able to get the denture to fit right it is my lower denture they only place to implants and everything gets underneath it that I eat food anything gum it moves all over the place it’s just been horrible. My question is do I need to more implants or is two implants suitable for a 36-year-old woman. I would love to hear back from you I spoke with your right-hand lady for whoever she has and she was awesome. She answered every one of my questions told me I should blog you’d answer back. That maybe You could refer me to somebody that’s in Utah that really knows her stuff about dentures or I could have a mold of my mouth done and sent to you and you could do my denture.I would love to hear back from you. I just need somebody that knows what they’re doing I can’t go on another two years in that same situation that I’ve been In. I’m embarrassed of my mouth I don’t want to go out in public. Please help

    1. Hello Kathy,

      2 implants is just not enough. If your 75 years old and he had been wearing dentures for years and years and you just needed a little bit more support, then I would say 2 dental implants is enough.

      An implant over denture with only 2 implants will always lift and rock. I would suggest converting your existing denture by adding at least 4 more implants and having a fixed porcelain bridge such as the Prettau dental implant bridge. I would avoid the all on 4 procedure for somebody your age.

      Prettau dental implant bridge

      good tips on finding a dental implant dentist:
      How to Choose an Implant Dentist

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  39. thank you for the information Dr. Amin. This is really helpful. Too many websites are just a bunch of fluff and don’t tell you the real story.

  40. I am in the process of going to a dentist and he said something about snap on dentures and was not sure what they were so I looked them up. How long does a surgery take to do this process ? And is your mouth pretty sore for a bit after having it done ?

    1. Hi Bertha,

      Snap in dentures are dental implant over dentures. They’re meant to stabilize a removable denture.

      Most dental implant over dentures are made on the lower jaw. Because of the nature of the dense bone of our lower jaw, the procedure does not take very long. Most of the surgery takes between 1-2 hours to complete. Having IV sedation and intravenous anti-inflammatory and/or steroid will greatly reduce your pain afterwards. I would highly suggest it. It also helps to heal much better

      Details of Sedation

      The whole process for having a dental implant over denture in my office would average somewhere between 6 weeks and 4 months to complete. It heavily depends on whether you have existing dentures that fit well or do new dentures have to be made. It also depends on your bone density.

      Keep in mind that most peoplel that want to replace all of their teeth in their entirety with a fixed dental implant bridge will choose a prosthesis such as a Prettau.
      Prettau Dental Implant Full Mouth Bridge

      Good luck,

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry
      Burbank, California

  41. I have 5 upper implants and a bar. Today I went for an adjustment and CAN NOT get them out of my mouth. Any suggestions. Doctor sent me home today and we are going to try again in the am. I keep trying but they will not move.

    1. I have 5 upper implants and a bar. Today I went for an adjustment and CAN NOT get them out of my mouth. Any suggestions. Doctor sent me home today and we are going to try again in the am. I keep trying but they will not move.

      Jan, Do you know what kind of attachments you have on the bar? Are you telling me that the dentist could not get that denture back out?

      Dr. Amin

  42. I am about the do the most frightening thing in my life. I need the remaining fourteen teeth in my mouth extracted; due to periodontal disease. I was told I will have removable denture (full mouth) for a short period of time. Then I will receive snap in denture ugh. I want fixed bridge because I am young and don’t want to remove my teeth at night. I want something permanent. Is this something I can do since I will have no teeth at all. Help…….and which will look more natural porcelin or acrylic? I am scared to even think about me having no teeth at my age. Help me suggest somethings I want to my dentist. Please Dr. Amin I am so depressed about this it keeps me up every night. I will be receiving my doctorate in a year and having plenty of speaking engagements; don’t want to have to remove these big false teeth. Help me please. Toothless in Houston. Valerie Vaughn

  43. Dr. Amin,
    I have most of my own teeth, upper right I am short 2 or 3 molars an the tooth beside the front tooth on the left of my mouth broke off at gum line. I still have the life root but no pain in any of the remaining teeth, on the bottom I have a full arch of teeth some have crowns and root canals over my 60 yrs probably over 100 k of dental work, with NO ins. Now they are telling me I need to have all my teeth removed and fixed implant teeth placed. I do have a little sensitivity to cold lower back.
    I am facing this surgery because we have reached the point of are we just flushing more money into the dentists pocket with continual repair work”!!!!
    They are quoting 49,000.00 for upper and lower teeth on a fixed denture. And they will be acrylic teeth, somehow I can not see these looking natural. The only benif it is that I will be asleep for the whole thing until they wake me up and say now go home and cope with the rest of your life. I feel like a cow being sent down that shoot of no return. Do you have an opinion on this procedure or how I can prepare better for it.

  44. Hi,
    I have a full upper denture and my lower teeth are not in good condition, lose and painful. I would like to know if an Overdenture is the way I should go. I do not deal well with any pain when I go to the dentist, I cannot stand to even feel the needle when I get the shot in my mouth. What can you advise me on this.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Russ,

      Thank you for your comments. You ask very good questions.

      First off, the pain and anxiety is easily removed using sedation. You can have your treatment done while you snooze safely right through it. I do this about twice a day. In my own hands, most of my patients do not experience much pain afterwards. The techniques I use are more unique and help a great deal.

      Overdentures are great for someone that just wants their dentures to hold in better and a stronger bite. If this is all you want, then this may be appropriate for you. Keep in mind that they do not last forever and are replaced about every 7 years. You will break some teeth too.

      A fixed bridge is a much better long term solution.

      Either way the complexity your case requires a 3d scan x-ray to be able to help you choose and determine cost.

      Does this help?

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  45. Thank you for your reply, the reason for the 8 upper jaw implant is my mom removed my uppers at age 14. Went through surgery trying to find bone in lower chin area. No bone there. Followed by bottle bone and 8 implants. Waiting 2 years for bone growth. Dr. said my upper mouth would be back to far and to hard to clean. So he suggested the bar retained denture. 8 implants screwed into bone, then bar has 4 snaps that denture snaps onto. Trying to adjust, feels like I have a mouth full. When trying to remove I am afraid the denture may crack, because its so hard to remove. Many many dollars later did not receive what I was lead to believe I would end with. Still a denture!! Do believe Dr. Has tried his best. He keeps saying it is a miracle we have 8 implants in my mouth. Just wish they were teeth that were more normal. Thank you, Lee

    1. Lee,
      What a story! If you get a chance to come to California, come see me. It is very rare nowadays that a fixed bridge can’t be done even in the presence of minimal bone. There are so many more unique ways to do it.
      Dr. Amin

  46. I have new upper snap in denture,with 8 implants and a bar to support denture. Has been a 6 year journey. Feels good,but can not get the denture out of my mouth how do I get it out to keep clean? Any ideas?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Lee,

      You need to take out the denture daily and leave it out while you sleep. It should be easy for you to remove and replace it. Six years? You need to see your dentist to adjust it.

      You have a lot of implants for an overdenture if they are all on the same jaw. Most of my patients have fixed non-removable porcelain bridges with that many implants. If there are eight attachments there may be too many making it difficult to remove.

      Try only using 4 of the 8 implants.

      Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
      Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
      Fellow-American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  47. They are NOT wonderful for someone who is just about to lose all their teeth. If you are about to lose all of your teeth or all the teeth on one arch, you are more used to SMALL natural teeth, not an acrylic denture that has the pink plastic covering the roof of your mouth and cheek areas

  48. Hi Mike,
    Yes, overdentures do require maintenance and are not forever. It will need to be relined, attachments will need to be changed and in a few years you will need to replace it.
    They are just dentures so they do wear out.
    You are much better off having a porcelain bridge. This way it will last MUCH longer!
    Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S.
    Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
    Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
    Burbank, California

  49. I am about to have a 4-unit overdenture (for $4500) placed over 4 osseointegrated implants in an upper, using “snap-in” locators. No teeth left in the upper because a dentist in Mexico pulled them all (not necessary, I found out later). AND I am having 2 implants put into the lower (to replace cuspids) with an overdenture between them, a 6-unit anterior bridge, since I do not want a partial. This will all be very expensive.
    So do I understand that since these overdentures are still dentures they will wear down the bone and need relining or replacing in a few years?
    Maybe Dr. Amin can answer this. Thank you.

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